How to Fix and Recover Zip Files Using Different Tools

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How to Fix and Recover Zip Files Using Different Tools

Zip is an extension used for compressed files and it is the most commonly used file format for compressed and archived files. Compression and archiving are the process done, to minimize the file size of an item, this is widely used for software that are big in file size to lessen the download time and protect the files from malware and viruses. Even though ZIP files are protected from within, there are still cases of human error where they are accidentally deleted. To recover Zip, the first thing you will do is go to the recycle bin, but what if the file is not there? Read on to know how to restore Zip files with ease.

AceThinker Disk Recovery - Comprehensive Zip File Recovery

To restore deleted or missing Zip files, you can always use a recovery tool to get the files back. AceThinker Disk Recovery is just a perfect tool to use. It’s a heavy duty tool that can recover your lost files in minutes. This is efficient when it comes to large sized Zip files, because it can restore the files fast. Despite its capabilities, it’s really simple to use, with its user-friendly interface. Even less experienced PC user won’t have any problems using it. Here are the steps on how to use Acethinker Disk Recovery.

Step1 Download the Installer and Set It Up

Download the installer by clicking the buttons below and Install it on your PC device by following the steps on the screen.

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Step2 Run the Application

After the installation, launch the program, on the home screen, there are multiple file type to choose from. Click “Archives” and click “Next”.

select archives

Step3 Scan the Location to Scan Zip Files

For deleted files, the Recycle bin is where they go. Even if the ZIP files were deleted directly from the system, the tool can restore them. Click Recycle bin and click “Next” to start scanning the drive.

scan the recycle bin

Step4 Select the ZIP File to Restore Back from Deletion

From the list of retrieved Archive files from the scan, select the right ZIP file and click “Recover”.

select zip files

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Recover Corrupted ZIP File Online

There are no ways to be sure that a ZIP file is working, unless you have downloaded it before. There are times that you downloaded a ZIP file and later found out that it’s not working. For many, the first reaction is to delete the file and download another one. But that is not the practical way, especially if we are talking about Gigabytes of data. So before deleting the file, you can follow these steps to fix and recover ZIP files that were corrupted from the start.

Step1 Open a web browser

From the desktop, double click the web browser icon. On the address bar of the web browser, type the name of the website of Online Office Recovery or click the link here.

website home page

Step2 Upload the Broken ZIP file

On the home screen, click the “Choose File” button and select the corrupted file to upload to the site and click “Secure Upload and Repair” to start the recovery.

upload the file

Step3 Dowload the Recovered File

Once the recovery process is done, the recovered ZIP file is ready to be downloaded.

restore the file

Restore Deleted Zip File from Previous Version

Restore previous version is a built-in recovery tool for Windows. It allows you to restore a file’s past version, before any update or action has been done. For people who don’t like downloading software, they can try this first but there is no guarantee that the restored file will work. But if you want to try, here are the steps on how recover ZIP file by restoring it to its previous version.

Step1 Open Computer File Folder

Click the “Search bar” and type “This PC” and click the top result from the suggestion box to open it.

open computer folders

Step2 Search for the File Location

Look for the folder where the deleted ZIP file was before it got deleted. This is where the file will be saved again after restoration.

select zip file folder

Step3 Click the Previous Version Tab

Right click the folder and select the Properties option. On the Properties Window click the Previous Version tab, now select the version of the file that you want to recover, and click recover and click “Restore” and click OK.

select file version


Accidentally deleting ZIP file is not a major issue for some people, especially if the file size of the said file is just small. They can just download it again from the website where they got it before. That seems to be the most logical thing to do for others. But for large sized files, that is not applicable, with all the time spent waiting for the download to finish gone. For these cases, you can always follow the steps mentioned above. Or better yet, use Acethinker Disk Recovery, not only it can recover ZIP file fast, it also works for different type of files. A really handy tool for recovery situations.

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