How to Recover Files from USB Drive

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recover data from USBUSB flash drives are very popular devices which are used by everybody nowadays as they provide a portable way to efficiently store and transport your data anytime and anywhere between various devices, especially laptops and desktop computers, where it can be directly connected to the device via the available USB port where the flash drive can be attached. However, the storage place of these flash drives is relatively limited, therefore it becomes sometimes inevitable to delete some files, where it can  accidentally happen that you delete one of your precious, important file during the process. In such case, a day can easily turn into a nightmare, especially if it was a document about an important family event, business note or homework. Luckily, nowadays many data recovery tools are available which can restore your important document in this case.

In this article, we are going to introduce you the best usb flash drive data recovery software which you can try out to your need. Namely, you can choose from one of the following solutions which could perfectly fit your need:

Pandora Recovery – Recover files from USB devices

pandora recovery

When it comes to data recovery from usb flash drive, Pandora Recovery is a free tool with high efficiency which you can definitely choose. Although it is free, it has advanced features and gives you a complete overview about the likelihood of the successful recovery, as well as this tool is able to show the likelihood of recovery via indicating the percentage of the recovery after it scanned the different types of recoverable files from the crashed or formatted USB flash drives. However, a disadvantage is that it has a relatively difficult user interface which makes it too complex and hard to be used.

Here’s how you can use Pandora Recovery to do the USB flash revovery:

Step1 Follow the recovery wizard

At the beginning of your recovery process, the first thing you have to do after installing and opening the program is that you follow the Pandora Recovery Wizard.
pandora recovery

Step2 Perform search or deep scan

After following the recovery wizard, you are offered by the program to click on “Browse”, “Search” or “Deep scan” according to your preferences on the USB.
pandora recovery

Step3 Select your files

Find the files you want to restore from your USB, right-click on them, and select “Recover to”.
pandora recovery

Step4 Recover your files

In the end choose your desired location, and select “Recover Now”.
pandora recovery

Wise Data Recovery – Free Deleted File Rescue Tool

wise data recovery

Wise Data Recovery is also another free tool for data recovery USB flash drive which can even cope with permanently deleted files, and hidden data which was already marked by the operating system as free space. Furthermore you can have a clean overview about the quality of the data whether it falls in Lost category, or the other categories, namely the Poor, the Very Poor or the Good, and therefore about what the possibility is for it to be recovered. However, this tool comes with several drawbacks such as some disturbing pop-ups at some points, and sometimes the inability to recover files which are in a crashed or corrupted storage.

Follow these steps on how to recover deleted files from USB using Wise Data Recovery:

Step1 Locate lost data

Click on the drop-down menu and choose the location of the lost data that is your USB in this case.
wise data recovery

Step2 Perform scan

Click on “Scan” to find your lost files on your USB storage.
wise data recovery

Step3 Select files to recover

Choose the items you’d like to restore, and click on “Recover”.
wise data recovery

AceThinker Data Recovery to recover deleted files from USB drive

acethinker disk recovery

Data Recovery from AceThinker is another famous flash drive recovery tool which efficiently restores a wide range of files from as much as 500 different formats. The program has a lightning quick scan feature which makes it possible to recover all the lost files after you accidentally formatted your storage or deleted them from the storage within an eye glimpse. One of the biggest advantage of this program comes from that it was designed to be very user friendly where you receive a lot of guidance via its Wizard Mode feature which makes the whole process simple and convenient. Therefore we especially recommend it to beginners.

acethinker disk recovery

Here’s how you can recover deleted files from flash drive using this powerful file recovery tool.

Step1 Select recovery category

In the beginning when you arrive to the program’s interface, you are offered to select multiple categories of file formats, which help you narrow down what kind of file you want to recover. Simply select the most suitable file formats of which you lost your file too.
acethinker disk recovery

Step2 Select location

Select a location to recover files, that is your USB in this case, and click on “Start”.
acethinker disk recovery

Step3 Recover your lost files

Once you’ve selected your files to be recovered from your USB, click on “Recover”.
acethinker disk recovery

Comparison of the Solutions

If you consider all these usb flash recovery solutions how they compare among each other, this tool is a good option but its user interface is not the very best designed to be suitable and comfortable for beginners. The other mentionable solution, Wise Data Recovery, possesses benefits on the other hand, such as that it has a its advantage in that is analyzes and identified which are the files which can be recovered or not in the results of the scan. All in all, among the solutions reviewed, AceThinker Data Recovery stands out the most especially because it offers easy-to-use, fast, and convenient recovery modes which a high chance for recovering your important data.

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