Best Ways to Record YouTube Videos on Windows and Mac

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Best Ways to Record YouTube Videos on Windows and Mac

YouTube is the most prominent and popular video sharing site on the internet. Over the years, YouTube evolved from a simple video sharing website into one of the most influential forms of social media. When will you need a YouTube recorder? Probably you want to record some live streaming events from YouTube, make a video tutorial or product review from your computer screen, capture your gameplay to share with followers. No matter you need to record video from YouTube or for uploading to YouTube, a YouTube screen recorder is necessary. Here we have compiled a list of the best 10 video recorder for YouTube you can depend on to capture YouTube video.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

First on the list of exceptional screen recorder for YouTube videos, is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This tool is hands-down, the best tool to get videos from YouTube because it can capture them straight from the source, 4K resolution included. It is also capable of recording the YouTube video in minimal screen size or full screen. Also, the tool is capable of recording videos with audio simultaneously, which makes it perfect for YouTube videos. It can also be used to create a video and then upload them to YouTube. Various video output formats like MP4, WMV, MKV, and AVI are well supported. The tool doesn’t have a recording time limit, so users will be able to record long videos as long as the disk space permits. Click the download buttons below to download the installer of Screen Grabber on the PC. To learn how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

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Step1 Launch the tool from the desktop and choose the recording mode

After downloading the installer for Screen Grabber Pro, run it on the PC and then follow the instructions from the setup wizard. At the end of the installation process, tick the checkbox of the “Launch tool” option, and then hit the “Finish” button. The main interface of the Screen Grabber Pro will then appear after a couple of seconds. From a web browser, open the YouTube video and then switch back to Screen Grabber Pro. To start recording the YouTube video, click the “Record” button and from the drop-down menu that will appear, choose which recording mode to use. The “Full Screen” mode allows users to record the entire screen area of the PC, which is perfect for recording full-screen movies. On the other hand, the “Region” mode can capture a specific part of the screen.


This desktop recorder is also a facecam recorder. So if you want to record video for YouTube with the facecam, such as the gameplay video, it will be a perfect choice.

Step2 Start recording the YouTube video and save it on the PC

“Full-screen” and “Region” modes can capture the video and audio, which are essential. After selecting the recording mode, the three-second countdown will begin, and after that, the actual recording process will start. The recording toolbar will appear once the recording process starts. While the recording is in progress, you can add annotations to the video by clicking the “Pen” icon. To end the recording, hit the “Stop” button from the same recording toolbar, and the video will be saved on the PC.

annotate while recording

Step3 Play and locate the video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the recorded video will appear on the “Recording list” panel of Screen Grabber Pro. To check the video, select the latest video from the list, and then right-click on it. From the menu that will appear, choose “Preview,” and the video playback will start. On the other hand, to locate the actual video file on the PC, click the “Folder” icon located at the bottom-left part of the main-interface. The file folder where the video was saved will then appear after a few seconds.


AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Another way to capture YouTube videos is by using AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online. The tool is a great YouTube video recorder online tool accessible using a web browser. As an online tool, AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online does not require any installation, which doesn’t consume any disk space. This tool is perfect for people who don’t like to install applications on their PC due to limited disk space, and other reasons. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder is a free way to record YouTube and other videos from the internet, which makes it very reliable. It can capture the same resolution as with the source, with audio. However, unlike paid desktop screen recorders, the tool leaves watermarks to the recorded videos, which are not that big of an issue, since it is free. To learn how to use this free recording tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the online tool

Open a web browser and visit the official page of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online and then click the “Start Recording” button. After doing so, the main interface of the online recorder will appear. Open a new tab on the web-browser and then go to YouTube and play the video to record.

launch the tool

Step2 Start and finish the recording process

Adjust the recording frame to cover the parts that need to be recorded, and once everything is set, hit the “Record” button. A three-second countdown will then start and once it is done, the actual recording process will commence. While the recording is in progress, you will have the option to add annotations to the video. By clicking the “Pen” icon, an editing panel will appear with all essential annotating options. Once the YouTube video is finished, end the recording by clicking the “Stop” button.

annotate while recording

Step3 Watch and save the video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the video playback window will appear where you can watch the video before saving. To save the video on the PC, click the “Save” button and then select “As video” from the options that will appear.

save as video

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another desktop video recorder for YouTube. It has the ability to capture videos with audio, and even take screenshots from the YouTube video. The tool is free to download and use, but there is a time-limit under the free version. The tool is one of the few desktop recorders that supports both Windows and Mac that allows real-time video annotation. Also, the tool has a very intuitive interface, which makes it very easy to use. The buttons are large enough that they are easy to notice. The neat main interface design also contributes to its user-friendliness, which is why it is one of the most recommended YouTube video recorders.

icecream screen recorder


Bandicam is a Windows exclusive YouTube recording software. This means that users from other operating systems like Mac, don’t have the option to use this tool. If you are a frequent viewer of YouTube videos, you will notice that most videos have the Bandicam watermark. The thing about the free version of Bandicam is that it has a time-limit of 10 minutes recording. This is a time that is not advisable for YouTube videos longer than 10 minutes. However, the tool is capable of providing videos in high-resolution up to 4K. Also, the tool has a post-editing feature that is very useful for users creating a video that they want to upload on YouTube later.



Snagit is a screenshot tool that was recently updated with a video recording feature. This desktop YouTube screen capture tool can record video and audio from YouTube. As a screenshot tool, Snagit is comparable to the Snipping tool, which can provide clear screenshot images. However, the desktop recording experience of Snagit is not that great, because it has lags during the recording process. For starters, the tool interface has a lot of buttons, despite its limited space. Also, buttons are not that clear because they are scattered across the toolbar. Nevertheless, if we are talking about a great YouTube video recorder, then Snagit deserves a spot because of the video editing feature within the tool.

interface of snagit


Jing is a lightweight screenshot tool and is one of the best screen recorders for YouTube. The reason why it is called a lightweight tool is that it doesn’t consume too much disk space. However, this is not a reason to disregard this on the list of great YouTube recorder. The interface of Jing looks-like a small sun which is commonly located at the top-center part of the screen. Jing can record YouTube videos with audio and is also a screenshot tool. The only downside of using this tool is the quality of the video. The tool does not maximize the resolution of the source, especially videos in high-definition.

screen recording on jing


Camtasia also belongs to the list of the best recording software for YouTube. This tool is one the best because of the professional approach that it provides towards videos. Users have the option to record video alone, or with audio for the full experience. Aside from the YouTube screen recorder, the tool also has a built-in video editing function. This feature provides basic video enhancement options, which is useful for one of its selling features. However, there is a time limit to what the tool can record, and it leaves watermarks on videos recorded under the free version. In terms of video quality, Camtasia provides one of the highest video resolutions, among other tools.

youtube camtasia step 3


ScreenFlow is definitely one of the best ways to record YouTube videos. The tool is competent that it can even record YouTube videos from screens with retina display. Also, ScreenFlow can record iOS screens, as well as YouTube mobile videos, which makes it easier for mobile users to record screen activities. Browsing through files is easier with ScreenFlow because of the built-in media library. Above all, the tool can also function as a video editor, where users can improve their videos and then upload them later on to YouTube with its one-click publish option. The price, on the other hand, is not that budget-friendly, which makes ScreenFlow not recommended for people on a tight budget.

no lag screen recorder


Screencast-o-Matic is a YouTube video recorder online tool. Similar to Free Screen Recorder Online, Screencast-o-Matic is accessible from your web browser. The tool offers basic screen recording in both full-screen and regional modes. The tool is perfect for recording YouTube videos with narration if you desire. However, users can only record a total of 15-minute videos at a time, which is a considerable amount of time. The maximum video resolution of this free screen recorder is 1080p, which is sufficient enough since most screens can support it. The thing that’s lacking with this recorder is the ability to add annotations to videos, which is a feature that it reserves for the paid version of the tool. Overall, Screencast-o-Matic is still a reliable tool for recording YouTube videos.

screencast-o-matic interface


Last on the list of great YouTube screen capture tool is SmartPixel. This is a lesser-known recorder because not many people are aware of its existence. Most people don’t know that the tool is capable of recording YouTube videos in high-quality, with live narrations too. Also, the tool supports post-recording editing to enhance the recorded video. The tool also allows users to save videos into various formats that work best on various devices. However, it is hard to get used to the tool because of the various buttons scattered across the main-interface. Also, the tool crashes from time to time and can happen while recording is taking place. In general, SmartPixel is not for beginners, as it will require a lot of practice to use.

Smart Pixel


YouTube doesn’t allow users to permanently download videos that were uploaded to its website, which is a let-down. However, by utilizing the tools above, this impossible task will be as easy as taking a walk in the park. All the recording tools mentioned above can get YouTube videos to your PC in the highest quality possible. This is true, especially when using AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. You can also use any of these best recording software for YouTube to create videos for YouTube and blogs.

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