Top 5 Video Capture Software to Record Screen

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Top 5 Video Capture Software to Record Screen

best video capture softwareWhen you are in need of recording video from your computer screen, the video capture software comes to your rescue. But since there are a lot of video capture software available in the market, it may become a bit of confusion to decide which is the best video screen capture software to record the activities going on your desktop. These handy tools helps people to record videos easily and use it to generate how-to videos or product demonstration videos quickly. People also use these tools to record their gameplay and share it with their friends in social media to boast their gameplay skills. Let’s look at some of the top screen capture programs available in the market.

Screen Grabber Pro

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Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best video screen capture software in the market that helps you record videos from your computer easily. It records both video and audio in the highest quality. There are many modes available for screen capture as you can opt to capture the entire activities of your computer screen by choosing the full screen mode or if you want record activities from a particular region of your computer screen, you can also do so by selecting the appropriate mode. The recording can be saved in many popular formats including WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4 etc. Moreover, it offers a task scheduler that allows you to schedule your recording ahead by setting the time in which the recording needs to start and specify the duration till which the process needs to continue. In this way, you can even sit from your office but still able to record videos from your home computer screen.

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If you want to record your gameplay, then Fraps is one the best game capture software that can record your gameplay accurately without any lags and with high quality recording. It has been constantly evolving with new features introduced with every new version to take game recording to the next level. The Fraps video screen capture software is easy to use and you can get started with just a click of a button. Once you start your gaming, you can simultaneously start your game recording with Fraps and once you finish your game, you can see a high quality video output from Fraps. One of the main drawbacks of Fraps is that you don’t have many options or settings in your recording preferences.


ezid free recorder

In this era of social media, one can see people posting thousands of videos in YouTube and other website daily. But have you ever wondered what kind of software they used to capture these videos and then modify it to add text, images and other things to enhance it to become a great video. The reason Ezvid has become one of the most popular free video capture software is because it comes packed with both the screen recording features as well as the video editing features, so you can use this application only to create your favorite video to be shared among your friends in YouTube. Ezvid is pretty much simple to use and once you’ve recorded the video, you get the options to change to a fancy title, add a short description about the video and also add the necessary music to the video as well.


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CamStudio is another popular free video screen recorder program that is loaded with many features that even commercial video capture software can’t compete with CamStudio. With an easy-to-use interface and simple one click recording allows you to record or capture videos from your computer right away. To start with the recording process, all you need to is just click the “Start recording” button. But make sure to select the required frame rate, quality and codec before getting on with the recording process. With CamStudio, when you hit the record button, by default the entire screen gets captured and if you want to record only a particular section of the screen, then you can select only that region to be recorded.


snagit recorder

Snagit remains to be another best screen capture software in the market as it comes packed with some of the best screen capturing features along with some of the best editing features. The software is light-weight and is pretty simple to use. You can do everything with Snagit including capturing screenshots, recording entire screen or just a portion of the screen or just recording your game play etc. Snagit comes equipped with a lot of tools to help you in capturing the best screenshots and videos and also to edit and enhance your videos and images. The price is not quite high and if you record frequently, it’s worth the investment.

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