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How to Safely Eject USB Drive from Your Computer

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How to Safely Eject USB Drive from Your Computer

USB Flash Drives are the most common examples of portable storage devices. These compact devices can store almost anything depending on its storage capacity, from photos, audios, to video files and others. Due to its portability, it’s easy to plug in from PC to PC. However, most of the time, when you try to safely eject USB from the PC, an error message will appear saying that “this device is currently in use”, even though there are no applications that are open. When this happens, people tend to just pull out the USB storage device from the port. This is not a good practice because it can cause file corruption or losing files suddenly. Here we will show you various ways to solve the problem ejecting USB mass storage device and how to recover lost data due to unsafe USB ejection.

Use Unlocker to Safely Remove USB Storage

Unlocker is a freeware used to unlock files and folders. This is mainly used when you can’t delete a file or a folder. It can also be used to unlock the USB storage from the program that is using it. So it is a convenient tool, and best of all its free. Here is how to use Unlocker to fix the problem when ejecting USB storage device.

Step1 Install the tool

Download Unlocker by clicking this link and install it on your PC device.

unlocker website

Step2 Select the USB storage drive

Go to the File Explorer window and right click on the USB Drive and click “Unlocker.”

unlock the drive

Step3 Unlock the USB Drive

After a pop window appears in the list of programs using the USB device, click the “Unlock All” button to free the device.

unlock all programs

Access Task Manager to Free the USB Device

One tool that can be used to resolve the problem ejecting usb mass storage device and safely remove the USB Storage device is the Task Manager. Task Manager has all the tasks and programs that are currently running on the PC. This is the best way to see which program is using the USB device from the background. Here are the steps to use Task Manager.

Step1 Open Task Manager

To launch the Task Manager, press the “CTRL + ALT + DEL” key simultaneously.

task manager hot keys

Step2 Locate the program

On the “Processes” tab, look for the program that is using the USB device.

processes tab

Step3 Select the right program

Select the program and click the “End Task” button.

end process  task

Use Disk Management to Eject the Device

Another way to safely eject the USB storage is from the “Computer Management” window. It is a safer way since you are ejecting directly from the Disk Management window. Here are the steps on how to eject USB storage using Disk Management.

Step1 Open Computer Management window

On the search bar, type in “This PC” and right-click the top result. Click the “Manage” option from the menu that appeared.

open computer management

Step2 Click Disk Management

On the Computer Management window, on the left side of the screen is a directory, click the “Storage” option and select “Disk Management.”

disk management

Step3 Select the USB Drive

From the list of storage device under Disk Management, select the Drive of the USB device, right click and click “Delete Volume” to eject the USB.

delete volume option

Safely Remove USB from Device Manager

Another addition to the various programs you can use to safely eject the USB storage is the Device Manager. This is another program that has access to the USB storage since it is responsible in organizing the devices installed in the PC. Here are the steps to eject the USB device from the Device Manager.

Step1 Launch the Device Manager

On the search bar, type “Device Manager” and press “Enter.”

launch device manager

Step2 Click Disk Drives

On the Device Manager, navigate and double-click “Disk Drives” where every storage device installed is located.

disk drives section

Step3 Uninstall the USB Device

Select the USB device from the list and right click, select “Uninstall” and follow the onscreen instructions.

uninistall device

Eject USB Device from Mac

drag usb icon to trash Mac devices are known for their sleek design. That is their main selling point that is why, there are not many USB ports installed on them. Unlike Windows, the process of safely ejecting a USB device is different with Mac. It is much simpler and easy to do. All you need to do, is to drag the USB Drive icon on the desktop to the Trash bin. While dragging the icon, the Trash bin icon will change to a big “Eject” button and that is how you know that you ejected the USB Drive safely.

Recover Files Lost From Unsafe USB Ejection

Losing files after immediately pulling out the USB storage from its port is a hard pill to swallow. Luckily, there is a way to restore lost USB storage files. Using a recovery tool like Acethinker Disk Recovery, you can retrieve the lost files caused by the unsafe ejection of USB storage from the PC. To retrieve the files, here are the steps to use Acethinker Disk Recovery.

Step1 Download the Installer

Get the installer by clicking the button below, install it on your PC after.

Try It for Free

Step2 Select what file types to recover

Once installation is done, launch the tool and on the home screen, select the type of files that were lost from the USB storage and click “Next.”

select files type

Step3 Scan the USB Storage Device

Select the USB Drive on the next screen to start the scan.

scan usb device

Step4 Select all the files to restore

After the scan, the files that were deleted or loss from the USB error will appear, select them everything and click “Recover” to save them again.

restore the files

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Using a USB Storage device is a good way to keep the backup of important files and a safe way to transfer files. But with every action must include caution. There are many problems that can happen to a USB device, especially the problem ejecting USB mass storage device. Along with the error, worst-case scenario is you will lose all your files on the device. To recover these files, use a recovery tool like Acethinker Disk Recovery to do the job. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can do the job fast and safe.

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