Overview On Xsplit VS OBS: A Comparison

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Overview On Xsplit VS OBS: A Comparison

Screen recording has nowadays become a very important activity on the computer to make offline records about important events happening on the display, such as the holding of a business Skype meeting where it would be beneficial to record the ongoing conversation, or the recording of an educational voice guide with step-by-step comments on how to use a specific software. For these, Xsplit and Open Broadcaster Software are among the best tools which are used by many users who enjoy their functions day by day. In this article we are going to compare them in details, regarding their price about how much is Xsplit and OBS, functionality and ease of usage, among all the other important comparison aspects, such as which is the best streaming app for Twitch.

Understanding Xsplit: Advantages & Disadvantages

Xsplit screen recorder is a widely used screencast tool that is considered by many people to be one of the best streaming software as well, because it gives a very smooth operation with potential to set up multiple scenes for broadcasting at the same time. If you are wondering how to record with Xsplit efficiently, then it is good to know that its simplified design makes it possible that all the relevant powerful features from the program are accessible with one single mouse click which gives the ability to the users to shift very easily between the various inputs and the game platform. This screencast tool comes very handy when you wonder about more specific usage such as how to stream with Xsplit, as it has the potential to be integrated with any additional important platforms such as the Twitch Alerts in order to improve the experience related to gameplay streaming. Furthermore the users of this program can also integrate a wide range of useful as well as relatively advanced apps to the Xsplit recording tool in case they are able to work with txt files as well as internet URL links that are understood by the program.

The advantage of this tool is that is comes very straightforward with a drag and drop design on its graphical side that makes it very easy for the users to include images directly into the screen of the ongoing stream in a more time efficient manner, while it is also very time saving that all important video formats are supported by the tool. In case you are a newbie in such screen recording you will find no problem with this tool in understanding and utilizing the functions, which makes Xsplit a great started tool for users.

Luckily, many of the advantages of this tool has been kept for many years, so even if you at earlier comparisons to OBS, such as the Xsplit vs OBS 2016 comparison, or even the newest Xsplit vs OBS 2017 assessment, most of the advantages of the tool are still readily available and stay as an important integrated part of the program.

• If you worry about how to use Xsplit, then the tool has very easy usability and it is highly automated
• The graphic integration has a drag-and-drop feature included
• The program gives possibility to integrate external third-party applications via using files or link URLs
• The included features of the tool are completely customizable
• Additional options make fine-tuning possible
• There is very good customer service included even from the technical side
• You can buy this tool for a relatively good price when it comes to be compared to OBS and other similar software

• The sharing feature that is built into the program is not so perfect, and sharing to important social media sites goes sometimes inefficiently after a new update comes from these sites, such as Facebook or Twitter
• The tool has problems with agreeing with the Diamong GC500

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recording With OBS

To understand better whether Xsplit or OBS is the better choice for you, we should have a detailed look at OBS too. OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software for its long title, is the worthy opponent of Xsplit in many aspects when it comes to their comparison. When it comes to OBS in details, this tool can be described as a great video streaming tool that is a handy choice for multiple various applications, even if you look for OBS for iOS. This is on one part due to that the tool was designed in a way that it is packed with great features that are essential for the screencasting process, making the screen capturing very intuitive as well as smooth from both the technical side and for the experience.

No wonder that it has become very important for people to see how to record with OBS especially when it comes for streams, as many people nowadays wonder about even more specifics, such as how to stream on Twitch with OBS or alternative software solutions, and which could be the best tool among these for such recording, where the alternatives of OBS on the market generally show a lack of applicable features that could satisfy the diverse needs of the users. OBS, on the other hand, gives fabulous features with the combined ability to mix video and audio real-time during the recording and also capture scenes in unlimited amount where it is possible to have smooth switches with transitions which are again totally customizable, so in the end your output will be a professional and truly dynamic streaming, after which you will never wonder about how to stream on Twitch using OBS.

• Nowadays many people are worried that the best broadcasting software for twitch must cost a lot of money, however OBS is free as it is an open source platform.
• When it comes to how to use OBS to stream on Twitch, it is very easy, as OBS is universal and it can stream to almost all of today’s live streaming platforms
• Many very powerful and suitable functions are integrated into the tool, where you can use more than 20 plugins that can even further enhance the current functionality

• OBS is not able to work on computers which run Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows
• One issue on the audio side is that the tool cannot link to a music or other audio file as a basic source

CONCLUSION: Xsplit o OBS is the best Twitch streaming software?

As you can see nowadays both OBS Xsplit have a lot of care in their development and offer a wide range of powerful features and potential to be used as great tools for screencasting and handling video streams, even in case of very graphically demanding games, and platforms such as the highly popular Twitch. Therefore, you can wonder whether you should understand Xsplit better or how to use OBS with Twitch, but it can be generally seen that the final conclusion largely depends on such circumstances as what sort of stream are you planning to involve the program with, what are the specifications of your computer, and what is the range of your budget, among other important factors. It is very sure that that you will have secure and great experience when you use the service of both of these tools, and it is rather up to you which fits your environment better. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that there might be some possibility that you won’t find any of the two solutions matching your needs, in case of which you can still look for alternative solutions that can give same or even better features to satisfy your interest in this field, such as the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro tool, that definitely worth a try when it comes to screen recording, and is also considered to be one of the best screencasting tool on the market.

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