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How to Recover Lost MS Office Files

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How to Recover Lost MS Office Files

recover deleted office files

Microsoft has so invaded positively as salt invades kitchens. Nowadays most of the organizations handle their computations and operate on a Microsoft package. Correspondingly, there is as well the gross need to retrieve MS files that perhaps were accidentally deleted or spontaneously lost.

The MS packages started in 1989 as a collection of three central programs: MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But as time matured, Microsoft spread its branches beyond those applications and now handles much more office and server functions. Microsoft has built-in compatibility with Windows as well as Mac.

Over 25 years since its initial development, Microsoft has penetrated into so many areas that even students cannot do without it. Academics at different levels use the program for a wide range of functions ranging from report writing, to PowerPoint presentations, and for handling projects.

Although Microsoft has outstandingly penetrated the market and has great utility for many people, there is the ill event that involves accidental loss of files and important documents. At those moments when you lose files, you might feel destabilized. Most times people feel this way because of the general notion that it is extremely difficult to restore lost MS documents. Fortunately it does not really have to be that way. There are actually different methods that can be employed to retrieve lost files, and we are going to present you the top three of them below.

The Online Recovery Method

It is a very comfortable to retrieve files using web-based or online platforms. The online applications can actually fix issues such as inability to edit, read, preview, and access MS docs. Based on the size and nature of the files, their restoration often takes some time to conclude. When using the applications, you can choose either the free Demo option or the Paid option. The advantage of the paid option over the demo option is the ability to restore the entire lost files without limitations. The online applications are compatible with the restoration of MS Word, PPT, Excel, JPG Images, et cetera.

online office recovery

Take Advantage of MS Office Temporary Folder

There is the option in Microsoft Office that allows for automatic saving of data and files even while your work is in progress. This method can be used to retrieve files that are sometimes lost as a result of the unexpected shutdown of a PC even without having the file saved appropriately. Although it is far from perfect, this method is very effective in retrieving lost MS docs.

recover ms office files from temp folder

The Use of AceThinker Disk Recovery Software

acethinker disk recovery

By employing this application, we can get to restore back lost files ranging from videos, images, documents, audios, and emails. With this software, you have the possibility to retrieve lost memories of your hard drive and PC.

The modes or degree of retrieval is in two categories: the available options include the Normal scan and the Deep Scan; the difference being in the extent of search that is conducted. The application also has in-built preview options that make it possible to check the file data sufficiently before embarking on the restoration process. The software is not difficult to use as well.


Steps involved in Recovering MS documents

We venture into the specific steps involved in the procedure of retrieving MS documents, or more precisely MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Emails. Start by first installing and launching the software on your PC. Then go on to follow the following steps depending on what type of files you intend to restore.

Retrieving an Excel File

Excel is one of the MS packages and it finds utility in computational, numerical, and data entry tasks. It is very precisely a digital spreadsheet. Say you have lost an Excel document, the following steps can be employed to recover the file:

– Select “Documents” and go on to click “Next”
– Select what location the file was before it was lost
– Confirm the process by clicking “Next”
– On the left section of the application, click on “Type”. Under “Documents”, select “xlsx” or “xls”
– Select the files you desire to retrieve and click on “Recover”.

And there you have it.

Retrieving a PowerPoint File

This package is very popular and very well serves the purpose of presentations on different dimensions; from academic seminars to business meetings, and journalism. Say you accidentally lost a PowerPoint file and intend to restore it, the following steps should be followed:

– Haven launched the software, identify where exactly the scan should be conducted
– On the left section of the application, click on “Type”, then “Disk”
– Go ahead to click to click on “Documents”
– Click on the tick boxes “ppt” and “pptx”.
– Upon selecting your desired documents, click on “Recover”, and select the location where you want to files to be retrieved to.

Retrieving an MS Word Document

Being a very popular MS package, MS Word is useful in preparing reports, typing different docs, and organizing data. It is extremely easy to use, and equally easy to lose files. The following steps are the ones involved in retrieving lost MS Word files:

– Install and Launch program
– Select the type of file to be restored and scan the location
– Initiate the process of scanning by clicking on the “Next” button
– Go to the disk you want under “Type”, and afterwards click on “Documents”
– Click on “Doc” or “Docx”
– Choose the specific MS files you desire to want to recover

Retrieving of Outlook Emails

It is also a very easy activity to restore lost Outlook Emails, and it can in fact be done in three steps as follows:

– Under “Documents, Archives and Emails”, choose “Emails”, and go on to select “Next”
– Select the location you intend to conduct the scanning on
– Upon conclusion of the scanning process, check the files you desire to retrieve, and continue by clicking the “Recover” button.

And there you have it. Your lost files would be restored back in a jiffy.

So there you go! It is in fact not as difficult after all as it seemed, lost Office files and docs can actually be restored if you have got the right materials and little technical know-how. It suffices to add that you can use some free online repair applications to retrieve your lost files.

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