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Ever had to figure out why babies are crying or listening to music or just playing a game. You probably went off to surf the web using your web browser. A web browser is a gateway that helps you to enter the World Wide Web, a door that leads to more than a quintillion terabytes of data, data that can help you solve your homework, figure out what movies to watch over the weekend, talk with your buddies; there are endless possibilities. One of the world’s most popular Web browsers is the Chrome Web browser, with its default “Google” search engine, a term widely used by millennials.

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Most Popular Web Browsers

1. Chrome

Chrome is developed by Google and comes pre-installed on all Android laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The innovative interface enables a search experience, unlike any other. You can connect your Google Account to Chrome, which offers continuous integration between all your Google devices. With 48% of all users using Chrome, this makes it one of the most popular web browsers out there.

google chrome

2. Safari

Safari comes 2nd with 22% of online users is the patented web browser built by the tech giant Apple, this web browser helps you to access the internet just like any other browser. It’s tailor-made to work best for apple devices. This allows harmonious integration between your apple devices using your Apple ID. Firefox, a free and open-source web browser created by Mozilla, comes in third with over 5% of total web browser use.


3. Firefox

In terms of speed, it has a major advantage over Chrome; its source code is light and not loaded with features, thereby enabling you to keep a lot of tabs open without sacrificing on speed. Firefox provides a unique experience in adding extensions and allows customization. Samsung Internet, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, and so on take up the rest of the spectrum.

mozilla firefox

Things to Check before Recording Web Browser

Now that a lot of us are spending most of our time on the net, let’s explore methods for capturing your web browser using different screen recorders. Most approaches have an extension that requires you to sign in to your web browser. Recording your web browser allows you to:

tips for web browser recording


  • Capture anything displayed on your screen
  • For educational purposes
  • For web seminars

To be able to record, your web browser will need you to have the latest updated browser version that you want to record. Updates can be accessed on your browser via the Settings tab. Once your browser is updated, you can go ahead and download or add the recording software to your web browser as an extension. This requires no additional software to be installed on your desktop, so you can access it from your browser itself. The following article will help you choose the best recording software for your desktop and will take you through the step by step processes on how to use each software.

Free Screen Recorder: A Recorder for All Your Web Browsers

This product is brought to you by AceThinker, a Creative and Innovative company that helps catch anything on your PC’s screen in seconds with a single button. This recorder has a few features which distinguish it from other recorders, the features included in it are:

feature list

Key Features:

  • You are in complete control of system sounds.
  • You can attach webcam footage to the recorder directly.
  • While recording, you can find the paintbrush symbol on the toolbar, which enables you to add annotations to the recording.
  • By navigating to the recorder setting section, you are greeted with options to add shortcuts to different recording operations, select resolution, etc.
  • The finished recording can be saved in your favorite file location or even uploaded to the cloud or posted on various other social media services.

Step1 Access the Online Tool

You can find the link for downloading the recorders on the AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online website. Clicking on it will start the download, and it will take less than a few seconds to complete a swift operation. Attach it to the taskbar for ease of access once the download is done or see an alternative “open Apowersoft online launcher” that lets you add this recorder as an extension.

launch the online tool

Step2 Start Recording

Open the recorder using the online launcher, and you’ll be faced with an interface like this. When this toolbar opens, by dragging down on the dotted lines, you can choose how much of the screen you want to reserve for the record. Once the screen area to be documented is selected, you can now click on “REC” at the far left of the toolbar. The recording now starts, and you can continue browsing as the recording takes place in the background.

start recording

Step3 Stop Recording

By accessing the functions on the left of the toolbar, you can pause/play the recording. Once the recording is finished, click the Stop button. The recorded video is now available on a playback screen that allows you to view the previously recorded screen.

save the recording


  • Easy to use interface
  • Gives you access to shortcuts
  • Fast download speeds
  • Cloud upload
  • Sharing capabilities


  • Limited video editing capabilities
Chrome Screen Recorder: Perfect Compatibility with Chrome

You can access the program from the chrome web store. This recorder is chrome proprietary and, once downloaded, is easy to access and use. With very few of the features offered by other browser recorders, it’s simple in approach. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Step1 Download the Extension

Search for Chrome Extension Recorder when visiting the chrome web store and click on “Add to Chrome.” A drop down will show you the “Add Extension to Chrome” option, click it, and the recorder icon will appear as an icon in the top right corner of your chrome browser extensions.

install the extension

Step2 Select Recording Mode

Select the screen recorder icon on your Chrome browser extensions section to start recording your web browser. Click the screen. A second option appears, which allows you to select audio input. Select the appropriate input and click on “Start Recording.” An option of “Share Screen” will appear that makes you choose between 3 options.

select mode

Share Entire Screen: This option will allow you to record anything on your screen.
Share Application Window: This option lets you only record a specific application window.
Share Chrome Tab: This feature will only allow you to record a selected tab in the Chrome browser. If you switch to a separate tab, it will not appear in the recording.

Step3 Start and Stop Recording

Tap on the “Start Recording” button, and the recording process begins as you begin browsing chrome. Once the recording is finished, a bar at the bottom of the screen will allow you to resume/pause the recording, and an option called “Stop Sharing” will stop the recording immediately.

capture chrome screen

Step4 Save the Recording

The recorder window will open once the recording has been completed with a preview of the same, and you can save the recording or start a new recording here.

save recording


  • Convenient to use for chrome users
  • Extension enabled


  • Unsupported upload to Cloud
  • Limited video editing capabilities
Firefox Extension Screen Recorder: For All Your Firefox Needs

Millions around the world still use Firefox, and just as Chrome has its proprietary screen recorder, Firefox has its extension. Unlike Chrome, this device is simple in its functionality; it does the basic screen recording but lacks the features that other screen recording software provides. This easy to use tool has been designed to work efficiently with Firefox to ensure smooth and precise screen recording capabilities. This step by step process will help you download and use the screen recording software for your Firefox browser.

Step1 Install the Firefox Extension

Go to Firefox browser add-ons and look for Firefox Screen Recorder when you open your browser. Click on “Add to Firefox” after you have the screen recorder. Follow the steps for adding a screen recorder to your Firefox browser extension tab.

add to firefox

Step2 Start the Recording

Once you’ve installed the recorder and added the recorder as an extension to Firefox, click the recorder icon on the extensions tab. Once on the webpage, click on the capture screen and a drop-down option will be shown. This will allow you to select what part of your screen to record. You can:

record firefox

Share The Entire Screen: This will allow you to record your whole desktop.
Screen Recorder Mozilla Firefox: This will only allow you to record the Mozilla webpage.
Application Sharing: This will enable you to record any specific application.

Each of these options would require you to only record the respective screen area and nothing else. Once the part of the screen you want to record has been selected, click on “Remember This Decision” and uncheck the button. This will now allow you to record the entire operation of your screen.

Step3 Stop the Recording

Go back to the homepage of the screen recorder once the recording is finished, and click on “Stop Capture,” this will interrupt the recording. A playback window will appear below, and the recording can be viewed back again. You now have the option to download the video and save it to your preferred desktop location.

save the recording


  • Firefox is user-friendly
  • Stress-free and convenient to use


  • It is not possible to upload to cloud
  • Limited editing features

download video from browser thumbnail

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