How to Recover Photoshop File

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How to Recover Photoshop File

Just imagine, you are working on a crucial project and all of a sudden, your system crashes and you lose all your files. You opened Photoshop to search for the files, but they were gone. You checked everywhere possible, nonetheless, you couldn’t find the files. We understand how frustrating and dreadful it must be for you. After all, you cannot start all over again. What can you do in such a situation? Is there any way to recover photoshop file? Fortunately, yes, there are several ways through which you can recover unsaved Photoshop PSD file. Read on to know how you can save yourself from the trouble of starting from the beginning.

Recover Photoshop Files Using Photoshop AutoSave

Photoshop is the most popular software used for editing pictures and documents. For Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above the AutoSave feature is enabled by default. For PSD recovery, it is crucial for you to enable the AutoSave function. This eliminates the risk of losing your unsaved file. An AutoSave function will make a backup copy of the PSD file you are working on. It is to make photoshop recovery easy.

Photoshop autosave function

After your system crashes, you don’t have to worry about losing your work. By just relaunching the software, you can see the autosaved PSD file.

If the PSD file doesn’t appear, you can search for the file manually. On your PC, go to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017\AutoRecover. Keep in mind, the specific path might be different slightly depending on different versions of Photoshop.

photoshop autorecover

Recover Photoshop PSD with AceThinker Disk Recovery

Unfortunately, if you cannot recover your Photoshop PSD file through the AutoSave function, you can always turn to a professional data recovery tool called AceThinker Disk Recovery. Whether the Photoshop file was deleted, corrupted, or unsaved, AceThinker DisK Recovery can help get your PSD file back. Besides, this app can retrieve all types of files from internal and external hard drive. A remarkable thing about this software is that it has a user-friendly interface. This is to make sure everyone can use it without professional help and any stress. You can preview the file you want to recover before restoring it. This is helpful in making sure you are recovering the right file. Here are the easy steps for PSD recovery.

Step1 Download the tool

Download and install Acethinker Disc Recovery software by clicking the download buttons below.

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Step2 Select the file type you wish to recover

Launch the app and choose the type of file you want to recover. To recover Photoshop PSD files, you can select “Document” as the file type.

launch the tool

Step3 Scan the file location

Then, you have to select the location of the file, so it can scan the folder.

scan file location

Step4 Select files to recover

After scanning is complete, you can view the files and select the one you want to retrieve and click on “Recover” tp restore it.

select files to recover


Life is unpredictable and some things are just beyond our control. Just like your system crashing, or you accidentally deleting Photoshop file or Photoshop crashing before you can save our work. Despite the reason, you can recover the Photoshop file without any difficulty thanks to the AceThinker Disk Recovery app. It has an intuitive interface, making it straightforward for everyone to use it. This app will help you recover all types of files located anywhere on the computer. Hence, download this software and you will never have to worry about losing a file.

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