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Full Guide to Use Step Recorder in Windows 10

step recorder featured Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation of recording an issue with your machine but having trouble writing your point out? Do you know that Windows 10 provides a Steps Recorder that allows you to record anything on your Windows 10 screen in HD quality? This built-in screen recorder documents all that happens on the computer and allows you to annotate. Eventually, it compiles the entire recording into a report that you can easily share with your technician. If you have a problem or confusion using Windows 10 screen recording, you can check the guide below on how to use Windows 10 Steps Recorder.

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How to Open and Use Steps Recorder in Windows

Below is a step by steps guide to record Windows 10 screen with the Steps Recorder for free.

Step 1 Open Steps Recorder

Go to the Start menu on your Windows 10 PC or the search bar of your taskbar, type "Step Recorder." Click on the application to open it.

step recorder launching

Step 2 Start the Recording in Windows 10

The application starts documenting anything that takes place on your screen once you press Record. You can make the recording pause and resume. By clicking on "Add Comment," you can highlight any portion of your screen as shown below, this allows you to highlight or add a comment on the problem or issue that your windows PC encounters. When the recording is finished, click on "Stop."

step recorder recording

Step 3 End and Save the Recording

When the recording stops, a recording report compiles, and it is available as a summary, this file shows you, the user's actions, as you recorded your screen in a report format. This format can submit to the technician, who has a better understanding of the problem.

step recorder save recording

The Best Windows 10 Steps Alternative to Record Video

Though Windows 10 Steps Recorder performs well in recording, some people are still looking for more advanced screen recording tools to capture screens. Meanwhile, if your computer is not running Windows 10, you won't be able to get Steps Recorder. Luckily, there are lots of screen recorders available in the market. AceThinker Screen Grabber Prois one of the best screen recorders for both Windows and Mac that lets you capture anything with a single button on your PC screen. The friendly interface, flexible recording mode, high-quality output format, additional annotation feature, etc. make it outstanding and recommended. You can follow the steps below to record videos using it.

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Step 1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Pro

Download the Screen Grabber installer and follow the instructions on the screen to successfully finish the installation process. Once you have opened the application on your desktop, you will see its main interface.

sgp download and install

Step 2 Choose the Recording Mode and Audio Input

By moving your cursor to Recorder, you will see a drop-down option with a few helpful features that have their specific function allowing you to record the entire screen, parts of the screen that include the cursor, audio recording only, etc. First, move your cursor to the audio section of the taskbar to configure the Audio Input. This enables you to attach audio input devices such as a microphone or device audio. This feature allows you to add some music to your presentation as well. The same features are found in the configuration settings for Video Output. It helps you to save your stored presentations to other portable devices in whatever format you want. You can access these features by navigating to the option Settings, navigating to the output tab, and clicking on Output Format.

sgp video and audio output

Step 3 Begin to Record Computer Activity

To start recording your desktop screen, capture the area on your desktop to record. Click OK on the toolbar. A countdown of 3 seconds begins. At the end of the countdown, the recording begins. A toolbar appears under the section of the screen being recorded. The toolbar provides features to pause/resume/stop recording, add webcam, etc.

sgp start recording

Step 4 Add Annotations If You Need

You can make notes on your recordings by clicking the Pen symbol. This intuitive function helps highlight parts of your video, draw basic shapes using different colors, your mouse, etc.

sgp annotations

Step 5 Stop and Save the Video

Once the recording is finished, you can end it by clicking on the toolbar's Stop button, a preview of the video shows that it allows you to save it in the file format you want. The saved video should appear in your preferred location of the screen. One useful feature of this service is that you can upload it to video streaming services or upload it to cloud storage services like Dropbox.

sgp stop recording

Step 6 Edit the Video (Optional)

By right-clicking the video file, you see an option called edit that re-directs you to a separate window. Click on the scissor icon on the video tab that takes you to a window. The video will be played back to you, and one the top right side, you will see options that allow you to crop the video, change aspect ratio, and rotate the video, change saturation, brightness, volume, contrast, and speed of the video. You also have the option of adding subtitles to the video. You can also add a watermark to the video. Once you have finalized your changes, you can click on convert, and the file will be converted and saved into your desktop.

sgp edit the video


I hope this article helps you pick the right option when selecting the best screen recorder. Step Recorder is a default windows program that provides convenience right at your disposal, it's quick and easy to use, but it's limited in features compared to screen grabber pro. The latter helps you edit images and save them in any appropriate file format. Both do an outstanding job of recording the problem, and we suggest that you try both.

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