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Ways to Recover deleted partition

Last updated on July 3, 2018 by Roland Zonai

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Ways to Recover deleted partition

Nowadays people more and more tend to rely storing the files on different partitions on their computer, in which way they can separate their data and have more overview over it. However accidents and unforeseen events an always happen, especially on the new Windows 10 system, and it is possible that your partition would be accidentally deleted with all your important files and sensitive and beloved data on it, due to a wrong click with your mouse, an accidental power outage, a computer crash while you are working on that partition, or even due to a virus infection. In these cases the thought would be shocking that all your important data are lost, but luckily there are several ways to undelete files windows 10, just follow the summarized list which we put together for you.

AceThinker Disk Recovery - Powerful External Hard Drive Recovery Tool

One solution which can be noted to restore data on windows 10 is AceThinker Disk Recovery for getting back your lost files. It will cost you some money as it is recommended to buy the premium features, but you can bet that afterwards it will be able to locate all your important files which were lost on the partition on your Windows 10 system. The program has an especially easy to use and really user-friendly interface, and you will be able to run it even if you are an amateur because you never experienced the need of data recovery before. This program is very powerful and it is able to retrieve many different file formats, making it possible to recover all sorts of lost files.

In order to use the program to perform any type of data recovery, such as undelete data on Windows 10, you can follow these simple steps:

Step1 Installation

The first thing you need to do to utilize this application is downloading it and installing it via the link below, when an icon appears about the program on your desktop, which you can click on to launch the application afterwards.

Try It Free

Step2 Category selection

After downloading and installing the program, you can launch it and on the main page which emerges for the program, you can select what kind of data file you wish to retrieve from the lost partition on your Windows 10 OS, including categories such as photos, videos, documents, and many more relevant formats. In this case, select the data category  and then you can go on with the process to the next page.

Step3 Location selection

After arriving to the location page, you can select where you want the recovery on your computer, so you can select the lost partition, as well as you can set that you want to have a deep search on all over the whole computer storage area in order to find the lost files for sure. In our case, you can select Cannot find drive to recover the lost partition.

Step4 Select hard drive for scanning

At this point you will be shown which hard drive you want to select to search for the lost partition from your computer. Therefore you can choose the most suitable hard drive for your search, while the program also helps you with highlighting the type of the available hard drives, that is whether it is a physical drive inside your computer, or it is externally connected.

Step5 Select found partition to scan

After you selected the hard drive and proceeded with its scanning, the program will show you the found partitions. After this point you can select the partition you are looking for, for which you are guided by seeing their size and file type as well in the list. Here you can simply click on the partition you are looking for and perform the final scan, or click on Deep Search in case you haven’t found the partition you were looking for.

Step6 Completion of scan and file selection

After you pressed the deep search button and the scan run, a new window will come where you will be shown the number of files which are able to be recovered by the program from the chosen partition, although their names are not going to be unfortunately shown on the list, but a random line of text will show their name, as is the case for other similar recovery tools. Here you can select all the files which might be potentially those which you are looking for, which can be aided by the preview in the center which however only works for some specific files. Afterwards you can recover all of them to check them to make it sure that you recovered everything you wanted.


  • large compatibility when it comes to different file types
  • multi-level categorization of recoverable file types where you can recover single file type group or multiple groups
  • efficient scan


  • in order to harvest all the benefits you might need to purchase the premium version
  • internet is required for downloading the program

Partition Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Partition Recovery Wizard is a famous application to retrieve deleted files windows 10 from any partition which might be damaged and files got lost from it. This program is very useful for locating files that have been accidentally deleted or lost during reformatting of the partition. It will even find files on the partition that are not shown on the list of detected drives in general due to its powerful scan. Therefore this program is very handy and can be a good tool for anybody who wants to recover data on Windows 10.

In order to benefit from this windows 10 data recovery program, you can follow the guidelines below.

Step1 Installation and setup

First of all you need to download and install this program from the official website so it will be integrated into your computer and have the chance to scan the deepr areas of the storage later on.

Step2 Select location and file category

Once the program is installed and you opened the interface, you are able to set different options before performing the scan, such as locating your partition which you would like to recover after the sudden event of a crash, and the file category which you are aware that you lost and which will facilitate the search as the program will only look for that type of files during the scan.

Step3 Perform scan and retrieve files

After the initial setups are set, you can run the scan so the program will gather all the lost data within the specified file formats, and then all you need to do is to retrieve those which are of relevance to you and suit your need from the lost partition.


  • straightforward interface due to years of development
  • lightweight solution


  • classic interface look

MiniTool Partition Recovery Free

MiniTool Partition Recovery Free is a third possible solution to choose among the other windows 10 file recovery tools in case you want to have an efficient file recovery software for your needs regarding file retrieval on lost partition on Windows 10 system. However as this is a free solution it has to be highlighted that there are possible drawbacks with the program, including that it will not perform that well with the scan as compared to the premium solutions. However if you wish to have a look at this tool and give it a try then you can have look at the guideline below.

Step1 Installation and setup of the program

As in case of the other tools as well, in order to start utilizing this program you need to go to is website and look for the launcher to download it and install it on your system before the scan can happen.

Step2 Selections of file location and category

The opening interface of the installed program gives you different options before the scanning can happen, although the scan is not as powerful as it could be and some of the files might not be able to be recovered.

Step3 Scan and file retrieval

As the scan is specified, the scan will run on the chosen partitions of your computer and the program will identify the lost files and give you the option to recover them, so all you need to do is selecting those which you find potentially important and recover them for yourself with ease.


  • fast recovery process relatively with good scanning time estimation
  • overview window come with big icons for better comprehensive look


  • not so modern interface
  • sometimes the scanning takes much time


If you assess these mentioned programs you can see that all in all there is possibility to perform scan and recover your lost data with ease from any of these solutions, although if you want to go with the most secure and professional method, we recommend you to have a try at the Acethinker solution.

October 19, 2017
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Last updated on July 3, 2018

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