6 Snagit Alternative Tools to Capture Screen

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6 Snagit Alternative Tools to Capture Screen

snagit alternative In this high digital era, the importance of screen recording has been rising ever since the internet became part of our daily lives. People also communicate with other people by sharing pictures and videos. Snagit is a perfect cost-effective tool for you that can also be utilized easily on Windows. This program is good for making tutorials or demonstrations, taking screenshots and capturing activities. Moreover, you can save your favorite music video clips, online video chats, business conferences and so on. This tool also provide advance editing tool for you to personalize your recording. On the other hand, Snagit has limited functions when it comes to screen recording and saving formats. It cannot also perform webcam video and record audio alone. Furthermore, it cost $49.95 when you try to avail the product and additional $12.49 to update for a new version. Therefore, this article will have a review of Snagit and introduce some best alternatives.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best Snagit Alternative for Win/Mac

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a reliable and effective tool to use for live screen recording which is suitable for Windows and Mac computers. Aside from screen recording, this tool can also take screenshots. You can also annotate while taking screenshots. For this reason, you don’t need a separate tool. To start using the app see the steps below for better understanding.

Step1 Download the Program

To use the program, you must download the application on your computer. To start the free trial, simply click the download button below. Follow the set up wizard and register your gmail account to launch the app.

Try It Free

Step2 Start Capturing

In the main interface of the app, click the “screenshot” button to start. Choose whether you will capture around mouse, full screen or according to your preference.


Step3 Customize the Region

To adjust the size of the frame, drag a region on your screen and adjust the vertex to suit your need.

choose region

Step4 Add Annotations

Finally, on the horizontal toolbar, you can put shapes, text, lines, arrows, and more.

add annotation

Step4 Save the Screenshot

Using the vertical toolbar, you can save your image and you can also deliver it to different video sharing websites.

share file

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool works well in taking screenshots of your computer screen. However, this is only suitable for Windows computer. For Mac users, use of alternative tools are applicable to this problem. To know how to use this product, here are the simple steps for you to follow.

logo snippit

Step1 Search the Snipping Tool

To find the tool on your computer click the “Start” button and type “Snipping Tool” in the search bar. Open the Snipping tool button to see its main interface. Know that this tool is a built-in tool for Windows 7 and up operating system.

start the app

Step2 Choose Mode And Start Screenshot

Select “Mode” to choose the kind of snip you want such as free-form, rectangular, window snip and Full-screen snip. At that time, click “New” button to start capturing.

select and start capturing

Step3 Check, Edit and Save the Captured File

The captured file will be automatically copied to the Snipping Tool interface where you can annotate, save, or share the snip.

save file

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is a full-featured screen capture tool that can record your screen activities and has editing tools like annotations, resizing, cropping, and many more. With the use of the built-in screen recorder of this tool, you can save the file in different format especially in WMV (Windows Media Video) format. Yet, it lacks on help and support options. Check the steps below to understand the use of the program.

logo edited

Step1 Launch the Application

This tool also offers trial version which is good for 30 days. To download the app, look for unzipping program for this tool then click the hyperlink more>>> . Follow the installation wizard until the application is launch. See picture below to see the actual appearance of the app.

tiny icon box

Step2 Start the Capture

Click the “print screen” icon that you can see in the upper right-hand portion of your keyboard. This will put the screenshot in the FastStone software.

print screen

Step3 Customize Photo

After taking screenshots, it will route you to the main interface where you can see the “menu bar” on the top. From there you can add captions, zoom, resize the picture and more features available for you to use. See photo below for complete list of features.

menu bar


This tool is capable of doing screen recording of the work projects and software tutorials. Although it has a built-in features, the recording can only perform for about 45 minutes and cannot be save directly on your computer. It is only possible for sharing on Youtube. Read more of the article to start using the app.

EzVid logo

Step1 Download and Install EzVid

Visit the page and download the program at EZVID. Scroll down until you see the “download” icon as shown in the photo. Follow the set up wizard until the program launched.


Step2 Start and Finish the Recording

Click the “capture screen” icon on the right side under the preview window to start recording your screen. Then you can stop recording by clicking “stop” icon.


Step3 Edit the Video File

You can add narration, background music to your video and trim it. Besides, you can also crop video and add text to the images.

add text narration music

Step4 Upload the File on Youtube

If you want to share it on different video sharing sites, like Youtube, you can add the title, description and keywords of the videos. Then you need to log in your Youtube Account and wait until you receive a message that the uploading finished.


AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Another tool that is also recommended, is the Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online which is a browser-based tool, to record a presentation, software demonstration, tutorial or other activity on your computer’s screen. This tool also gives you the opportunity to save the final output to different formats. Here are the steps available that help you utilize this.

Step1 Launch the Application

Launch your web browser and go to Acethinker Free Online Screen Recorder , click “Start Recording” to run the app. You need to install a launcher the first time you use this recording app.


launch the tool

Step2 Start Recording

Press REC to start the recording. When you want to end the recording, just press “Stop” button and click the check mark.
start the recording

Step3 Add Annotations

You can also add annotations in your recording to be more attractive to the viewers. Click the “Pen” icon to add arrows, text, shapes and highlight.

annotate picture

Step4 Preview the Recording File

You can check your recording by having a preview with the built-in media player. And then click “Save” button, Acethinker will ask you where you want to save the recorded video. You can also upload the video to different websites directly.

save file


Jing is another product by TechSmith that is use as a screen capture software for taking screenshots and screencasts. This tool has 2GB of online storage space and you need to pay the Pro version that has limited formats like .swf format. Follow the simple guide on how to use it.

jing logo

Step1 Download the Application

Go to its website at Jing to download and install the tool. You can choose between Windows and Mac depending on the operating of the computer that you will use for recording.

Step2 Open the Program

Once the tool is successfully downloaded, you will find a “sun-like” icon that is usually located at the upper right corner of your screen. Click the “sun-like” icon. When you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see 3 options. The first is the “cross” button to capture or start, the second is for your history file, and the last one is for your settings and more.

sun icon

Step3 Start to Capture

Click the “Cross” button to start capturing your screen.

jing logo

Step4 Customize the Region

You can drag and stop any region on your screen that you want to record. You have 5 minutes time limit when you choose to take a video.

customize the size

Step5 Add Annotations

You can also add annotations in your recording that you can seen on the left side of the Jing interface. This will help you to make your screen recording and screenshots to be more interesting for viewers. After adding annotations, put a name on the file to easily find it to your designated folder.

add anotation

Step7 Save the Screenshot

When you’re done, just click the “finish” button. You will find the options on the lower left part where the first is for sharing your video, second is for saving the video in your computer, and third is for cancelling it.

check preview


Snagit’s feature-packed interface is for the ones who want to bring the best out of screen recording. However, there are also a lot of alternatives that you can use to have your videos recorded for different purposes either on your laptop or desktop. The tools can be beneficial or not in some cases, it is just up to your preferences, while for now you can surely try the Acethinker products that will be a very good partner in screen recording.

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