Snagit vs. Camtasia: Which is More Suitable for Screen Capture?

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Snagit vs. Camtasia: Which is More Suitable for Screen Capture?

Want to know the difference between Snagit and Camtasia so as to make a choice? Here you will learn the pros and cons of each program. Moreover, an intuitive screen recorder that can be compared with Snagit and Camtasia is recommended if you think Snagit and Camtasia are expensive or complicated. You can cick the button below to download Screen Grabber Pro.

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Over the years, TechSmith is known to develop programs that aid the simplification of social media and online tasks. TechSmith’s’ two most recognized products are Camtasia and Snagit, which have been quite notable for capturing desktop screen’ activities of all types. This article will be intimating you with the features that differentiate Snagit and Camtasia from one another like price, distinctive features, screen capture performance, user-friendliness, user interface and many more that can help you in taking that decisive step of settling for a suitable screen recorder.

Snagit: Highlights

Snagit is super useful for authorizing a screenshot of your computer’ screen, be it a video clip, an image, or video game. It equally has features for capturing videos as well as an insider editor for the editing of your pictures. Users are free to select capturing mode as they take screenshots; it could be the whole screen or even specific areas of your desktop screen. Snagit is available in both Windows and Mac versions. If you fancy the idea of capturing your scrolling webpages, then this tool is precisely what you need.

Here are a couple of up to speed information you need to know about Snagit:

Capture Capability
This tool is not just useful for capturing the entirety of your desktop’ screen. Instead, it also captures specific regions, windows or applications. Ideally, its capability of capturing a scrolling window is what has made it highly impressive. It can allow you to capture an image that is longer than a computer’s screen without having to scroll through the entire screen. Furthermore, Snagit works excellently well with other capture-focused tools like microphone or webcam. It allows you to record audio sounds from your computer, as this makes it perfect for preparing demo videos or tutorial. That way your listeners can hear whatever it is you are saying on your tutorial. If you implement audio sources such as microphones, you can record your video calls from Instant Communication apps such as Skype.

Output Formats
The Snagit tool used to support output formats for AVI files; nevertheless, after the Snagit 11 release, it only supports video recording in MP4 formats. The most likely reason for the format switch is because MP4 files are more device-friendly and web-friendly so they can easily be shared. You will enjoy using it to manage your photos since it has options that allow you to save your pictures in numerous formats like GIF, PDF, PNG, and JPG. Besides, you can seamlessly do image import from scanners and cameras. Making it more fun is the fact that these sort of images are editable and sharable via FTP or email.

Editing Options
With its user-friendly image editing features, it is quite easy to trim off unwanted parts of an image. Images are modifiable and can be annotated with the inside editor. You may include effects and designs to your image by adding shapes, text, arrows, and others.

snagit editing options

Installing the application on your computer is easy. When you have successfully installed Snagit, you can familiarize yourself with its quick tutorial. You don’t need to bother about the user experience because it has a robust and friendly looking interface. Regarding screen capture, there are several formats for you to work with, including Full Screen, All-in-One, Copying to Clipboard, Copying Text to Clipboard, Menu plus Time delay, and Freehand. For the recording, there are buttons you can use on the handy hotkeys or the control panel.

record with snagit

Snagit comes with a powerfully crafted and intuitive user interface that makes it possible for first-timers to cruise through their first recording and screen capture experience. You can implement any of the three modules: Image, All-in-One, and Video. The All-in-One feature makes it possible to capture an ongoing activity on the screen of your desktop and take a screenshot without having to ruin your recording. The video and Image modules provide you access to extra features for effecting professional snapshots and videos.

start recording

Unique Features
Snagit prides a host of features that can aid you in fast-tracking the snapshots and video of your desktop screen. It has a handy toolbar that makes your capture to be faster by implementing the last capturing method or affording you the privilege of changing your way via the options menu. This toolbar is also compatible when installed on Excel, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, making it possible to have an efficient and swift recording in the mentioned apps.

With just $49.95, you can have Snagit. The app is worth the price because it has extensive features that are necessary for recording and taking snapshots on the screen of your desktop.


  • Simple screen capturing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports various file types
  • Quick access toolbar
  • Good customer support
  • Multiple files converter


  • Setting up the email for file sharing requires some technical knowledge
  • No tools for editing video
  • A little expensive

Camtasia: Highlights

Camtasia is another brilliant piece from TechSmith that can execute screen recording as well as video editing and making. Whether you intend to create blogging videos or informative videos the editing features in this software is just amazing. It supports several common media formats as well as allowing you to have total control over all the videos you will be making. Moreover, another beautiful feature about this software is that it has zero limitations, which makes it versatile enough for your screen recording and ensuring powerful, professional and intuitive videos. Similar to Snagit, it has got Windows and Mac versions. Here is some vital info about Camtasia:

Capture Capability
The primary function of Camtasia is to take snapshots of your computer’ screen and have it converted to a video outputted file. You can equally record the entire screen, a specific window or a particular area, also recording every keyboard and mouse events on your screen as well as recording your audio narration. If you are looking forward to making a video for an online course, how-to videos, or YouTube videos this tool is precisely what you need since it allows you to edit videos with great ease. It allows you to record with a web camera. Similar to Snagit, this app lets you record video calls with communication-based apps such as Skype and some others. As you record various actions, there are no snags on performance, and by the time you are through, there is a hotkey that can help you stop the recording and display the recorder where you can play the clip you just recorded and have it saved.

capture interface of camtasia

Output Formats
When you use Camtasia, your videos won’t have blur, hesitation or any kind of video imperfection related issues. You can expect high-quality pictures. Additionally, it allows you to save video files in various formats like M4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP4. Exporting your video file in an audio format is equally possible, with MP3 as the only option though. Users appreciate this as it aids them with their editing and video recording. Camtasia has the extra feature of allowing you do video uploads to YouTube, Vimeo, If you want to have your files transferred to TechSmith’ cloud store, My Places or Google Drive you can actually achieve that. This will not only reduce your uploading processes, but it will also shorten upload time.

Editing options
Its built-in editor allows you to join various video parts and have them trimmed for great video demos. It equally comes with a balance of excellent output quality and control, which web content developers and videographers can use very much to their advantage for churning out unique and professional-looking videos.

video editor of camtasia

Ease of Use
Users of Camtasia can control the videos anyhow they please. For first-time users, TechSmith has made sure this app comes with a comprehensive tutorial that can be used for a quick learning tour so you can get used to the app in no time. The free app versions for IOS and Android are available for downloading and installation at their various app stores. They allow users to move media files from any device to the Camtasia app for smooth video improvements and editing. When you are through with your editing, just use the share option to share your videos through Google Drive, Vimeo, and YouTube as well as

Camtasia comes loaded with an intuitive and well-built interface. If you’ve got moderate computer skills, you will do well with this application.

camtasia cover

Unique Features
The most thrilling thing with Camtasia is its editing screen; it is similar to what you have with scintillating video editors such as Corel Video Studios and Adobe Premiere. The screen’ lower section has a timeline that displays audio and video tracks, a player preview to your right, and just above that, a palette that allows you upload clips left, as well as menu options located extreme left. It’s got various tools for trimming and editing along with audio tools for managing your media track volumes. You can include callouts, effects, zoom, blur, and much more on your video. It also has options for cursor effects, animations, transitions and many more.

Camtasia has a free version that can be used for 30 days. The full version is available for $199.


  • Unlimited video creation
  • Well-designed interface
  • Excellent screen or video editors
  • Straightforward importing and exporting
  • Compatible with products such as MS Outlook


  • Limited preset media built into the program
  • More expensive
  • Cannot execute live recording from a DV camera

Screen Grabber Pro - A great alternative for screen recording

screen grabber pro for windows

A suitable option that is a lot cheaper than Camtasia and topples Snagit in terms of functionalities is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. As you would suspect, this professional tool is useful for producing tutorials and live videos. It is super user-friendly as well as contain valuable features that will assist you in executing your recording in full screen, specific-based screens, input audios, snapshots, and easy file upload. Besides, it saves recorded files automatically on the main interface, so you don’t need to bother about organizing your recordings. With $39.95 or a yearly license of $29.95, you can get this tool. On the other hand, follow the guidelines below to learn how to use this program.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

Download the installer of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking one of the buttons below. Next, launch the installer on the PC, and then follow the instructions of the setup wizard to properly install the tool. At the end of the installation process, click the “Launch Screen Grabber Pro” button from the installation wizard and then main interface will appear.

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win xp win7810

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OS X 10.10

Secure Download

Step2 Start recording the screen activity

Once the tool is installed, click the “Record” button from the main-interface and a list recording modes will appear. Choose the recording mode to use, and start recording. “Full Screen” covers the entire screen area, which is very suitable for recording movies. On the other hand, the “Region” mode has to adjust the recording frame based on the area of the screen you want to record. while recording, users can add annotations to the video to make it personalized.

configure sgp settings

Step3 End the recording and check the playback

If you are happy with the video and you want to stop recording, simply click the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar. The video then will be added to the “Recording list” from the main interface. To take a quick preview of the recorded file, select is and then right-click on the video and click the “Preview” option.

preview the playback of the recording


The below table displays a comprehensive comparison summary between Camtasia and Snagit.

User InterfaceGreatGood
Operating SystemWindows/MacWindows/Mac
Capture ScreenYesYes
Help and SupportYesYes
Video EditorNoYes

If you seek a robust screen recorder that is cost-effective, you can go with Snagit as it’s got fantastic built-in snapshot tools that you will surely find useful. A professional video editor and screen recorder like Camtasia is classic but be ready to pay because it is expensive.

thumbnail sgp user guide

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