How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Laptop

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How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Laptop

Last week I was trying to edit some of the personal photos that I took at my graduation. But due to one of the mistakes I did, I deleted all those photos accidentally. In fact, I was trying to move the files to s different folder with the cut option. The files did get deleted from the original location, but they were not pasted in the target. This made me end up with a lot of frustration as they were some of the most precious memories that I had in my life. However, I was able to work and get access to those photos without any pain. If you are facing a similar situation, let me explain what I did. You can also follow my steps to recover deleted pictures from a laptop.

I used an effective file recovery tool named AceThinker Disk Recovery to recover deleted photos from a computer. It was a simple and an easy to use application. I could easily get hold of the basics on how to use that tool. Then I went ahead and used the tool and I was able to end up with positive results within a short period of time. That was an outstanding experience and I will explain how AceThinker Disk Recovery helped me to recover deleted photos from a laptop.

AceThinker Disk Recovery

Steps to use AceThinker Disk Recovery:

Step1 Download and install the app

As the first step to recover deleted pictures from a laptop, you will have to download and install AceThinker Disk Recovery on your computer by clicking the “Download” button below. While I was downloading the tool, I noticed that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can select the setup by selecting the right version depending on your operating system.

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Step2 Scan your system to recover your files

The process of installing AceThinker Disk Recovery on my computer was a breeze. I could easily do it without going through any major hassle. Then I started scanning my system for the deleted photos. When I launched the scan, I noticed that it gives me with all the files that I have deleted from my computer. However, I was able to select the data type. This helped me to narrow down my search only for photos, as I was only interested in getting back my graduation photos. In this filtering option, I noticed that the users are provided with the opportunity to filter based on emails, documents, audio files, video files, photos, and many other file formats. If you are looking for a quick and efficient method to recover any type of file, this can provide great assistance to you.

select where to recover

Then I was able to recover deleted pictures from a laptop and I was impressed with the overall functionality offered. This tool helped me to save my precious moments and I’m glad that I came across this kind of a tool to get the job done. I can highly recommend it to anyone out there as well.


If you are looking forward to recovering deleted photos from computer, look no further as AceThinker Disk Recovery is the best option available out there to consider. It can provide you with outstanding results. I was not a technical person, but I was able to get back access to the deleted files with minimum hassle with the assistance of AceThinker Disk Recovery. It didn’t create any impact on the quality of the photos during the recovery phase as well. Therefore, I highly recommend this as the best product available out there for the people to recover deleted photos from a laptop and stay away from the pain.

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January 2, 2019

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Last updated on February 14, 2019

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