4 Tools You Need to Recover JPEG Files in Windows/Mac

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4 Tools You Need to Recover JPEG Files in Windows/Mac

Images have become such an important part of life. After all, they are your reminders of the memories you collected over the years, and you can easily look back at them to reminisce those important moments in your life. But there are times when the JPEG or JPG files that you kept on your computer are accidentally deleted, and recovering them becomes a complete nightmare. But now you don’t need to panic as JPEG recovery is possible. In fact, there are many tools you can use to retrieve them. Here we’re going to discuss the best 4 photo recovery programs to help you restore JPEG/JPG files.

AceThinker Disk Recovery

AceThinker Disk Recovery is one of the most sought-after options to recover JPEG files. By following the user-friendly interface, you can restore the JPEG/JPG images you need in a few mouse clicks. This data recovery software allows you to retrieve just about any type of file that you lost accidentally or due to a data loss crisis. This means that you get to retrieve not only JPEG and JPG files but also documents, emails, archives, and other formats. Restoring JPEG files is easy with Acethinker Disk Recovery. You just need to follow these steps.

Step1 Set up the program and choose to recover Photos

Download the app by clicking the “Download” button below.

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Then, run the software after installing it. To recover JPEG or JPG files, you can then select Photos as the option.

select photo to recover

Step2 Select a location drive to scan the file

Choose a location where you want the software to run the scan. After the scan is done, you will have a list of files to check and preview to make sure that you retrieve the right one.

select location to scan the file

Step3 Recover JPEG/JPG images

Once you’ve found the right JPEG or JPG files, just click “Recover” and Browse to find a location to save the files you wish to recover. Then, hit “OK” and the process will start.

restore pictures from sd card

Undelete 360

download undelete 360 Undelete 360 is another tool that you can use to restore deleted files from your computer, no matter what the file type and storage medium. This program boasts of a fast and efficient algorithm that lets you recover JPG or JPEG files with ease. Moreover, Undelete 360 allows you to retrieve accidentally or unintentionally deleted JPEG or JPG files from internal and external hard drives, memory sticks, USB drives, phones, and other devices, and it supports both folder and file recovery, which make it a very useful tool. So whenever you want to retrieve something deleted or lost, give Undelete 360 a try!


photorec data recoveryThe next one JPEG recovery tool we should not overlook is PhotoRec. If you lost your JPEG files due to severe damage to our media’s file system or you reformatted your computer without backing up files, it can help you retrieve lost data easily with its highly efficient program. PhotoRec is designed specifically for recovering images, videos, documents and archives from hard drives and lost images from digital camera memory drive. What makes PhotoRec unique is its ability to ignore file systems and go directly to the underlying data to make file recovery fast and efficient.

EaseUs Data Recovery

EaseUS Free Data RecoveryEaseUS Free Data Recovery will be a nice option if you’re looking for a free JPEG photo recovery. This all-in-one software is free of charge and can easily retrieve lost files, images, videos and other documents that were deleted or lost due to system crashes, viruses, and formatting errors. EaseUs Free Data Recover allows you to recover lost JPEG files in just three clicks and offers two scanning modes – quick and deep scans – to help ensure full recovery of any lost data. So if you have accidentally deleted or lost JPEG/JPG files and want a free solution to get them back, you can consider EaseUS.


As we know, many cameras will take photos in the JPG/JPEG format by default. And it’s quite common to delete a photo that you should not delete by mistake. Or the system crashes and some photos get lost. Thanks for developers, now there are many photo recovery software, which makes the nightmare of losing photos end. So, which one of these tools will you try first? For sure, you will find the perfect fit in recovering lost JPEG or JPG files that contain some of your life’s most precious memories. By the way, if you have any other good solutions to recover JPEG/JPG that are not mentioned, please share your opinion with us. Thank you!

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