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The Comprehensive Way to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive

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The Comprehensive Way to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive

If perhaps you unintentionally format your PC and lost some data on your laptop, you can actually still recover your lost files or data. There are inbuilt tools that allow you to recover data from laptop hard drive. However, the safest and most expedient way would be to use professional and reliable hard disk data recovery tool, this tutorial will explain ways to get back your lost data. Here is the way to recover lost data from laptop hard drive using laptop hard disk recovery tool.


Heat is one of the main causes of hard drive failure, of which one will need a laptop hard drive recovery solution. This situation is common, and especially affects laptops, because of the weakness of their cooling system. When your computer indicates that the drive is overheating, it is strongly recommended that you don’t wait too long. Use a professional to diagnose the problem of your computer. There are critical thresholds that each component must never reach: from 85 ° C you endanger your equipment, but in addition, you risk a fire. Make sure that the CPU fans are working properly and double-check that sufficient refresh is provided to the processor and its peripherals. For your cooling system, you can also boost it if the overheating comes from too intensive use.

Variations in Electrical Voltages

The power that powers your computer must be stable. If it does not, it will cause the hard disk to crash. And you will indeed require laptop hard drive recovery trick to fix. Voltage fluctuations can be caused by lightning, internal grid interference, or any other event causing a power failure and forcing your equipment (computer or external hard drive) to shut down. This problem can be solved by using a stabilizing inverter torque. However, choose your device because the models on the market are not necessarily reliable. The best performers are the models whose stabilization of the electrical voltage is done electronically.


Here, when we talk about humidity, we must not forget the phenomenon of condensation. Moisture slows the life of your components indirectly and directly. Directly, if it causes a short circuit, indirectly, if it causes rust, especially at the screws and other components that become highly conductive when rusted favoring short circuits. If this happens you will necessitate laptop hard drive recovery steps or tool to get your PC to perfection again. Thus, to avoid any risk of the circuit, it is best to keep your computer away from moisture. We are all tempted to put a glass or a cup next to the keyboard, to have it to hand. Unfortunately, your hard drive will fail immediately if it comes into contact with water, especially if the computer was working when the liquid spilled. It’s not just the hard drive that can create a short circuit. The power supply and the motherboard can also fail due to moisture.

The Virus

Data corruption is a real danger for a hard drive, this why you are here for laptop hard disk recovery. Indeed, the data is erased or becomes unusable when the computer system is corrupted. The problem of attacking the virus is that you risk destroying the files at the same time. The chances of recovering the data are then minimal. The solution remains the regular update with a good antivirus. This is the only way to limit the risk of losing your data and to see your infected system.

Get a hard drive recovery tool to retrieve data from laptop hard drive. There are many good options available on the market, but we recommend that you use AceThinker Disk Recovery because of its wide range of compatibility and supported file types.

You can Use AceThinker Disk Recovery fast

The AceThinker comes with intuitive interfaces that any novice can use to retrieve data from laptop hard drive in just a few clicks. Start by selecting the types of files to retrieve, and then choose the correct recovery mode. After that, the program will start scanning to scan your computer or drives to find the files to recover. You can choose between different scans, which are adapted to your recovery needs. After the lost data has been detected, the files are displayed to select the desired files. Fast and accurate scanning ensures that you can recover your data without loss. AceThinker laptop hard disk recovery will help restore your files after different data loss crises. It’s indeed one of the best data recovery tools, which allows you to recover lost, deleted videos, photos,audios,archives , documents and emails in a variety of formats, including MP4,AVI, WMV, PNG , JPG, GIF, MP3, DOC WMA,, PPT,PDF, XLS, RAR ZIP, and many others. In this way, you can recover almost any lost file without any hassle.

Step1 Download and Install the App

Click the “Download” button below to start using the tool.

Try It for Free

Step2 Scan and search data

Start the laptop data recovery software and select the types of files you want to restore. You can choose whether you want to restore all files or select by category. Then, click on the “Next” button and select a location where the program will scan and search for the lost data. Once scanning is complete, you can check the files.

search and select the file to scan

Step3 Restore the data

Click the laptop data recovery Recover button and the Browse button to find space for the recovered data. Click on the “OK” button to retrieve the process and get the files back.

restore the file

Acethinker Disk Recovery Helps As Follows;

  • Recover data from internal as well as external hard drives.
  • Recover videos, audio, photos, documents and even more.

Acethinker Retrieve Data From Laptop Hard Drive;

  • AceThinker Disk Recovery Preview the file information to retrieve exactly what you need.
  • AceThinker Disk Recovery Quickly save your deleted or lost files in a few simple steps.


The AceThinker laptop data recovery allows you to open files for which this function makes sense before recovering. This as well applies for example, to images, documents, also music and then video files. When searching for files, you can click through the folder structure, search for file names or filter out certain file types. When you have found the files you want to recover, check the box and the file (white box) and click restore. Whether it’s a hardware failure or a software failure, time is of the essence. Get Data Recovery to recover your data as soon as possible. Avoid overwriting data in your formatted hard drive, as this can make it difficult to recover all your lost data. And again, make a habit of making regular backups so that, even in the event that you accidentally train your hard drive you have a backup to recover data from laptop hard drive.

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