5 Snagit Alternative Tools to Capture Screen

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Screenshots are useful files, especially when creating instructional material. For Windows users, the traditional way of taking a screenshot is by pressing the “PrintScreen” key and pasting it on “Paint.” However, the functions of this method are limited since “Paint” only have essential services like simple resizing, and crop functions. That is the reason why several screen capture tools were developed and released. Packed with advanced features that are not only limited to taking still photos but can even record screen activities, these tools are something to look forward to. One of these tools is Snagit, which is a screenshot and screen recording tool in one. Like Snagit, other tools can perform the same functions, but with other improvements. Some of these apps can be used using a computer or mobile phone. In this article, we listed down the five best Snagit alternatives.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Aside from being a great screen recording tool, Screen Grabber Pro also has a “Screenshot” function. This tool also works great on Mac, unlike other tools. What makes Screen Grabber Pro stand out, is its ability to edit and upload the images online directly after taking the screenshot. Also, the images produced are all high-quality, same as the video output from its recorder function. After taking a screenshot, you can directly send it into your favorite social media platform, making it an even more efficient tool. To learn how to download and use Screen Grabber Pro, follow these steps.

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Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

To install Screen Grabber Pro, you must get the installer by clicking the download buttons above. After the download, run the installer and follow the steps that will appear on the setup wizard. Once installation is successful, launch the tool and from the main interface select “Screenshot.”

screen grabber pro

Step2 Capture the screenshot from the PC

After clicking the “Screenshot” tab, the screenshot cursor will appear. Hold and drag the mouse-pointer across the parts that needs to be captured and let go once done. Shortly after that, the different options will appear, including the editing option to enhance the image directly.

capture screenshot

Step3 Save the screenshot on your PC

To save the screenshot, click the “Save” icon from the image toolbar. After doing so, the image will be saved on the PC, and can be viewed directly from the tool by heading to the “Preview Panel.”

save the image

Tips for Recording Screen with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Step1 Select the Recording Mode

From the main interface, click the “Record” button and then, choose the recording mode to use from the menu that will appear. “Full Screen” mode covers the entire screen area, and is best suited for recording movies, and other screen activities which are in full-screen. On the other hand, “Region” mode can cover a specific part of the screen which is best used for creating instructional videos with audio, since the tool can record both audio and video simultaneously.


Step2 Start Recording and Add Annotations

Click the chosen recording mode and the three second countdown will begin. Shortly after that, the recording toolbar will appear and then from there, add annotations to the recording by clicking the “Pen” icon. A set of options will appear and from there, select which editing option to apply to the video. Once done recording, hit the “Stop” button from the same recording toolbar to save the video.

annotate while recording

Step3 Play the Video

To watch the recorded video, head to the “Recording List” panel of the tool. From there, choose the video from the list and then right-click, to make the menu appear. From the menu that will appear, click the “Preview” option and the video will play.

play the video


Jing is another screen capture tool made by the same company that created Snagit. This is another high-quality screen recorder app that can produce high-quality videos and images. Jing is pretty straightforward with its design, as it does not have many interfaces. The tool can only perform the basic function of a screen capture.

record screen

FastStone Capture

Faststone Capture is a screen capture tool, that is also capable of recording videos. This is a very straightforward tool that can take screenshots and record screen activities with a few clicks. The tool’s interface, is similar to a toolbar that has different buttons with different functions. This tool may be lightweight, but with its other features, people will find it hard to believe that it is capable of such a feat. FastStone Capture can save images taken in different formats, like PDF and other file formats.

edit the image

Screenshot Touch for Android

Currently, browsing any website or page is commonly done using a mobile phone. Luckily, there are also screenshot apps available to them. One of the best screenshot tools for Android users is Screenshot Touch. This app is so easy to use that users need a single tap to capture their screen. Like the other tools mentioned above, this mobile app also can record a video of the screen area. Lastly, Screenshot Touch can also edit the screenshots to make it more stunning. Below are the steps on how to capture screenshots using this Android mobile app.

screenshot touch interface

Awesome Screenshot for iOS

Looking for a screenshot app that applies to iPhone users? Awesome Screenshot would be the first on the list of apps that you will see. One of the best features of the app is that it allows users to take a full-page screenshot of the Safari browser. Additionally, users can also edit or add annotations into their snapshots to make it more presentable. Awesome Screenshot is available to download for iPhones with iOS 8 or later. Here are quick and easy steps on how to use this Apple app.

awesome ios


Taking screenshots is an easy task for many. With the presence of the Snipping Tool for Windows, it is a task always easy to complete. However, for users of different operating system, then that is not an option. For these situations, you can use one of the tools mentioned above and see for yourself. By using the tool above, you will be able to accomplish more that just taking quality screenshots, but also be able to record screen videos. Using tools like AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, you will be able to accomplish other things and not just taking screenshots.

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5 Snagit Alternative Tools to Capture Screen

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