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Recover Corrupted Files on Windows with Simple Tools

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Recover Corrupted Files on Windows with Simple Tools

There are many reasons why files gets corrupted, some of them include a sudden system crash, malware and virus infection and others. When a file becomes corrupted, it basically becomes useless, so you end up deleting the file and replacing it with a new one. This is a hard pill to swallow, especially if it is an important file that you have been working on for weeks. The good news is that there are indeed some ways to recover corrupted files with the help of proper data recovery programs. Listed below, are the reliable recovery tools that can aid you, with your corrupted files problem.

Recover Corrupted Files with Acethinker Disk Recovery

One tool worth trying is Acethinker Disk Recovery. This handy tool can restore corrupt files fast. It is one of the most reliable tool with its user-friendly interface, there won’t be any confusion when using this tool. Just follow these simple steps to use Acethinker Disk Recovery.

Step1 Get the installer package and install it on your PC

Acquire the installer package by clicking the button below and install it on the PC, by following the instructions provided on the screen.

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Step2 Launch the application on your PC

To start the process, launch the program immediately after the installation. On the home screen of the tool, select the type of file that was corrupted and click “Next.”

select corrupted file type

Step3 Scan the Recycle bin for the Deleted Files

On the next screen, select the drive where the deleted corrupted file was, click the “Recycle bin” and click “Next” to initiate the scan.

scan recycle bin

Step4 Select the File to Restore

Once the scan is completed, the list of all the deleted files from the Recycle bin will appear. Select the right file from the list and click the “Recover” button to save the files.

recover the files

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Use Recoverit Data Recovery

Another notable recovery tool worth mentioning is Recoverit Data Recovery. This is another corrupted recovery software that can restore files, after they were deleted due to corruption. One good thing about it, is that it can restore corrupted files fast. One of the easy to operate tools, even less experienced computer users won’t have any problem using it. Here are the steps on how to use Recoverit Data Recovery.

Step1 Install the Recoverit on your PC

Get the tool by downloading the installer of Recoverit Data Recovery by clicking this link and install it on your PC by reading the instruction about proper installation of the tool.

download website

Step2 Run the Program on the PC Device

Once installation is finished, open the tool and on the launch interface, select what type of recovery to do. Select “Deleted File Recovery.”

select recovery type

Step3 Select a disk drive to scan

On the following screen, select the storage drive where the tool will do a thorough scan for the deleted files and click “Start” to initiate the scan process.

start the scan

Step4 Wait for the scan to finish

The tool will conduct a full scan on the selected “Disk Drive” to look for the deleted files from the syste, wait for the scan to finish.

scan for files

Step5 Recover the corrupted file

From the list of files that were scanned by the tool, select only the files that you need to restore and click the “Recover” button and save the files again.

recover the files

Restore Corrupt Files on USB and SD Card

File corruption is not only limited to PC files. As a matter of fact, files that are stored in removable devices like USB Flash Disk and SD Cards, are more prone to file corruption. With the frequent use of these removable storage devices, the chance that an error that can cause file corruption is high. When an important file is corrupted and deleted from a USB or SD Card, you can restore them using EaseUs Data Recovery. Below are the steps to use EaseUS Data Recovery.

Step1 Download EaseUS installer and set it up on the PC

Download EaseUs Data Recovery by clicking the link provided and install the tool on your PC device.

download easeus datarecovery

Step2 Execute the Program

Once installation is complete, run the program and select “Deleted Files Recovery” option on the launch screen for the tool to focus only on the deleted files from the System.

easeus home screen

Step3 Scan the Removable Device

On the next screen, under the “External Device” section, select the USB drive or SD Card and click the “Scan” button to execute the scan process.

select drive to scan

Step4 Wait until the scan is complete

The tool will scan the removable device to find the deleted file. Wait for the scan to finish the process to get more results.

finish the scan

Step5 Save the Files

Once the scan is complete, select the files that were deleted due to corruption and click “Recover” option to save the file to a different folder.

save the files

Repair Corrupted Document Files

The most common type of files that gets corrupted are document files like Word, PPT, and Excel. It’s important to keep these files safe from being corrupted, but there are things that can’t be controlled. For those who prefer to fix the corrupted files instead of deleting them, Stellar Toolkit File Repair is the tool to use. This tool can fix corruption issues of MS Office documents with ease. Here are the steps on how to use Stellar Toolkit File Repair.

Step1 Get the installer of Stellar Toolkit

Acquire it by clinking the link of Stellar Toolkit and set it up on your PC.

download the toolkit

Step2 Open the Toolkit

Next is to launch the tool after installation. On the home screen, dialog box will appear, click “Ok.”

launch the toolkit

Step3 Select the File to Repair

On the window, click “Select File” to select the corrupted file to repair and click the “Scan” button to start the process.

start the scan

Step4 Save the Repaired File

Once the repair process is complete, choose where to save the file and click “Ok.”

confirm the repair

Ways on How to Avoid File Corruption

Eliminating cases of file corruption is impossible. At some point, there will be a situation where the files you keep will be corrupted. However, there are ways to minimize the chances of file corruption. Below are some of things you can practice to prevent file corruption from happening.

1. Check for Bad Sectors in the System

check for bad sectors Sectors are small storage space where the system store data. Whenever the system experience disk errors, sectors are affected, which causes Bad Sectors. These are sectors that are faulty and can cause complications to the system. To prevent this from happening, avoid damaging your disk drive when holding it. Also, make sure to check for Bad Sectors from time to time to be sure that all is working properly. Make it a habit to properly eject your disk drives if there are external ones that are installed.

2. Create a boot drive

recover files from system crash The feared blue screen of death, is one of the most common culprit for file corruption. This happens when the system crashes suddenly, and to make matters worse, it can affect the file that you are working on when it crashed. Things like conflicting application and programs that are not compatible with the system can cause this error. To avoid this from happening, always make sure that the programs installed are compatible with the system. Also, create a boot drive so that in case it happens again, it will be easy to restore the files you had before the crash.

3. Scan for Virus and Malwares

scan the pc The most common reasons for file corruption are Virus and Malware attacks. Most of the time we are not aware that the PC is infected by a virus or malware. This can happen from downloading something from the internet from not trusted sources. Another thing that can cause this is by USB file transfers, since people plug their USB flash drives almost anywhere, a virus might have infected it. The best way to prevent this from happening, is to scan the system for virus from time to time using an updated anti-virus program.

4. Check for Cross-linked Files

check file cluster There are times when the system gets confused with the cluster. Sometimes the system mistakenly saves different files in the same cluster which can cause errors. For these instance, you can run a System Disk Scan to find and resolve such errors.


Corrupted files has always been a problem for PC users. Almost any file can be affected and you never when it will happen. Good thing there are ways to at the very prevent this from happening. However, it’s inevitable to lose files because of corruption. With the steps above, you have learned how to recover corrupted file. For a fast and efficient way to recover corrupt files, use Acethinker Disk Recovery. Also, follow the tips above, to minimize the chances of file corruption.

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