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How to Recover Lost Outlook Emails

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How to Recover Lost Outlook Emails

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Being one of the legacies of the giant software and tech company Microsoft, Outlook Emails has kept on gaining widespread acceptance and fame for a long history now. It can be accurately described as a more sophisticated version of Hotmail, and it performs such functions as note taking, task managing, internet surfing, calendar, journal, and contact managing.

While this tool is an invaluable asset to manage personal data, it can provoke a quandary in a circumstance when an email is accidentally lost. However, all hope is not lost as there are ways to indeed recover the lost Outlook Emails and save yourself the worries. Below you can find some of the ways we can adopt in order to resolve the problem.

Use AceThinker Disk Recovery

acethinker disk recovery

Whatever version of Outlook (2007 or 2010), you can use the AceThinker Disk Recovery program to restore lost Outlook emails. The program which is relatively easy to operate can also be used to recover Excel spreadsheets, lost videos and other media contents. To use it, you simply have to install the software on your computer and launch it, then follow the following steps:


– Select “Emails” and choose the location prior to starting the actual search.
– Upon completion of the search process, check the emails and restore them by clicking on the “Recover” button.
– To select the desired storage location for your restored data, click on “Browse”. Confirm your choice by clicking “OK” to the box that subsequently pops up.

Having successfully followed these steps, you would find your previously lost emails whenever you open your Outlook; they would be restored to the same place.

For a situation when you do not find your file, you can go on to do an advanced scan by clicking on “Deep Scan”. Also in cases where you have forgotten where the email was stored before it was lost, by clicking on “Don’t Remember” when choosing the search location, the application scans the entire computer and saves you the need to bother your memories.

Note: Upon scanning, in case you desire to have all the detected files retrieved, you can do that by clicking on the left section and go on to choose all.

Employ DiskInternals to Restore Outlook Emails

The use of DiskInternals is another very useful way by which we can recover lost Outlook Emails. It is an application that has the ability to restore Outlook file ranging from WAB contacts, Emails, attachments, calendars and other file types.

This application also gives room for the restoration of specific emails among a large number of them that had been lost. The program also facilitates the fixing of unhealthy Outlook databases.

In order to employ this tool in retrieving lost Outlook Emails, you would start by downloading and installing the application. Upon launching and opening the program, you would be required to choose a recovery method and continue by clicking on “Next”. Afterwards, go on to choose the particular disk and commence searching. In the end, select the Emails you desire to retrieve and proceed to restore them.

Employ the In-Built Recovery Outlook Email Tool

Finally, you can also choose to utilize the provision built into the Outlook program itself that allows for lost emails to be restored. Help has been made available for such eventualities as losing emails accidentally.

To use this method, use the following simple steps:

– Sign into your Outlook Account
– Go to “Deleted Messages”
– Check the boxes of those Emails you intend to restore.
– You would see the “Move To” icon, click on it and choose “Inbox”.

Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

And there you have it, you would have successfully restored your deleted emails.

There is even another route to take in using the Outlook inbuilt tool. You can simply sign in to your account, and go on “Deleted Messages”. Move down beneath the page until you see the icon “Recover Deleted Messages”; click on it. Instantly, your deleted Emails would be restored. However, as a cautionary note, you cannot employ this method in retrieving emails that had been permanently deleted.

Drawing the Lines Between the Methods

As had been stated earlier, there are a class of emails that cannot be recovered using the in-built Outlook tool. Such emails are those that have been permanently deleted and wiped out of the “Deleted” tab. With the AceThinker Disk Recovery, however, such emails can still be recovered. This is a sort of advantage of the Data recovery application over the in-built approach. This is one key distinction between the two methods asides from the obvious fact that one is not built with Outlook Email whereas the other is.

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