Top 10 Family Christmas Games to Play at 2016 Christmas

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Top 10 Family Christmas Games to Play at 2016 Christmas

family Christmas games

Christmas is the wonderful time when all the family members come together, so it’s a good time to play some fun family games for Christmas to add more festive spirit to the celebration. While playing those funny Christmas games for family, all the family members involved in the activity together. It’s a great way to give everyone in the family a chance to play together, learn more about each other, strengthen the bonds and have fun together, right? So no matter whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a child party or just want to kill the bored time in this holiday season, you can shake things up and make everyone entertained with some Christmas family games. Here we have listed the top 10 awesome family games for Christmas you can play with family and friends at Christmas.

List of the Best 10 Christmas Games for Family

1. Snowman Slam

snowman slam

You just need some white cups, socks, glues, scissors, craft foams and construction papers to play this family Christmas game. Just decorate the white cups with the black and orange craft foams to create the snowmen and make snowballs from white socks. Put the snowmen into a pyramid and toss the snowballs to knock down them. That’s it! Simple idea but offers much fun. And it’s especially great for spending time indoors for kids.

2. Ornament Beanbag Toss

ornament beanbag toss

This Ornament Beanbag Toss can be easily made. But if you’re not confident enough about your sewing skills, it’s recommended that you buy one. There are different ways to play this family Christmas game for kids at different ages. The basic one is the all the kids involved in the game stand behind a line and toss the ornaments on the trees to log their points. Player who gets the highest score wins.

3. Pin the Red Nose

pin the red nose

As we know, Rudolph the reindeer is famous for the bright red nose, which can help Santa Claus to find the way when it’s dark. You can use a cordboard to create reindeer face and make the family members pin the red nose to the board. It’s quite fun because things may get quite tricky when you’re blindfolded.

4. Snowman Drawing Game

snowman drawing game

This is a quite simple Christmas game for family. All you need are paper plates and markers. Though it’s simple, it will sure produces a lot of giggles. All the players will be asked to place the paper plate on their head with on hand and hold up a marker with the other hand. The host will then give the step-by-step instructions to draw the snowman. Winner will be anyone who draws the most accurate snowman image.

5. Silver Bells Memory Game

silver bells memory game

For those family who like playing memory games, this family Christmas game about remembering the bells will be an ideal one. What you need are only some Hershey kisses, dot stickers and a sharpie. You can then write letters or other things like names, numbers, colors, etc. on the stickers and put them under the Hershey kisses. After that, put them in grid and turn 2 over to play the memory game.

6. Christmas Trivia

christmas trivia

This Christmas, you can challenge your family members about the Christmas holiday knowledge by playing the Christmas Trivia game. You can pull out some trivia about Santa Claus, Christmas tree, traditions and more questions via a few printables. It’s easy to find the Christmas trivia champion in your family and it’s also for fun and communication.

7. That’s a Snowman Wrap

snowman wrap

With a few toilet paper, black paper buttons, the orange carrot nose and the black snowman eyes circles, you can play a happy snowman wrap game. To play this family Christmas game, you need a volunteer that wants to be transformed into the snowman. Other players can then wrap him and tape on the eyes and nose. If you want to run a competition, then the team who firstly completes the Olaf is the winner.

8. Family Tree

family tree

This Christmas family game will end in hilariously family fun. The game idea is to decorate a person as a Christmas tree. The volunteered one to be the “Christmas tree” will then stand still and allows all others to decorate him anything they can find, including construction papers, candies, bows, aluminum foil and many more.

9. Christmas Charades

christmas charades

Charades is a popular Christmas party game for family members. One person acts out words or phrases for others to guess. As it’s the Christmas season, you can add some Christmas themes like the Christmas traditions, songs, movies, stockings and more in the game. Simply make a list of the words and phrases and cut them into small pieces for every family member to get and guess.

10. Christmas Bingo Game

christmas bingo

A game of Christmas bingo can bring laughter to everyone who attends the Christmas party. One good thing about the Christmas bingo games for family is that there are many completely free downloadable and printable Christmas bingo cards. The rules are just the same as other BINGO games. As the cards are in pictures instead of words, even little kids can join in the game.

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