The Best 12 Alternatives to Skype

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Skype is among the foremost names that people think of when referring to chat tools for video and messaging. Skype makes sending messages that are text-based and allows you to conduct video chats without any charge. That’s why Skype has millions of users around the globe. But Skype is not the only app that does all these functions. Sometimes when you want to try something different, you can turn to Skype alternatives that are even better than Skype for video and voice call making. Here we will be featuring the best 12 apps like Skype, which can definitely help you make communication across different platforms. Check and use your favorite one to start chatting with family, friends, and partners.

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WhatsApp is chat and messaging app that is enormously popular. It is free of charge, and it comes with an end-to-end type of encryption. Also, this app is available on both mobile phones and desktops. It may not appear like the most sophisticated app, like Skype, on this list. Despite that, it comes with all the features you could ever wish for in such a device. It includes being able to share videos easily, photos as well as various attachments, and create groups that can accommodate up to a total of 256 people. To be able to use it, you don’t need an account, all you need is your mobile number. WhatsApp just recently obtained the support for users to be able to make video calls on the iOS and Android platforms – one of the best features of Skype. During group calls at a time, you can only speak to a number of four people.

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data-target=”blank”Viber gets lots of credit simply because it is available on iOS, Windows 10, Android, and the desktop app. It also works on Linux and Mac that is Viber is present in all available platforms. Another good point for people who use the service with their phones, they can get connected to various other users through their mobile phone number. This means that it is just like every other messaging and phone apps so that you can utilize its free services. With Viber, users can text, make a voice, and a video call without any cost. And if you want to pay, you can make use of Viber out in making calls to any mobile number that is far away from you. This can also be done from the desktop screen of your desktop monitor. Friends who have groups will enjoy the Group calling feature, and there are stickers to opt from. The app does not come with any form of advertisement; hence, it is ad-free.

viber interface


This one has a little variance from most of the tools for messaging out there. This is because Talky is based on the web. An iOS app is available for this, so the Talky is not much of a tool for chatting across platforms. With Talky users can be allowed to do a video chat of a group with a maximum of 15 users, this makes Talky a superlative option for friends and family, it can also be used in working in a collaborative environment. Consequently, the app allows screen sharing from any user so that everyone can see what is being talked about. Activating the chat room is incredibly easy – just navigate to the official website of the app, type in the URL you want to use, and you are set. The remaining part is for you to let the people you are looking to chat with know the particular URL. To maintain privacy, chat rooms are protected with a password. It is very obvious that Talky has few features, but is simply can never be overemphasized.

talky online call


WeChat is largely an app meant for mobile phones – it is present on iOS, Android and Windows platform-but people who use desktops can also use the version that is based on the web. However, users that want to use the version that is based on the web will be needing their mobile phone for the exercise. And of course, a lot of people will find the rather complicated process off-putting. The app also has its Windows 10 and macOS versions that are available, respectively, on the Microsoft and Apple stores. As soon as you are all set to start using the app, WeChat allows you to make voice, video, text as well as group chats. Also, it can be used as a substitute to replace phone apps and SMS that already exists. With WeChat, you can call landlines and mobiles in other countries, but not globally. WeChat also moves over to the territory of Social media by making it possible to meet new people for the first time by the use of the People Nearby feature.

wechat chat and video call is another apps like skype that is business orientated. It has three available plans; however, at the entry-level, users can use the app for free, and its features for video conferencing are excellent. You can make a chat room for a maximum of 4 users in the video chat mode, which is free of charge. You also get a personal URL for sharing with your invited users, and you can share information on your screen. The customized URL means that fellow chatting friends or colleagues can become part of the conference without having to download the actual software. The app offers three distinct meeting rooms for close to 12 people and comes at a monthly subscription cost of $9.99. For an extra amount of $5, you can record your video chats in the Pro plan. interface


This is an unbeatable app if you are finding a secured Skype alternative. It is not owned by a corporation. It is an open-source tool that was created by people who got tired of current apps that spy on your activities, track every move you make, censor your messages, and stops your innovative genius. For Tox, you might be expecting to have a poorly designed user interface or a setup process that confuses everyone, but that is not the case. You can install the qTox, which is the app with the full features or uTox, which is aimed at systems that are lighter. As soon as this is done, you can start chatting at once. The app is devoid of ads, and it is completely free. With chat functions that are secure, secured voice calling, as well as encrypted video calls imply that your privacy is guaranteed. You can even decide to share screens and exchange files without any limits. Furthermore, Tox has its own user’s systems, which means it has no servers out there that can come under some malicious attack. For people who value their freedom and privacy Tox is definitely a good replacement for Skype.

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This app has been in existence since 1998 and has gone through several updates since then. It is just a simple app for messaging. Voice messages can be converted to texts if a hearing is difficult at any time. The option for Live chats allows you to discuss topics like traveling or dating with people. You can message people who use ICQ. The app changes your messages to text messages free of charge when you do this. You can also share files up to 4GB with ICQ. You will enjoy this app if you have friends on the service.

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Available on all popular platforms, Wire is an app that provides text, voice, and video chatting with a highly secured encryption. It had several priced packages for business, personal, or enterprise users. The version for personal users is free. The security this app provides is its main selling point, and it does this by providing encryption that is end-to-end. This is possible through Proteus and as well as SRTP and DTLS in making voice calls. Loads of employees who work for Wire were former employees of Skype. So this is evident in the usability and interface of the app, and it is user-friendly, and also, the function for voice and video calls function without any problems. Wire ensures your privacy because you use your personal details as a means of gaining access to its services.

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Google Hangouts

Hangouts may have been demoted on most mobile operating systems by Google by favoring the more modern and intuitive Google Duo. However, Hangouts remains a good choice when making video calls with your PC without having to download any complicated apps. For Chrome users, just visiting then choose your caller through video or voice – through your contacts in Google, and you are ready to start using it. For users of Internet Explorer or Safari, you will need the Plugin for Hangouts. Sadly, Hangouts can no longer be used on Firefox, due to the browser has stopped supporting traditional plugins.

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The lesser-known ooVoo is a relatively new app that gives its users the ability to make voice and video calls. The technology offered by the company is the Super Clear technology developed by the company. It’s quality rivals that of Skype. However, it has a slightly old interface that most people now think of as retro. A stunning quality of ooVoo is the recently introduced Chains feature that allows you to put together numerous videos. It can also be used to make stories that enhance your video chats with some people. This exceptional feature gives the app an edge over other potential replacements for Skype.

oovoo interface windows


For people who care a lot about their privacy, JitSi an open-source alternative to Skype. It can be assessed directly from a web browser, so you have to download any programs. Another good thing about the app is that you have to sign up for anything. All you have to do is log on to the site and make your call instantly. It gives you a sharable link in which other users can use to be able to participate in the call. The app also lets you share your screen, make encrypted calls, and also record these calls. It uses echo cancellation and noise suppression techniques to ensure clear audio quality. This amazing app, similar to Skype, can be used in every platform, and apps like Slack, can be used to make free conference calls.

jitsi video conference


The last app, like Skype, is a web-conferencing type of company which is based in the US. It offers the best meeting for web conferencing and uses the most useful, professional, user-friendly interface. Started as far back in 2004, it keeps on growing at a steady pace to make the meeting of every user a better one. It is used mainly by professionals in their millions, and it is an app that had exceptional reliability and easy usability features. It has been confirmed as the best solution for online meetings for its 18 million global monthly users. GoToMeeting is a famous and most commonly used app as an application for web-conferencing, which gives users the ability to participate in online meetings anywhere in the world. Regardless of where the meeting is being held. Due to its easy usability and functionality, users can make quick sales faster than their competitors. This is one of the best alternatives to Skype that is currently available in the market.

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