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Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

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Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

A file recovery tool is a program which can help retrieve your important documents in case some unexpected event negative effects your stored data. Such event can be getting a virus infection on the computer, experiencing crashing of your document editor due to some bugs, and other issues. Therefore several accidental occasion can turn your life a nightmare, especially in case it is affecting an important file, such as a business note or your homework. Therefore it is getting more and more important do have a free data recovery software which can give you a helping hand in such situation.

With such software, you could directly retrieve your lost or crashed file with a high possibility of success, and within a still intact form, so you can continue its usage or editing without any issues. In order to make your situation easier, we have compiled a list of the best 5 file recovery tools to make you more secured when next time you are working with your important files.

In case you are looking for the best solution, in order to save time with reading the article, we recommend you download one from the following link:


data recovery
In case you are looking for the most popular free data recovery software full version availability included, TestDisk comes with a fast and user friendly, although very classic interface which suits the need of both newcomers and professional users, so even in case this is the first time for you to try out file recovery, you will have an easy time and good guidance by the program to utilize all of its benefits. On the other side, it also offers good grasp for professionals, in addition to being applicable to every significant operating systems, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.



Another popular and free recovery software for windows is Recuva which is one of the most famous recovery software which you can find online. This also refers to user friendliness where the programmers were working on creating a pleasurable and comfortable experience on the interface for users to find everything with ease. Therefore highlights are helping the guidance which include file recovery from hard drives, external drives, all kinds of discs and even memory cards. In addition to other tools, this tool is capable of recovering files  from iPads, and it does very efficient recovery as it is able to narrow your search type to pictures, music, video, etc so you can directly target what you lost, which is  further supported by that the tool also gives you preview images of files which makes it easier to search for missing files.

Avira UnErase Personal

avira unerase personal

Among the other best free data recovery software, Avira UnErase Personal is a simple and easy to use tool that restores personal files with a fast speed due to easy handling and a user friendly interface. This tool is able to restore files from different type of data storage drives, such as FAT16, NTFS4 and others, while it has a special function as its great advantage, namely that it can identify and restore documents from encrypted files, compressed packages or additional files with multiple items with similar filenames. Furthermore, after identifying which files are lost, it shows the recovered files according to their specified name, size, type and creation dates which are fundamentally important parameters, making you an easier time to straightforwardly select and restore the files which you really need.


free undelete

FreeUndelete is also another free recovery software windows with the ability to undelete your files anytime when you need it, and anywhere on your computer. One of the key highlight which can be an advantage of this application is that it has easy to use interface and it has super friendly functionalities for the users who just start to use the program. With its easy to read list of deleted files, it is possible to find the file you are looking for in a simple manner, which comes handy especially when you want to recover data from different devices, as the tool is also making it possible to restore  files on your hard drives, external drives, memory cards and all other storage devices available today.

Pandory Recovery

pandora recovery

Last but not least, among our list of the best data recovery software free, Pandora Recovery is another mentionable and important tool to address your need of file restoration. This useful and universal tool also allows you to filter your deleted files by file name, size, and dates which are very helpful in finding lost files especially when you need to go through a lot of restored file to find the one which you are really looking for. Furthermore, its  preview feature makes it visually easy to you to differentiate the recoverable files, as you can have a look at them before they are restored to your search even easier.


Losing and recovering corrupted files can be very difficult in case there is a has these are usually important files which you are looking for. However, having one of those software which we picked on our list can be very useful in such case and save you from a lot of unexpected stress. This is why we presented the top 5 best data recovery software free which all can provide the feeling of security that you are able to restore critical documents and important data. Therefore it is up to you which one you settle with, for which now you have the chance to choose the one which really suits you needs.

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