How to Record Screen for YouTube

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How to Record Screen for YouTube

Nowadays with the spread of high speed internet, it become possible to easily and efficiently create video recordings about many different happenings on your computer, which afterwards can be easily published to popular social media channels and video hosting websites, such as YouTube, to make them accessible  to all of your friends to share the enjoyment of the moment with them. Therefore, nowadays many occasions come up when you need a screen recorder to create YouTube videos to show how to use a software, to share your gameplay achievements, to create a presentation, etc. In order to help you with these activities, we put together the list of the best ways to record screen for YouTube.

Record Screen with Nothing but YouTube Itself

First of all, it is possible to create screencast with YouTube itself by following the simple steps below to turn YouTube into a YouTube video recorder.

  • Step 1: Log into the main page of YouTube with your previously registered Google Account, and afterwards press the Upload button on the top of the page located on the left corner, where you can afterwards pick Events under the Live Streaming option.
  • Step 2:When you arrived to the Create Event page, here you can choose a great title to your screencast vide, as well as pick other important options such as the category of the privacy of the video among Unlisted or Private. Once this is ready, just select “Go Live Now”.
  • Step 3:At this point the Hangouts will be opened on the Air page, where you can directly press the camera icon in order to stop your webcam recording.
  • Step 4:When you are done with the earlier step, just press the Screenshare button in the toolbox that appeared on the left side, and afterwards you can choose a desktop window that will be recorded during the screencast.
  • Step 5:In the final step you can press the Start Screenshare button in order to start up the sharing of your display and afterwards simply click on the Start Broadcast button so that you are able to initiate the recording of the screen immediately.

Once you have gone through all these steps, you can finally go to the  video dashboard where the YouTube videos are and therefore where the screencast video of the newly finalized recording process will be also shown, being able to be downloaded to your Google Drive or sharing to any social media of your choice.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

After a careful evaluation to find the best screen recorder for YouTube, we recommend you to have a try on AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro which is a honorable software that must be highlighted because this program makes it possible to record any sort of activity that is being run on your screen which you can afterwards upload to YouTube. This AceThinker software is able to record the sound of the system as a background audio to the videos together with all the commands which are instructed via a microphone, so you can create very enjoyable videos about your activities, gameplays or explanations which are done on your computer display. Another feature is to incorporate the webcam video during the recording  itself, where you have the option that your face is also included in the recording. Furthermore, you can also specify the time and duration of the recording with its built-in special scheduler function. In this way, this AceThinker tool is an ultimate solution for any sorts of recording needs which can emerge for you.

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Another mentionable video recorder for YouTube is Bandicam, which can come handy if you are looking for a great video game screen and sound recorder, which you can use to capture other activities, too. This tool is able to record videos with as much as 120 frames per second, which can contribute to smoother than average gameplay, presentation or explanatory videos. It is also incorporating many different tools and settings which are designed to provide a comfortable recording experience, and some features which are above the basic options, such as that you can set your frame rates manually as well as adjust the settings in a customized manner to fine tune your recordings to your need.


ezid free recorder

EzVid is a YouTube screen recorder which combines several useful functions to give you the ability to perform a diverse range of recordings. More precisely, it empowers you to create and post many videos to YouTube and many other social media channels every day, and customize your videos with your own images and sound. With these offerings, this tool seems to be a very popular screen and audio recorder currently on the market that is chosen by many people. This program lest you do a recording with both your screen and audio at the same time after setting such option with a simple click of a button, after which you can comfortably utilize its intelligent and useful video editing features in order to embed additional tailored images and text content before directly sharing your creation on famous social media channels of your choice, such as YouTube, with also a click of a button.

Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder
Icecream Screen Recorder is a great screen recorder for YouTube, that can help you capture your screen and also record activities on your screen via the guiding help of a very user-friendly and convenient interface. This tool can manage to do both of the tasks with great efficiency and you are able to swap between these two available modes with a simple click within the comfort of having straightforward options from what you can choose. It is also equipped with a lot other important features, such as giving a pause to the screen recording process to only include the parts which you really need, or the quick saving option where you can save your created screenshots to the clipboard of your computer.


Last but not least, there is also a hidden YouTube video recorder function within the popular QuickTime Player which is the default video player app on your Mac OS X, and you don’t have to download it from the AppStore. This solution is therefore widely accessible and popular to many users, while you can also have a look at the downloading options in case of Windows computers. In either case, you can use the tool as a basic tool with some rather simple features to set the best quality for your video recording needs, and then use it to create some customized videos. The interface is relatively simple with a red button suggesting to start the recording, and upon the recording is ended, the QuickTime Player plays automatically your creation so you can have a preview about it and save it afterwards as you like.


As you can see several great tools are available as a YouTube recorder to enhance your video recording experience and the best recording of any sorts of activities on your screen which you want, and eventually upload it to YouTube to have the best access to your new video, and it is up to you which one you choose to fit the most to your specific needs. However, we greatly encourage you to have a look at the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro as it is especially designed for such purposes and will be a great partner for your support.

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