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How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card

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How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card

To recover deleted Videos from SD Card is a lot achievable than ever thanks to technology innovation out there. A micro SD card is a popular small device that stores large amounts of data. An SD card is a solid-state device, meaning there are no moving parts inside it to make it work and it is also durable. It consists of tiny rows of memory chips, all working together to store your important files. A micro SD card is now a common accessory for all Android phones and tablets. You can save all kinds of media or files in one SD card like your photos, music, videos, news, apps, games and more right now without fear since one can recover deleted files from sd card using some techniques. With SD Card You can enjoy the optimum capacity and speed as promised, with spaces ranging from 8GB to 256GB.

Common causes of sd card data loss. Basically, you use an SD card when you run out of internal memory on your phone. You can use the type of externally select SD card on your Android phone, but you need to familiarize yourself with the features of your phone to decide what type of SD card is needed to maximize your mobile experience. However, there are cases where data loss occurs and you want to restore deleted files from SD card. These data losses can be triggered by you or other undesirable scenarios. In this case, we assume that you use an SD card where you have saved all your videos and other important data. Here are the common causes of SD card data loss: Accidentally deleted – This usually occurs when you are busy on your phone or performing multiple tasks at the same time if you accidentally click the “Delete” option instead of canceling or saving. It’s too late for you to realize that you’ve erased precious memories, so to recover deleted data from sd card would remain the only option.

Acethinker Disk Recovery

We will show you how to easily recover your lost or deleted Videos with the AceThinker Disk Recovery software. Many people usually jump in the triangle if they accidentally hit the Delete button on an important file. Others want to be able to turn back digital time to retrieve lost files. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the AceThinker data recovery software. The program has the ability to recover Deleted Videos from your SD Card.

Step1 Download and install the software to restore deleted files from sd card

Install the program by pressing the lower button, once the installation is complete, start the software.

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Step2 Scan for lost files to recover deleted data from sd card

After launching and opening the AceThinker Disk Recovery, you will find three categories in which a search for lost files can be performed. These are Media files, all files, also documents, archives, and emails. You must check the category to which you want to restore the recover deleted videos from sd card. Once you have made the selection of the file to be refreshed, press the “Next” button.

select what to recover

Step3 Select the location for the recovered files

Then, select a location for the recovered files. Lastly, the software scans for lost files in these two categories: Shared Location and Connected Disk.

select location for the recovered files

  • Ordinarily, users prefer the Recycle Bin and the desktop as a common location. You can also select a different location by clicking Select Location and expanding the search for the recover deleted videos from sd card.
  • The scan can also be performed on devices that are not on your PC, but are connected to it, such as cameras and memory cards. Decide which drive you want to scan, even if they appear in the Connected Hard Drives category.
  • You must select the specific device from which you want to restore deleted files from sd card and click next; the software will then scan the selected device. Click OK to start the retrieval process and restore the files. As you can see it’s just an easy process out there.

Get The Driver Reinstalled

driver reinstallWhen your very own system does not recognize the SD card, which contains the video, you want to reinstall the driver. To actually recover deleted videos from sd card, Now disconnect your SD card, restart your system as well as reconnect the card. Your computer will recognize it right now. Open the SD card and access the videos stored there.

  • You want to Go to My Computer / then this PC and right click on it.
  • Follow Manage> Device Manager> Disk Drives.
  • You want to Right click on the name of your very removable drive.
  • Then Click OK.

Assign A New Drive Letter

change the drive letter path While you connect the external storage medium, it is automatically assigned a drive letter. If you cannot see the letter of the unit in the unit list, manually assign a drive letter to your SD card. Connect the SD card to the computer and follow the steps below:

  • Open the Run dialog box with the Windows + R key.
  • You want to Type MSC as well as press Enter.
  • In the left pane, under Storage, do select the Disk Management
  • Right-click on the unit to which you want to truly assign a letter and then choose Change drive letter and routes
  • In the dialog box, you want to click Change.
  • Check-in Assign next drive letter
  • Select the letter you actually want to give in the drop-down box as well as click “OK”.
  • Right now disconnect and also reconnect the SD card. The letter of the unit to the card will appear in the list of external units.

Perform Chkdsk

Perhaps you receive errors such as “Is the SD card corrupted, try to reformat” while trying to access the SD card? Run Chkdsk (check the disk) to resolve the error by following these following steps:

  • Write cmd in the search box.
  • Right click on cmd and select Run as administrator.
  • Type chkdsk : / f (for example, chkdsk E: / f) at the command prompt and then press Enter.


The accidental deletion of videos from the SD card is not a problem because you still have methods to recover them. AceThinker Disk Recovery offers the safest way to restore lost or deleted videos from SD cards. You can also recover videos of any file format without losing the original quality of your valuable videos. In addition, it makes the recovery of high-quality videos of all types of SD cards easier and faster. Thousands of multimedia files can be restored quickly in a few minutes and also with their original name, date, and time.

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