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Top 10 Sites Like Vumoo for Streaming Movies

Last updated on January 7, 2019 by Natasha

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Top 10 Sites Like Vumoo for Streaming Movies

sites like vumooIn the past, when you want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, you had to wait a couple of days just to catch them. Sometimes the waiting itself can be a tasking endeavor. But recent times has seen the emergence of online streaming services that make it very easy to catch your favorite movies. Of all the streaming sites currently on the Web, Vumoo comes to mind as one the most popular and widely used. The site comes with frequent updates and top-quality movie collections.In as much as Vumoo sets the standard for online video streaming, there is the need to have viable alternatives to it. Finding a similar replacement can be a challenging proposition, but there are several options available to users on the web. Some of these sites have amazing features, designs, and updates on par with Vumoo that will leave users pretty amazed as to what they offer. We’ve made a list of Vumoo alternatives that offer amazing streaming services to users. Check out some of the alternative options below and see for yourself.

Haloa Movies

Haloa Movie

It can be hard to find a site that perfectly replicates the impressive features that Vumoo offers but if there is one site that comes a close second then it has to be Haloa Movies. The site has a close design to what Vumoo possess, and that makes it a popular choice. Users who are familiar with Vumoo would not feel lost when using Haloa Movies. There is a plethora of movie collection that users can choose from and the experience is an enjoyable one.


Video Streaming Websites like Primewire

Not your typical streaming site as PrimeWire does not directly host movies on its servers rather provides links to other websites where the content can be found. Still, it has an enormous collection, with movies ranging over a variety of genres and subgenres. On the homepage, movies are displayed in chronological order; you will find the newest additions on top of the list. But you can rearrange the list according to various other criteria, for example release date and rating. The design of the website is not as attractive and clean as the above mentioned PopcornFlix, but it is still a service worth using if you have a decent ad blocker installed.

Movie Planet


What most movie fanatics want in their streaming services is the ability to quickly search, stream or download their TV shows, and movies. Movie Planet gets a pass on all of these counts. The search option is fast and easy to use, and it quickly brings out the search option making it a rather appealing site just like Vumoo. Old and new movies are updated on the site regularly, which makes the site an excellent choice for all your movie needs.

Movie Planet has an impeccable design just like Vumoo, and this comes with a rather attractive and interactive interface. The design of the site is one of its impressive features, add that to the performance and array of movies available, then you have an efficient movie streaming platform. You won’t get annoyed by some stubborn ads, and the best news is that the videos are all in high quality. Movie Planet is a responsive site with a guaranteed enjoyable user experience.

My download Tube

Although My Download Tube is new to the market, it offers stiff competition to the old online streaming websites. It has the design, quality, and features that put it on a pedestal of reliable Vumoo alternatives. Users will love the fact that they don’t need to register on the site before they can access the features of the sight and make good use of it. All you need do is open the site, search for your movie and watch it on any platform or device. The design of the site makes it easy for users to search for any movie of their choice. The quality on display of the site means users won’t be disappointed. There is no download option available on the site, so that means it is strictly an online tool.

sites like 123movies


Viooz has made a name for itself these past few years. It offers an avenue for users to watch their favorite movies online in fantastic quality. The site is well organized, and it comes with some great features. If you want sites like Vumoo, then Viooz is right up there with the best. The site is user-friendly, and some of the features are there to make the users get the best of experience. The interface is simple enough so users can quickly grasp it and also the design on the site makes navigation very easy. The organization is one of the most robust features of Viooz. The collection of movies is well categorized into various sections so users can easily find what they are looking for.

Viooz movie site

An essential feature of Viooz is that it allows you to minimize the loading time and downloading time of the various movies in its collections. With just a click of a button, your desired movie gets downloaded speedily. It doesn’t matter the size of the movie; the download speed is the same across all boards.

Solar Movie

Solar Movie is up there with the very best whenever trustworthy Vumoo alternatives are mentioned. The site is a popular choice and one that has been in the game for a while now. It offers the same quality and service to its users in the same way Vumoo. Solar Movie is spoiled with options when it comes to the movies it has in its collection. There are different variations of movies ranging from comedy, drama, action, romance and so on. Each movie can be viewed in incredible top quality. Lovers of TV shows and series will be delighted with the fact that Solar Movie has very active links to popular TV series. There is also a search engine that provides links to the best online sites for all movie streaming needs. Solar Movie gives a robust package to movie and series lovers.

alluc alternative Solar Movie


Putlocker has been in the game of providing a reliable platform for users to stream, download, and watch their favorite movies and TV shows on the go. One of the outstanding features of Putlocker that puts it on the list of Top sites like Vumoo is the fact that it has a very active search tool. Users don’t even need to know the exact name of the movie or TV show, just a part of the name or a set of keywords and you will be displayed with an array of options similar to what you are searching for. There are a whole host of old and new TV shows and Movies, not to forget an update feature that keeps users abreast of upcoming events and shows. The features that Putlocker possess cannot be found on most online streaming platforms, and despite what it offers to users, the site doesn’t require, any registration or sign-up function before it can be utilized.


Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter gives users the option to keep their search for movies and TV shows a simple and straight forward affair. The simplicity the site offers makes it one of the leading Vumoo alternatives. Part of the charming aspect of the site s the fact that the user interface is straightforward and attractive to first-time visitors or regular ones. Organization is another strong asset of Movie Flixter, and users won’t feel lost trying to search for their TV shows or favorite movies.


Users can easily find what they are searching for on the site in record time and they also have the option of watching their favorite shows and movies in good quality without any disturbance. You can search your desired movie according to the year of release, and this makes the search experience for users, simple and straightforward.


The watchword for NewMoviesOnline is excellence, and they don’t hold back in delivering excellence in the quality of movies on display and the Organization of the site. The site is well laid out with an impressive design and organization that would leave first-time visitors amazed. The quality the site delivers makes it impressive and rightly one of the top sites like Vumoo. From the user interface to the organization of the site, down to the picture quality of the site, everything is classy and top-notch. There are various categories of movies on display, that leave visitors spoiled for choice. They place emphasis on new movies, and releases, which means users can be sure to get the latest videos when it is available. As a user-friendly site, NewMoviesOnline is tailored to deliver the best, and it does this by providing amazing video quality, excellent organization, and a well-structured site. With all of its impressive features, NewMoviesOnline aims to deliver more and more.

new movies online

Wolow Tube

The last but certainly not the least is Wolow Tube. Quite frankly, no online streaming site list is complete without this impressive site. The appealing and eye-catching interface has had the site rise to prominence in just a matter of time. Users love the services that Wolow Tube offers, and this is part of the reason it is now a popular choice. With a friendly user interface, and an appealing design, anyone who visits the site is in line to have an enjoyable experience every time.

wolow tube movie site

They have a collection of old and new movies well-arranged and organized for easy identification. There is hardly any movie whether old or new that isn’t in their inventory of movies. The quality of the movies on display, would make any first-time users, come back again for more viewings.

How to Record Streaming Movies

In today’s fast paced world where we are constantly on the go, having a good movie or two at our hands to watch anytime can be very useful to kill time while we are travelling. Despite the vast array of movie streaming sites available, very few of them offer you the ability to download their content. Even if you can download movies and TV shows, you will most of the time be required to register or even pay for the service. By recording the film on your computer while its playing you can watch it later anytime even in places where there is no internet connection. You can even sync the movies to your handheld devices so you can take the movies with you anywhere. The program we recommend for recording streaming movies is AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro, a versatile and user-friendly desktop screen recorder. Below we will demonstrate step-by-step how you can use Screen Grabber Pro to record and save streaming movies from websites like Vumoo.

Try It Free

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

Use the hyperlink above in the program description to grab a copy of Screen Grabber Pro. Install the software by following the instructions in the installation wizard. Once installed, launch the program from your computer.

Step2 Open movie to be recorded

Open the movie streaming site in your browser and search for the movie you wish to record. Do not start playing the movie at this stage.

capture prime wire

Step3 Set up recording mode

Switch back to Screen Grabber Pro and click on the drop-down menu next to the “Record” button. Choose one of the various recording modes. For recording streaming movies, the recommended recording mode is “Region”. This lets you record only the media player area of the movie without any borders. If you can play the movie in full-screen, choosing the “Full screen” mode is a better option as the entire screen will be recorded and you do not have to spend time setting up the region to be recorded.

record prime wire movies

Step4 Start recording

After setting up the recording region, click “OK” and recording will begin automatically after a 3 second countdown. Use this time to start playing your movie. Use the control bar in the middle of your screen to pause or stop your recording.

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Having to wait several hours or days so that you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows is no fun at all. Having an avenue to find, stream, view and download your favorite movies in amazing quality is always an enjoyable experience for anyone. Sites like Vumoo have provided users the opportunity to catch a glimpse of movies online over the years, and with effective alternatives coming up every now and then, users as spoiled with choices as to which they can use. There are some bad alternatives out there that deliver poor video quality and have an inferior interface for users. On the other hand, there are lots of top alternatives like the ones we’ve highlighted that get the job done impressively. Try out any of the top alternative sites to Vumoo and see for yourself.

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