How to Use AceThinker Disk Recovery

People commonly run into quandary when they mistakenly click delete button on an important file, and some others wish they could turn back the hands of digital time and retrieve already lost files. Well, maybe for this once wishes are horses courtesy of the AceThinker Disk Recovery program. The program has the capacity to retrieve lost information from your hard drives. This manual should serve as a guide for users who intend to restore lost materials back to their PC.

Installation and Launching

Install the program by clicking on the button below. Upon installation, go on to launch the software by running it.

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Scan for Files that had been lost

Upon launching and opening of the application, you would meet three categories within which a search for lost files can be conducted, they are: “All Files”, “Media Files” and “Documents, Archives & Emails”. You would have to check the category in which the types of material you intend to restore belong, with room given for multiple choices.

Haven made your choice of materials to be restored, continue by clicking the “Next” button. Then go on to choose a storage location for the retrieved files. The software scans for lost files in two categories: “Common Location” and “Connected Disks”.

Common Location

Usually people prefer recycle bin and desktop as locations, they are common locations. It is however possible to choose a different location by clicking on “Select Location” and carrying out your search for files.

Connected Disks

The scan can also be done on devices that are distinct form your PC but connected to it, like cameras and memory cards. You would have to make a choice of what drive you intend to scan, although they all appear under the “connected Disks” category. What you have to do is choose the specific device you intend to restore files from and click on “Next”. The software would carry out a scan of your selected device thus.

select location to scan

When faced with a circumstance in which you fail to find your device among the drives discovered by the software, follow these steps:

  • Click “Cannot Find Drive”
  • Choose a drive
  • Click Search
  • Suppose you have found your desired partition, click on “Scan”

On the other hand, if you fail to find your desired partition, click on “Deep Search” and you would get the partition you desire, and then commence scanning.

recover from lost partition

Note: You can opt out of the scanning process if you so choose by clicking “Stop”. Upon doing so, a dialog box would display requesting a confirmation of your choice to terminate the process, click on “Ok” to confirm.

scanning process

Previewing the Files

On the completion of the search process, the detected files would be scheduled in various folders based on the nature and path of the files. You would find these folders on the left side of the application. On the other side, you would see the display of the details of each file that had been searched. The extra data include the names, the size, dated file was created, and date it experienced any modifications. Just in case you are still unsure if you have chosen the right file, click on the file and you would have a preview of the file displayed the entire data display.

preview the file

Retrieving the Files

Once you have previewed the files, you can go on to check the folders containing the files you desire and then clicking on “Recover”. “Browse” and retrieve the desired files to whatever location you choose.

In a situation where you failed to find the desired files, click on “Deep Scan”. The application would conduct a more detailed search and retrieve the file you seek to be restored.

Note: If you decide to opt out of the recovering process, click on “Stop”. Click on “OK” in the dialog that pops up to confirm the decision.

You indeed now have the knowledge on how to use AceThinker Disk Recovery. Do not hesitate slightly to get to us should you have any issues using the program.

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