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Snagit is basically a computer application designed to take screenshots and create videos in order to record the ongoing activity of computer screen. The software is known to be very popular and is available for both Windows as well as Mac users. While it is highly popular in the market, we can’t neglect a few drawbacks that are associated with Snagit. For instance, it doesn’t offer an exceptional quality of screen recording videos and it’s a little too Hard to set up the email account. Moreover, the price is a bit high for ordinary users.

Due to these drawbacks, many people are looking for Snagit alternative to create screenshots and screencasts. Luckily, there are several programs available in the market that may be used as alternatives to Snagit. A few of these Snagit alternatives are discussed below.



Jing is a great free Snagit alternative application that offers a wide array of screenshot and screen editing features with a pretty catchy interface. It offers different editing features including insertion of text boxes, highlighting different screen areas, marking up screenshots, etc.


  • > Offers good editing features
  • > Available for free


  • > Can record videos up to 5 minutes only

Since it offers some pretty decent screen activity recording features, Jing may be thought of as a good free alternative to Snagit.

Snipping Tool

snipping tool

Snipping Tool is the built in screenshot capturing application offered by Microsoft Windows. It is not as good as Snagit when it comes to audio visual recording capabilities but it is good enough to fulfill all your screenshot requirements.


  • > Convenient to use
  • > Available on different variants of Windows including 7, 8 and 10


  • > The editing tools offered are very basic and simple

Since it meets the basic screenshot requirements for majority of the users, it is safe to declare Snipping Tool as a good alternative to Snagit.


greenshot free

Greenshot is a free snagit alternative application that allows you to take screenshots of different types of screen activities including web pages and application windows. It also enables you to conveniently edit and share your screenshots to emails and other online platforms.


  • > Offers good image editing features


  • > The whole page capture feature works improperly since it does not capture the entire page completely.

Keeping in view the features offered by this application, Greenshot can also be included in the list of the best snagit alternatives.


pic pick

PicPick is yet another good screenshot capturing application that offers a variety of high end features including whiteboard, protractor, pixel ruler, color palette, color picker, etc. It also allows you to carry out brightness control and motion blur.


  • > Allows an easy screen capturing experience
  • > Offers several high end editing features


  • > The offered features are less powerful in comparison to Snagit

PicPick is a good snagit free alternative as it meets almost all the requirements of users who do not require a high level of functionality.

Best Alternative to Snagit - Screen Grabber Pro

There are different paid alternatives to Snagit that offer almost all the features that are offered by Snagit. If you are looking for an application that is even better in functionality in comparison to Snagit, you need to check out Screen Grabber Pro. It is a program designed to capture the screen activity of your computer. It allows you to take screenshots and record the ongoing screen activity in the form of a video. Not only that but it also offers a wide array of different kinds of editing tools to help you create an image or video fulfilling all your requirements. Some prominent features offered by Screen Grabber Pro are listed below:

  • > Records any kind of ongoing activity on a screen
  • > Captures screenshots from your computer screen
  • > Records video and audio simultaneously
  • > Offers a built in editor
  • > Offers real time screencast editing
  • > Offers automatic screen recording according to your schedule

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

1. Record literally anything that appears on your screen

Screen Grabber Pro allows you to record whatever is going on your computer screen. It enables you to do so using high end tools and extensive functionality to record your screen in a way that fulfills all your requirements. The software also offers the facility of recording your screen activity simultaneously with audio that may be inputted using a microphone. In addition to this, you can also insert your webcam video in case you are willing to incorporate –picture-in-picture effect.

snagit alternative

2. Carry out scheduled recordings of your screen

Sometimes we have to record certain things on our screen while following a strict timeline. Screen Grabber Pro comes in very handy in such situations as it allows you to set up a schedule which automatically records your screen activity at your provided schedule.

alternative to snagit

3. Edit your screen activity videos

Screen grabber pro offers a variety of different high end editing features that might be used in order to create videos while following all of your requirements. Using this software, you do not have to use any other editing software to finalize your videos as it does everything for you.

best snagit alternative

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Keeping all the above discussed arguments under consideration, it may be concluded that there are several free Snagit alternatives that offer pretty much the same features that are offered by Snagit. In addition to those, if you can afford to pay a nominal amount of money, you can get your hands on Screen Grabber Pro which is a high end screen capturing software that offers better functionality in comparison to Snagit.

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