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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP

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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP is still a popular computer operating system around the world. When you’re using your PC running XP, no matter how careful you are, there are times when you either accidentally deleted a file from your computer or you intentionally deleted it but realized later on that you still need it. When this happens, it’s easy to panic because the first thing that comes to mind is, you’ll never recover that file again. The good news is, you can actually recover deleted files in Windows XP with a few tricks from the system. And you can also use a professional recovery tool to get all your needed data back.

Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP from Recycle Bin

There are two ways for you to delete a file on Windows XP. When you choose a file or folder and select Delete from the menu, it takes that file to the Recycle Bin. When you empty the Recycle Bin, you will permanently delete all the files stored in this folder. This makes recovery a little bit more challenging. Here are some steps to recover deleted files in XP from Recycle Bin:

Step1 Open the Recycle Bin

Open the “Recycle Bin” and search for the files and folders that you want to recover.

open the recycle bin to restore the deleted file

Step2 Restore the selected item

Right click on the selected files and choose “Restore”. You can also click on “Restore the Selected Items” on the tools tab of Recycle Bin. You can also choose to “Restore All Items” if you want to retrieve all the files on your Recycle Bin.

restore the deleted file

Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Previous Versions

If you already emptied your Recycle Bin or the files that you’re looking for were already overwritten by newer files, here are some steps that you can follow to undelete Windows XP using previous versions in Windows:

Step1 Find Restore the previous versions

Create a new file or folder with the same name as the one you deleted and are trying to recover. Right-click the new file and select “Restore Previous Versions.” Windows will then search for the previous versions of files and folders with the same name as the one you created.

restore the previous version

Step2 Restore the permanently deleted file

Select the latest file on the list and click “Restore” to recover the permanently deleted file.

restore the permanently deleted file

Restore Deleted Files XP With AceThinker Disk Recovery

Of course, Windows XP file recovery can be made a lot easier when you use the Acethinker Disk Recovery tool, which helps you recover deleted files from both internal and external hard drives. This includes documents, photos, videos and other types of files in a variety of formats. Acethinker Disk Recovery offers a convenient way to recover all your lost files in Windows XP and also Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. You just need to follow three easy steps:

Step1 Download and install the app

After installing the software on your computer, run it and choose the types of files that you want to recover. You can either select to restore all documents, photos or videos, or choose by category.

Try It for Free

Step2 Select a location drive to scan a files

Choose a location where you want the software to search for your lost file. When the scanning process is done, you can check the files to see if they are the ones you are looking for. The software allows you to preview each file to make sure that you are recovering the right files.

select a location drive to scan the file

Step3 Recover the deleted files

Once you found the right files, just click “Recover” and Browse to search for a location where you can save the restored files. Then, click “OK” to start the retrieval process.

recover the deleted file


So, if you accidentally deleted a file that you still need, you don’t need to press the panic button. With the right tools, retrieving lost files is now a lot easier than before. First you can check to see whether the files are located in the Recycle Bin. If not, you can try the built-in Restore function to take your computer to a previous version when the files haven’t been deleted yet. Otherwise, just turn to AceThinker Disk Recovery, which allows you to recovery all your deleted files in 3 simple steps.

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