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Methods to Recover Unsaved Notepad File

Last updated on February 14, 2019 by Bryan

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Methods to Recover Unsaved Notepad File

Notepad is a basic word processing tool of Microsoft. Similar to Office Word, Notepad is primarily used to create text documents. This tool is helpful when it comes to writing short documents, but unlike Office Word, Notepad does not have an auto-save function. This means that if something happens, like a sudden power outage, or the system crashed, the file you are working on will be lost. If you’re just encountered with the situation, now you can follow the tips below that can help you recover unsaved Notepad text documents efficiently.

Manually Recover Notepad Files

There is a manual way to recover the unsaved Notepad text document using the AppData folder, a specific folder that have access to different files on the system. You can use this folder to search for the lost Notepad file. Here are the steps to access the AppData folder to recover notepad files.

Step1 Open the AppData Folder

On the Search bar, type %AppData% and press the “Enter” key to get access to the AppData Folder.

open appdata folder

Step2 Search for the Text File

A window will appear, this is the “Roaming” folder. This is where the AppData is connected, and all you need to do is search for the title of the text file on the search bar of the folder.

search for the file

Recover Notepad File Faster with AceThinker Disk Recovery

If the manual way to recover the file did not work for you, there are still other ways to do it. Using a professional Notepad recovery tool will make things easier on the user’s end. And on that note, Acethinker Disk Recovery is the perfect example of a reliable recovery tool. This handy tool can recover lost text documents in a matter of seconds. You can just follow the detailed steps below to recover Notepad files with Disk Recovery.

Step1 Download and Install Disk Recovery

First of all, click the button below to download the right version of this data recovery tool according to the system you’re using and then install it on your computer.

Get the Trial Version

Step2 Launch the Program

Start by launching the program, and on the home screen, select the file type that you want to restore and click “Next.”

select file type

Step3 Scan the Storage Drive

Next, you will be asked to choose the storage drive where you have saved the file before. After that, simply click Next to process the data scanning.

scan recycle bin

Step4 Restore the File

After the scan, the list of files that were deleted will be listed for you to have a preview. You can just select the files you need to get back and click the Recover button to restore them.

recover the files

Start Your Free Trial Today

Restore Notepad Files with EaseUS

Another tool available to try is EaseUS Data Recovery. It is one of the recovery tools that has been around for some time now and continued to improve over the years, although the process itself is time consuming because the scan takes too long, and the limit to what you can restore is only 1 Gigabytes, it still is worth mentioning. Below are the steps to use EaseUS Data Recovery to restore Notepad unsaved .txt documents.

Step1 Download and Install the Program

Acquire the installer from the website of EaseUs Data Recovery and install on your PC by following the instruction provided on the screen.

download tool

Step2 Run the Tool Immediately

Once the installation is complete, launch the tool to reach the home screen and start the recovery.

easeus home screen

Step3 Start the Scan

Select the storage device to scan on the next screen and click “Scan” to initiate the scans.

select storage to scan

Step4 Wait for the Scans to Finish

The Quick scan will start immediately, followed by a Deep Scan on the Storage drive to get more results. Let the process finish which may take some time depending on the volume of the storage device.

complete the scan

Step5 Choose the Files to Restore

When the scan is done, select the Text files were deleted and click “Recover” to save the file.

recover the files


Now you have got some solutions to recover Notepad files and next time when you have some important Notepad documents unsaved, just don’t panic and follow the steps above carefully to get the data back. If you’re the impatient type and want to go automatic, use Acethinker Disk Recovery to do the job for you. This tool can do the job in a matter of seconds, saving you lots of precious time. It is the handy tool to depend on.

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  • What if you don't know the title?
    • If you still remember when the file was removed, you may use the tool as recommended to scan into the drive, and then look into the lately deleted notepad during that time, hope it helps.
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