How to Recover Deleted Excel File Using Different Methods

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How to Recover Deleted Excel File Using Different Methods

Excel Spreadsheet is a word processing tool by Microsoft, which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. This tool is primarily used for business purposes. It is used to store data, create charts and graphs and anything concerning business data. For companies, the use of spreadsheet is vital for records purposes, especially on the financial side. So it would be a disaster if these important documents were accidentally deleted. Luckily, there are ways to recover deleted Excel file. Here we will talk about 4 different ways to recover deleted or lost Excel documents. Just continue reading and find that way that best suits you.

Recover Excel 2010 Files Manually

Microsoft Excel 2010 version may seem to be out of date to many, but there are still people who uses it. Part of the reason they choose this version is because of familiarity and simplicity. However, regardless how familiar they are with the tool, people still commit mistakes like accidentally deleting a spreadsheet or similar cases. Fortunately, you can just use Excel itself to get the documents back. Just follow the steps below on how you can recover deleted Excel files.

Step1 Open the File Tab On Excel 2010

Open a blank Excel page, and on the top left-hand corner of the page, click the “File” tab to expand the options.

open the file tab

Step2 Select Recent from the List of Options

After clicking the File Tab, a panel will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. On the panel are list of options, click the “Recent” option.

click recent button

Step3 Select the Recover Unsaved Workbook Option

Under the “Recent” window are the list of worksheets that you did in the past. On the lower part of the window, click the “Recover Unsaved Workbooks” option.

recover unsaved workbook

Step4 Select the Right Spreadsheet to Recover

After clicking “Recover Unsaved Workbook”, the window containing the deleted file will appear, click the right file and click “Open”.

restore spreadsheet document

Restore Excel 2016 Spreadsheets Manually

Excel 2016 is the latest update of Microsoft Office Excel from the Microsoft Office Suite. This version includes a lot of updates and improvements on the tool. Among other spreadsheet tools, this can by far be the best. But even though it is the latest, it still can suffer file loss due to human error and similar situations. However, there is a way to restore the unsaved, deleted or missing files from Excel 2016. Here are the steps on how to recover deleted Excel document on the 2016 version of Excel.

Step1 Open a New Excel Spreadsheet

After losing a file, first thing to do to recover it, is by opening a new blank Excel page.

open blank excel

Step2 Click the File Tab

From the home screen, at the upper left-hand corner of the page is where the “File” tab is located. Click the said tab to open a panel.

open file panel

Step3 Click the Options button

From the panel that appeared, at the bottom part of the panel is the “Options” button. Click “Options” and a window will appear.

excel option

Step4 Copy the File Path for Deleted Excel Files

On the new window, there are multiple options, click the “Save” option and under it are different options, look for “AutoRecover File Location” and copy the path on the box beside it.

copy the link

Step5 Paste the File Path to File Explorer

Open the File Explorer and paste the file path on the location bar and hit “Enter” key.

paste the link

Step6 Select the Right Spreadsheet to Recover

On file explorer, there will be the “XLSTART” folder where the files are located, open the folder and select the right file and right click, select “Open with Excel” to save it.

restore the files

Use Acethinker Disk Recovery

There are other ways to recover deleted, unsaved or corrupted excel file. One of them is by using recovery tools like Acethinker Disk Recovery. This tool lets you recover deleted and missing files fast, because of its powerful recovery capabilities. It is one of the tools that lets you recover specific file types in matter of seconds, depending on the type of files and file size. To know how to use Acethinker Disk Recovery to restore Excel files, just follow these steps.

Step1 Install the Application on Your PC Device

First, you need to download the installer by clicking the button below. Next is to install it on your computer by following the on screen instructions.

Try It for Free

Step2 Select the Right Type of File

Launch the application, and on the home screen, you will see different file type options. Among the listed options, click the “Documents” option to recover only related files. Click the “Next” button.

select file type

Step3 Select the Location That Tool Will Scan

For deleted files, commonly they go to the “Recycle bin” so click this option, and click next to start the scan.

scan the recycle bin

Step4 Wait for the Scan to Finish

The scan will immediately start after clicking next, this may take some time depending on the volume of the files on recycle bin. Also, the tool is also scanning for the permanently deleted files on recycle bin. The tool will notify once scan is done.

scan complete

Step5 Select the Correct Excel File to Restore

Once the scan is finished, the list of all the deleted files from recycle bin will appear, just select the spreadsheet you need and click “Recover” to save the file.

restore the file

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Use EaseUs Data Recovery

Another recovery tool that can manage to restore Excel file is EaseUs Data Recovery. This is one of the recovery tools that are pretty easy to use. However, the only drawback is that on its free version, you can only recover a total of 1 Gigabytes of data. Another drawback is that, it do Deep Scan search automatically after the Quick Scan, so it’s a time consuming process. However, if you are fine with then though, here are the steps to recover deleted excel file using EaseUs Data Recovery.

Step1 Launch the Application

Download the installer of EaseUs Data Recovery from its official website or click the link. Next, install it on your PC device. After installation, execute the program to start the process of recovering the excel file.

easeus home screen

Step2 Scan the Storage Drive of the File

To start, select the storage device where the file was originally located. After that, click the “Scan” and after that a “Quick Scan” will start, followed by a “Deep Scan” for more results.

start the scan

Step3 Select the File to Restore

After the scan, the list of files that were deleted on that drive will appear and just choose the file to restore and click “Recover”.

restore the files


Losing important Excel documents is a hard pill to swallow. Especially if those documents play a big role in a business entity. But knowing that there are different ways to recover deleted Excel files gives us a bit of confidence. You can first try to restore your file manually. If it doesn’t work, then you can use the professional data recovery tools like Acethinker Disk Recovery. Generally, these tools will help you retrieve and restore the data easily. By the way, if you happen to know any other great solutions for Excel recovery, please let us know by dropping a comments below. Thank you for any suggestions!

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