Best 10 Screen Recorder to Capture Any Screen Activity

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Best 10 Screen Recorder to Capture Any Screen Activity

Recording your screen activity can be quite useful when creating instructional videos and tutorials. You can also record your gaming session to show other players tips, tricks, and cheats to pass a particular level. The reason you want to record your screen may be different from mine, but everything boils down to selecting the right screen recorder. To save you the stress and time of searching the net for a reliable screen recording software, we’ve created a list of the best screen recording app for Mac and Windows in this post. The software in this list is compiled based on the user’s need, ranging from simple screen recorder to advanced features for professionals and gamers. To discover the best screen recorder, read this post thoroughly.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a great screen recording tool that enables you to record any area of your computer screen. You can either capture the screen as a video or screenshot. By following the intuitive interface, you will be able to create high-quality videos with annotations. Games, webinars, video chats, mouse activities, online videos and more can be recorded with this program.

Step1 Download and Install the Application

First, download the Screen Grabber Pro by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, launch it and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC. After that, run the Screen Grabber Pro, and you can customize the settings by clicking the “Menu” button at the upper right side of the tool. From there, you can change the video format, audio output, resolution, hotkeys, etc., and then press the “OK” button to finish.

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Step2 Select the Recording Mode and Start Recording

Click on the “Record” button and select the recording mode according to your need. Select whether you will capture a region or full-screen. If you want to add webcam on your recording, click the “Webcam” icon. Then click the “Record” button again to start recording.

choose recording mode

Step3 Annotate while recording and finish recording

While recording you can add annotations to your recording with the use of the “Pen” icon in the floating toolbar under the capture frame. You can insert circles, arrows, texts, and more to annotate the video. Click the “Stop” button to end it. The video recording will then be stopped and the file will be saved onto your local drive.

record while annotating

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

In case you need to take a record of a tutorial, presentation, software demonstration, you can try using the AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. It is built to be used on browsers, which implies it’s not proper for games. However, it’s perfect for other tasks. The moment you finished, the recording can be saved as a GIF file or video, directly upload it to Vimeo or YouTube, or transfer it to Dropbox or Google Drive. Check the steps below to use the application.

Step1 Launch the application

Launch your web browser and go to AceThinker Online Screen Recorder, click “Start Recording” to run the app. You need to install a launcher the first time you use this recording app.

free screen recorder homepage

Step2 Customize the Capture Region and Start Recording

One the application is launched on your computer, you can now customize the size of the capture area. Drag a region on your screen and adjust each vertex to suit the size that you want. Press “Rec” to start the recording.

region and recording

Step3 Annotate while recording and stop recording

Make a real-time editor while recording with the use of the “Pen” icon on the recording toolbar under the capture frame. Drag down the “Pen” icon to see the editing tools like arrows, shapes, text and more. When you want to end the recording, just press the “Stop” button. The file will be saved on your computer’s local disk. Preview the recorded video with the built-in media player, select any video clip that you want to save by dragging the timeline bar. And then click the “Save” button, AceThinker will ask you where to save the recorded video. You can save the file either as a video or GIF file. You can also upload the video to hosting websites directly.

annotate video

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the best screen recording software for general purposes, ranging from video capturing to live streaming. This software is also suitable for use on Mac, Linux, and Windows. OBS Studio has a lot of exciting features. For instance, you can use this tool in creating scenes from different sources like images, window captures, webcams, browser window captures, and text, which you can combine into a single video for publishing (supports YouTube and Twitch). You will be familiar with the interface if you have prior experience with video editing. OBS offers users complete customization and control, giving you access to all you need. It also comes with a mixer option, hotkeys, and so on. First-timers, however, will need time and practice to master this software.


FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a free screen recorder that’s quite simple to use compared to OBS Studio. This software focuses more on streamlining options, which makes it easy for newbies to learn and experiment. Flashback Express can be used to record any area on your computer screen; you can choose any sized recording and also create a schedule that can record your screen activity even if you are not there. If needed, you can add important notes to your recording and publish it on YouTube as soon as you are done, straight from the app. The tools are effortless to use, and you don’t have to worry about watermarks. You don’t need any experience to use this tool after downloading it on your device.



Just as the name sounds, TinyTake is a friendlier, smaller screen recording app that works well in taking short footage. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can use this app to take just two hours of video at a time. You can annotate the footage with objects or text, adjust the screen capture window, share the screen capture the way you want it. TinuTake is a perfect choice if you don’t want a screen recording app to handle large projects, but you still desire a high-quality app to handle specific tasks.



You can easily capture your screen using Snagit, all thanks to its effective drag-and adjust capture window. This app also offers a complete editing interface you can use to add any text or icons you want, including linking some people in particular to portions of the recording. Other useful features include extracting text from a screen capture and sharing through Screencast. You can count on this app when you want to create explanations and tutorials. The only disadvantage of this software is that it is not free, and the price is on the high side. This makes Snagit more suitable for long-term projects and usage. To know if this app is ideal for you, you can use the trial version.



Ezvid is an incredible software that allows you to record your screen activities. It makes use of your device processing power to enhance the recording speed and editing. What makes this software unique it that it comes with a face cam and voice synthesis. You can benefit a lot from using this software; you can create professional videos within a few minutes, unlike other screen recorders that take hours to create one video. Users with little space on their device may find it challenging to use this software as Ezvid usually requires about 10GB free space to function correctly.



Camstudio is an open-source tool that allows users to capture their screen activity for free. Besides creating AVI videos from your video and audio activities on your PC screen, Camstudio can also convert files in AVI format to SWFs. Camstudio is one of the easiest screen recording apps, all thanks to its in-built help files and interface. You will become familiar with this software within a few minutes. When you are done recording your screen, the file will be smaller, but the quality is still good.



Bandicam is popular among gamers; it is one of the most robust game recording tools. You can use this software to record different 2D or 3D games with 4k UHD resolution at nearly 144 frames per second. Also, you can use Bandicam to record your entire screen, a particular area of your screen, and external video devices like game console and webcam. Although the recording features are incredible, this software does not come with any video editing tool. Even if you use Bandicut (a video cutter from the same developer) alongside with Bandicam, the only thing you can do is split, trim and join recordings. The free version of this software limits recording to 10 minutes per video, and it adds watermark to the clip.



This is a web-based or online screencasting tool offered by Screencast-O-Matic. You can launch this tool straight from your web browser, or you can use the desktop app without internet access if you install the full version on your device. This tool offers a lot of exciting features like screen recording, video editing, video hosting, sharing, and so on. The screen record time is limited to 15 minutes when using the free version, and it adds a watermark to the footage. You can trim your footage, add closed captions and share to YouTube or other social media platforms. To increase record time and remove the watermark on the video output, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. Also, the paid version offers complete video editing options, and you can use it in recording computer sound.



You have got the options of both free and paid top screen recording software on the market. When capturing your computer desktop screen activities, it’s important to select a good tool so that the final recorded video is in high quality. A video that is looking professional when added to your tutorial, blog post, or review will certainly increase your viewer’s engagement. Now you don’t need to search for the best screen recorders as the 10 best ones have been highlighted here. No matter you are an educator, teacher, blogger, game player, etc., you can just select one from the list and start the screencast recording.

user guide to how to use online screen recorder

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