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Recover Deleted files from SD card

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Recover Deleted files from SD card

SD cards are nowadays one of the most popular storage method to keep your important data files securely. SD cards are widely used in various devices, such as cameras and mobiles phones as well to offer flexible storage for the newly produced content, therefore they are everywhere in our everyday life. However, some unforeseen events can always happen, which can risk your data. Have you ever had the unfortunate event of accidentally losing your most beloved photos or important notes and documents from your SD card, due to an accidental power outage, virus infection, or sudden disconnection? Luckily nowadays many sd card data recovery software are available to help you restore deleted files from sd card, from which we will summarize the best ones to your convenience.

AceThinker Disk Recovery

One mentionable solution to recover deleted data from sd card is AceThinker Disk Recovery for getting back your lost files. It will cost you a little money, but you can bet that it will find all your important files which were lost on your SD card. The program has an especially easy to use and really user-friendly interface, and you will be able to run it even if you have no experience with this type of software and if you have never had any data lost issues before. This program is very knowledgeable and supports the recovery of many different file formats, making it possible to recover all sorts of lost files.

In order to use the program to perform any type of data recovery, such as to recover deleted videos from sd card from any sd card sources, such as the AirMore+ A1 powerbank, you can follow these simple steps:

Step1 Download and Installation

Firstly you can download the program via the link below. Afterwards, select your preferred installation language and install the program before the actual scan is prepared. Afterwards, before starting the program, connect your sd card to the computer, for example take it from you AirMore+ A1 powerbank and use a card reader to connect it to your computer, or simply connect the powerbank itself to the computer.
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Step2 Category selection

After downloading and installing the program, when you open the interface, you can select what kind of file you wish to recover, including categories such as photos, videos, documents, and so on. In this case, you can select that you wish to recover only lost photos and videos, and click on next, where you can choose which location you would like your files to be recovered from.

Step3 Location selection

At the location window you can select where you want the recovery to happen, where the most common places are the desktop and the recycle bin, but you can do full scan on the whole storage drives of your computer. In general it is recommended to choose the recycle bin, which is the most common part where files are accidentally deleted, but in case you want to recover from the SD card, should choose the letter of the externally connected hard drive which is the SD card (usually it is the E:\, F:\ or G:\ connected hard drive).

Step4 Completion of scan and file selection

After you click on next again, the scan runs and once it is completed, you can see how many files have been found which are available to be recovered. Similarly to other recovery tools, unfortunately the name of these lost files cannot be recovered, and most of them do not have any preview to see what they are exactly, so once you look at the list, you preferably need to select all the found files before you proceed to the retrieval.

Step5 Retrieve the lost files from the SD card

After you selected the found files which you want to recover on the SD card, you can choose a recovery place such as a new folder, or your desktop, where all the photos are going to be recovered and places during the recovery process, so you can check each of them and select the one which you really wanted to recover. Just hit the Recover button, and after the recovery, you can directly see the files by clicking on the open folder button to do this. Otherwise, you can click on the OK button, and then on the HOME button to go back to the category view, where you can again choose to go with restoring other files.


PhotoRec is a mentionable solution shipped with TestDisk distributions, that must be highlighted as a useful program to recover deleted videos from sd card, among other lost file types, as it can recover specific types of content files including different types of files such as several popular image formats, as well as archive types and document formats.
Although this program was not user friendly for a very long time, as you were in need to use the command line on the basic pad of the program to scan for your lost and deleted files after their scanning, the new version now has a redesigned, user friendly interface which makes it much easier to navigate in the program and give the right recovery commands.

In order to use this program, you can follow the instructions outlined below:

Step1 Selection of the location

After installing the program and opening the interface, it allows you to select one of the available partitions on your computer, which also includes the sd card slot, from the available list in the program. You also have the option to select whether you wish to scan only the available free space or unallocated space on your device, or the whole partition storage place in one comprehensive scan.

Step2 Set file destination

Choose where to have the destination folder for the retrieved files. You have to be sure that this folder is not located at the same disk which is under the scanning of the PhotoRec program.

Step3 Select files to be recovered

If you wish, you can click the File Formats button to exclude and stop the file types which you don’t need to be retrieved. This has the potential to boost the speed of the process, however this will give much less files in the end of the scanning process, depending on what kind of file categories you want to include.

Step4 Perform scanning

Once you have done the setting up of all the scanning processes, just click on the Search and afterwards wait till the process is run and completed.


Finally, if you still wonder about how to recover data from sd card, you can go with another popular data recovery software called Recuva, which is one of the most famous recovery software which you can find online. This program is famous for being exceptionally user friendly, which it earns by that it has many highlights which are helping the guidance to perform efficient file recovery on your sd card regarding any type to pictures, music, video, etc.

In order to use this program, the steps are found below.

Step1 Installation

First of all, you can download the software from their official website, and after installation set up the software on your PC or Mac.

Step2 Selection of files

After starting up the program, you are offered the chance to choose what sorts of files you want to try and retrieve from multiple file categories, which can influence the number of the recovered files.

Step3 Selection of location

After choosing the file categories, you can go through the menu until you reach the screen telling you in which location to look. In case you already connected your sd card with a reader, it wil lbe shown as a separate directory and you will be able to choose it.

Step4 Perform scan and restore image

After setting the options, you can finally run the scan and see what files it turns up. Afterwards, just recover those which you really need.


As you can see several very high quality and easy to use software are available on the market to help you recover your lost files from your SD card, even in case it is from a camera, an AirMore+ A1 powerbank, or any other type of device. Just check which program is the most suitable to your needs, and select the one that fits you the most. All in all, we recommend using the software of AceThinker as it is more user friendly and will be a great partner to all your needs.

October 18, 2017
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Last updated on May 31, 2018

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