How to Recover Lost Partition

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How to Recover Lost Partition

Nowadays with the widespread usage of computers and mobile phones we are generating more and more data every day, which needs secure storage. However, in case the partition where you are storing your important files gets damaged, it can easily turn your day into a nightmare after you realize that you lost most of your sensitive business notes, old family pictures or favorite summer videos. However, this is a frequent issue which can happen for many reasons, such as that the partition table damaged, or the mishandling of partition, a virus attack, a system crush or even other reasons. Once a partition is missing, all data saved in it could be gone forever. But fortunately, now you don’t need to be scared of partition loss as Data Recovery will help you recover lost partition quickly. Simply check the details below to learn how about the best lost partition data recovery tool on the current market.

AceThinker Disk Recovery – Best Data Recovery Tool

acethinker disk recovery

In case you are looking for the most popular lost partition recovery tool, Disk Recovery is the best option you can choose to restore deleted partition, which you can do through a convenient and easy to use user friendly interface and very powerful features which suits the need of both newcomers and professional users, so even in case you have never tried to recover a lost partition before, you will find it out shortly that this program provides a very good control and great recovering experience.

In order to recover data from lost partition with this program, you can follow the steps below. You have the possibility to get a free trial version for evaluation the potential of this program below, which you can use to scan for your lost partitions efficiently and figure out the data that is stored on these partitions.

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Step1 Choose the file type you want to recover

Firstly, launch Disk Recovery on your desktop and afterwards pick the recoverable file types from the lost and chosen partition, which can include photo, video, audio, document, email, and so on. In case you have several files, you can choose the All Data to ask the program to find all files. Select the proper one and click on Next to start the partition recovery.

select what to recover

Step2 Select a location to scan files

For the scanning location it is possible for you to pick the hard drive of your computer, or any other external source of storage in case you wish to retrieve the partition that is lost from another, externally connected hard drive such a connected USB tool or any other sort of external HDD or SSD. You are also able to pick the option of “Can’t find drive” and start.

choose location

Step3 Select the partition that needs to be recovered

At this point all of the lost and retrievable partitions that are available will be shown. After you have decided on the partition to go with,  simply go on and “Start” the file scan so the program will display all the retrievable files to you, although the files will be unfortunately renamed as a big disadvantage. It is important to highlight that unfortunatey most of the partition retrieval tools are not able to show and retrieve the authentic names of the lost files, which is a general issue and it is hoped that this problem can be fixed soonly or later in the recovery industry.

recover from lost partition

Step4 Recover the files of the partition

At this point you come to the point to recover your lost and damaged files  from the chosen partition. In case the partition has a big size for keeping many files on the storage, it will likely take you considerable amount of time for doing the scan. Afterwards when it is completed, all the available results regarding the retrievable files are automatically organized based on the type of files which have been found and you can simply choose those which you wish to restore selectively.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

When it comes to other mentionable solutions to retrieve lost partition, it is also important to mention MiniTool Partition Wizard which also worth a try. This tool is also designed to give a fast and comfortable recovery process, although the interface of this program is more specifically designed for advanced users as it has a large variety of deep options to choose from when you wish to specify your recovery needs.

In case you would decide on recovering partition with this solution, you can refer to the guiding steps below.

Step1 Choose recovery location

In the beginning after launching the program, select the disk where partition loss happened. At this disk you can directly choose “Partition Recovery” from the available action panel on the left side of the interface, or from the toolbar.

minitool partition recovery

Step2 Select recovery range

In order to specify the scanning range, you are offered at this point several options, including “Full Disk”, “Unallocated Space”, and “Specified Range”, where you can choose the most suitable and then click on the “Next>” button.

select scanning range

Step3 Select right partitions

In the next page of the interface, check all needed partitions, including existing partitions and deleted/lost partitions, and then click on the “Finish” button.

choose partition to recover


Having your important files lost due to a lost partition is a serious issue, let it be some old family pictures, an important business presentation, or just some funny videos. Therefore, there is a high chance that using a software to recover deleted partition will be very useful to you in such occasion. This is why we presented these two data recovery software from AceThinker and MiniTool to retrieve your important data from the lost partition. Although it is up to you to choose which is the most suitable for you, with AceThinker’s its efficient file identification and restoration features and easy to use and convenient interface, this program will definitely suit your needs and protect you in this hard period.

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