How to Recover Deleted Folder from Multiple Platforms

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How to Recover Deleted Folder from Multiple Platforms

Folders are important tools for organizing documents and files. Not only they make the files tidy but also help the user remember where the files are. So if ever you accidentally delete an entire folder full of important documents, don’t react with panic because there are many steps you can take to try and recover deleted folder so as to get the files back. Below different ways to restore deleted folders in Windows, Mac, Office 365, Outlook, Google Drive, etc. are listed to help you get data back after the deletion. Also an all round solution is introduced to recover permanently deleted folder and files on all platforms.

Recover Deleted Folder in Windows 10

windows 10Windows Operating System are known for their simplicity and functionality, that is why they are preferred by many. And as a Windows user, there sure came a time when you accidentally permanently deleted an entire file folder. Here are the steps to recover permanently deleted folder in Windows 10.

Step1 Create a new folder

First thing to do, is to create a new file folder on the Desktop. Make sure to rename the new folder exactly the same as the “Folder” you want to recover.

rename the folder

Step2 Click Restore Previous Version

After creating the folder, hover the mouse pointer to newly created folder and right-click to show the expanded menu. Click the “Restore previous version” option and Windows will start the search for the previous version of that folder.

right-click option

Step3 Choose the Right File

From the list of recovered files, choose the file you want and click “Restore” to get the Folder back.

select the file

Restore Deleted Folder in Mac

macMac OS are more secured and sophisticated operating systems. However, Mac OS systems unfortunately don’t have a built-in folder recovery tool. Although there is no built-in recovery tool for Mac, there is still a way to recover a deleted folder accidentally placed in the trash bin. If that is the case and you did not emptied the trash bin yet, be sure to check there first.

Step1 Search for the File

Go to the trash bin and look for the file or folder you want.

search for file

Step2 Put Back the File

Right click the File you are looking for and choose the “Put Back” option.

put back option

Recover Deleted Folder in Microsoft Office 365

ms office 365Microsoft Office 365 is a tool by Microsoft that allows office suite subscribers extra functions and services. One of these functions is File Recovery, because Office 365 make back-ups for each file saved. If in case the original file along with the back-up file were deleted from Office 365, you can still recover them within 30 days upon deletion. However, if that time has passed, there is still a way to recover the file. Here are the steps on how to recover deleted office 365 files and folders using the Recoverable Items Folder of Office 365.

Step1 Go to the application

On Office 365, right-click on “Deleted Items” tab, next, select “Recover deleted items” from the list of options.

deleted items

Step2 Look for the Files

Browse for the files you need to recover.

look for the files

Step3 Select the Right Folder

Choose the right folder for you and click the “OK” button.

choose to recover

This method is not like restoring files from the recycle bin. Because the time you can use it is only 14 days after the deletion passed its 30 days grace period. Once the file is restored, it will be back to its original location before it was deleted.

Restore Deleted Folder in Outlook

ms outlook icon Aside from sending emails, Microsoft Outlook can do more things. Since it is a personal information manager, you can do things like note journal taking and even arranging files on Outlook. If you have files saved on Outlook and were deleted for unknown reasons and you just recently realized, you can try to recover them. Here are the step to recover a File Folder from on Microsoft Outlook.

Step1 Go to Deleted Items

From the Outlook home screen, go to the “Deleted Items” option.

select the option

Step2 Go to Recover Deteled Items From Server

Now, click the “Recover Deleted Items from Server” option from the list, note that you need to make sure that “Home” is selected.

server recovery

Step3 Restore Your Files

Choose the file or folder that you need, and click “Restore Selected Items” option and click “OK”.

choose he folder

Recover Folder in Google Drive

online storageGoogle drive is without a doubt one of the best online storage service provider. It’s simple to use and very user-friendly, so a lot of people use it to store their important data. However, it is still not safe from human errors like accidentally deleting the file. So here are the step to recover accidentally deleted files or folder on google drive.

Step1 Go to the Link

Open the web browser, and enter the link .

trash bin

Step2 Select File to Recover

Choose the Folders and click the “Restore” button to recover the selected files.

restore from google drive

Comprehensive Folder Recovery Software - Disk Recovery

If in case the mentioned steps above did not work out, you can use a recovery tool like Acethinker Disk Recovery to do the job for you. It is a powerful tool that recovers files and Folders fast and efficiently. It also works well with both Mac OS and Windows Operating System. The interface for both Operating System is just the same so there won’t be trouble in operating the software because of its simplicity. Here is how to use Acethinker Disk Recovery for both Mac and Windows.

Step1 Download the application

Download the software and Install on your PC device.

Try it for Free

Step2 Launch the Application

After the installation, Run the program and on the interface, choose the Folder you want to recover and click “Next”.

search the file type

Step3 Choose and Scan the Location

Now choose the location of the deleted file to be scanned by the tool and click next. The tool will scan for a seconds or more and will notify once finished.

choose to scan

Step4 Select the Folder to Recover

From the list of recovered folders, choose the one you need then click “Recover” to choose where the folder will be saved after recovery.

select to recover

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There are different ways to recover deleted folders and files depending on the platforms. Also you can try different ways as well that are not on the list above. To save your time in folder recovery in all platforms, it’s recommended that you get AceThinker Disk Recovery, one of the most comprehensive and accurate data recovery tools, to help you get all your lost data back within a few mouse clicks. It’s the tool to go, for all your recovery needs.

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