Best 5 Video Chat Websites 2018

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Best 5 Video Chat Websites 2018

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Back then people use letters to communicate with people who are away from them until the telegraphic machine was invented in 1792. This new method of communication gave an opportunity to reach people faster. As the years pass by radios, telephones are invented. People living that age call that medium as their platform for social media. Over the years, people craved for more and soon enough the computer was invented. Along with that is the usage of the internet that has been the most useful way of communication nowadays. Furthermore, mobile devices innovated to match the computers capability. Now, more and more applications are developed to help people communicate with their loved ones who are away from them. Just like some platforms that are featured today. These are some of the video chat sites that are most commonly use by many in different forms.



Tinychat is a free video chat sites where you can easily create a conference call with several people at the same time. A conference call has never been this easy because this site is flexible enough it is available on all types of devices. You can use this app on your computer and mobile device in any platform. So, whether you are on the go or just at home you can chitchat with your friends. You can also join public chat rooms where you can meet new friends from different countries. To use the site just click the three lateral bars located at the top right-hand side of the site. Then, click “Sign on” then follow the registration process until completed. To see a group of people with on-going video chats, use your mouse and scroll down. From there you will see people engaged in the call; who initiated the call, how many people participated and sometimes a description of the group chat’s topics or what they are talking about. This site is perfect for those who are seeking companionship, friends, or just someone to talk to.

appearinwebsite is another video chat website but design to use for business collaboration. This free video chat sites can handle 4 people at the same time (up to 12 people for a premium subscription). That means you can use it for free. If you want to maximize it, sign in for a fee. So what else does it offer? Aside from a simple conversation, you can also use the screen sharing capability of the tool. That is why people in the business field commonly use this for business meetings and so on. Moreover, this too is available on mobile devices in any platform so as it works well on computers on almost all browser types. Create a small room link and email directly using



Jitsi is another video conferencing platform available on Windows, macOS, UNIX, browser, Android and Apple devices where people can do video conferencing. This company started with one goal,” to connect people over the internet”, but as the technology hunger for more the company also adjusted over the decade. Now, this site also incorporated “HipChat”, ”Videobridge” and “Meet”. These features are built to improve the quality of the service that they provide. Unlike any other video chat sites this has lower percentage of latency during the conference because of Video Bridge.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a web platform design for messaging and video calls formerly found in Google+. The app was developed by Google incorporated in Gmail services. Just like the previous sites mentioned you can also host a conference call but not on a business perspective but for acquaintances. Furthermore, since this is powered by Google you can also do live streams. This too is can match your need since its available on all devices platform and computer browsers. The only difference between the web and mobile phone version is that the web-based app is easy to use and it can perform well and lets you know whoever is online or not. Unlike the mobile app, it doesn’t show a status message whether the person is online or not.

tenn.orgsiteimage is one of the most popular a free webcam chat sites developed exclusively for Teens. This site is monitored. Any child Exploiters and Pedophiles are strictly prohibited and are banned or will be reported to the authorities. This site is made for a teen who wants to host a video conference along with other teens strangers or not. It’s another way of making friends and connecting people.

Record Video Chat with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

All types of video conferencing sites are featured for you to find the right one that will suit your need. Though all of these are video chatting sites each serve a different purpose. Most especially those sites made for business purposes. There will be times that you need to record meetings or even just a casual conversation with your friends. Being that said you need a tool that can help you record and keep a copy. Well let Screen Grabber Pro do the Job for you.

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is an application that you can use to record your screen activity whether you are watching movies, streaming live videos, or recording tutorials in school. Most people use screen recording software to keep a record of important conversations done over the internet. In the same what when you want to record a conference call with your friends or business meetings done over the sites mentioned above. This tool was built to satisfy this kind of need. Moreover, not only it acts like a screen recorder, you can also take screenshots using the “screen capture feature” while recording. Meanwhile, if you are busy to be in front of the computer while recording, you can also schedule a recording on your screen. Supposed that you need to record a Live streaming show that will start at a specific time you can set the time when it should start, then the tool will do the rest of the Job. To help you with the usage you can check the step by step instruction below.

Step1 Visit The Offical Website

First, visit Acethinker’s Screen Grabber Pro’s Website and click the download button to get the application. You can also use the showtcut buttons below.

Try It Free

Step2 Launch the application and Configure settings

Next, launch the application and configure the settings according to your need. You can set the system sound and mic to be recorded or not, adjust the screen resolution if you want a better quality video produced. It also has the around the mouse resolution compatible with iPhones and iPad.


Step3 Set the Region

Once settings are properly configured start the recording by setting the region size of the frame. You can select a full-screen recording or adjust the frame size according to the size of the video that you are trying to record.

select region

Step4 Start Recording

You can now start the recording . To begin to click the okay button after the region selection. Then, the system will give you three seconds to stop or proceed with the recording. While you are recording you can also annotate, add shapes, lines, and arrows if you want to point out specific parts of the video.


Step5 Stop and Save the recording

Finally, Click the “Red Square button” to stop the recording. The recorded video is automatically saved in the interface


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