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How to Recover Files after Format

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How to Recover Files after Format

There are many situations in which we have to format our disk to assure that it is available for you. However, a common problem is that we often format the disk without noticing that there were some important files and documents on the disk that have been lost because of the format. In this, we start looking for the format recovery software to assure that we can get our files back. Here we have a complete guideline help you with format recovery. Formatting is the process in which we prepare and initialize the storage medium such as flash drive or hard drive to be read, recognized and written by a computer.

Once you will format the disk all the bookkeeping information will be deleted from the system. The disk will be scanned to assure that all normal and reliable sectors and available for use and an internal address are created for later use if you want to save data. All hard disks have to be formatted before you use them. Here are some common conditions when you have to format the disk.

  • The drive is not formatted
  • Corrupted, invalid or damaged NTFS and FAT in partition tables
  • Operating system not found
  • Invalid command
  • Cannot find program or files
  • Non-system disk or HDD failure

How to recover files using AceThinker AceThinker Disk Recovery

Here we have the step by step guide that will make it easier for you to restore files after format.

Step1 Download and Install the App

First, you will have to install AceThinker Disk Recovery below is the “download” button. After that, launch it on your device to recover after format.

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Step2 Scan to locate the file

Scan all the files that you want to restore files after format. You can scan files from connected disks and the main hard drive.

search and select to recover

Step3 Preview the selected file to restore

Before you can restore files after format it is important that you preview all files to assure that you have selected all the files that you need.

Step4 Retrieve your file

Start retrieving the files and all your data will be saved in your computer.

start retrieving

Recover Formatted Files with AceThinker Disk Recovery
AceThinker is one of the best data recovery software that will allow you to recover all types of files after format. Some of the features you will find in AceThinker are; Recover data from external and internal hard drives after format. Then, you can easily recover all types of data from documents to videos. Thus, to exactly retrieve what you need there is to preview the file option available and quickly save lost or deleted files.


The best thing about AceThinker is that it is the most reliable and fastest format recovery tool available online. You will be able to quickly recover files after format. It is compatible with Mac and Windows which means that you can restore files after format from any device or disk that you have. There are different packages available. You can select the one you are most comfortable with. Make sure that you check the services you will get from different packages to assure that you will only pay for those that you need. Restore files after format with AceThinker Disk Recovery without any worries.

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