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Couchtuner is a web hosting site where you can stream online catering TV shows from the Western side of the Globe. Though this site you can find older and on-going TV shows being aired in America like, “The Millers,” “Criminal Minds,” “Intruders,” “America’s got talent” and a lot more. Since the interface is very straightforward, you need to find the name of the TV show and click to see the episodes available. Shows are categorized in alphabetical order according to TV listings and newly released. Furthermore, if it is an on-going broadcast just wait for the update every after episode. Just make sure to register an account first to be able to maximize the website or else you will not be able to watch even just a peak of the video. Also, you can use some of the alternatives on both Android and iOS phones. If you are looking more, you can check out more alternative sites like Couchtuner listed below.

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First in line is Netflix. This movie streaming tool is one of the most popular streaming sites in America and the best Couchtuner alternative. Netflix is available on all platforms, whether you are using a Mobile device, computers, and Mac. Both sites require account registration to be able to watch. You can sign-up for basic, standard, or premium subscription. What makes this site better than Couchtuner, is you can enjoy unlimited access to a wide variety of TV shows in and outside America, movies and even documentaries without being bugged by ads. Hence, try the tool for 30 days for free, no ties, no cancelation fee, contracts, and commitment. You can cancel anytime. Disclaimer: Free trial varies by location and region. Also, Netflix can be used on both Android and iOS phones, which means you can watch movies wherever you go.

TIPS: You need to download the app first on your phone. If you are using an Android phone, you search Netflix on Google Play store, and If you are using an iOS phone, you can search it on the App Store. Once installed, you need to register and subscribe to an account to enjoy watching movies and TV series with no lag, though it has a 30days free trial for first-time users. Then, you can effortlessly search movies and TV shows with its search bar.


Video Keeper

It can help to download or record streaming video

  • Easily download your favorite videos.
  • Record any activities on your screen display.
  • Supports Windows and Mac devices.


tubitv TubiTV is a video streaming site where you can watch thousands of titles of movies and TV series, for free. Unlike CouchTuner, TubiTV requires to register, but you can start streaming immediately after registering. This website’s interface can easily be used by almost everyone, just by searching the title of a movie or a TV series in the search bar, you can start watching or download it to watch it offline later. Also, it lets you choose your favorite genres. Furthermore, this website has the list of the most viewed videos that you haven’t watched before if you are looking for a new movie to watch. In fact, TubiTV has an app that is applicable to both Android and iOS. Generally speaking, this website is a must try movie streaming site to watch for your favorite films.

TIPS: TubiTV can be downloaded in the Google Play store if you are using Android Phone, and you can also search it on App Store using an iOS device. After installing, you can start searching movies and TV series to watch it, or download it on your phone and watch it anytime and anywhere.

couchtuner tubitv

Movie Watcher

moviewatcher Movie Watcher is where you can view or download movies in HD Quality. Just by registering an account, you can start watching your favorite movies and TV series online. Considering this website, you can navigate it easily with its clean and simple web layout. The interface consists of multiple sections such as Movie now playing in theater, Most viewed movies, recently added movies, and recently added TV series. Not only your favorite movies, but you can also check the ratings of the film from IMBd. This is indeed one of the greatest alternatives to CouchTuner because you can stream videos all you want.

Series Online

series online coverSeries Online is one of the best choices we have as of today. Just like CouchTuner, you can watch and download the latest episodes of your favorite TV series and movies online, for free. In fact, you can choose your preferred genre of films or series if it is a horror, comedy, romance, drama, etc. Not only that, but you can also select the top TV shows and movies in various countries like Asia, China, International, US, and more. Additionally, the site also shows the top films from IMDb which is one of the most trusted reviewers when it comes to movies and series.


tvmuse coverTVMuse is a video site with a huge library containing a lot of movies. Like CouchTuner, you can watch the latest movies, TV Series, TV News, Documentaries, and more or download it to view it offline later. Also, this site has a TV listing where you can search for a TV series alphabetically. Moreover, you can see the release date of the next episode of your favorite TV series with its calendar feature. Besides, aside from watching and downloading videos, you can also request for TV shows or series that have not been found with this website.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime cover Amazon Prime Video is a movie streaming site where you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, and Amazon Prime original. You can enjoy and experience the best performance of this software for only $99 for a year which gives unlimited access to users for a selection of movies and TV shows. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos cannot be played to some devices. However, it is available to all web browsers as well as other media streaming devices like Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Google TV, and more. With this software, you will definitely enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows in its highest definition quality.


usanetwork cover USANETWORK is another site like Couchtuner. This is another streaming site to look forward if you don’t want to miss any episode of your favorite TV show. The site has a very interactive interface and photos displayed are all in HD quality that makes the site even more attractive. Aside from using an email add for registration you also have the option to bind your account to your TV provider so that your monthly subscription will be billed along with your cable bill. To get to know more about the binding process calls your TV provider and see list of partners here>>>.

Aside from that, you can also watch the latest movies available. Movies are categorized according to popularity and what is timely. You can also check what is upcoming for the site provides a schedule for succeeding shows to be broadcast. Furthermore, you can also watch out for live broadcast provided by the website.


epix coverMore and more file hosting service concentrating on media are becoming popular these days just like EPIX. This site accessible only to US citizens, that is 18 years old and above. Just like Netflix, this has days free trial to experience the service and to be able to watch. However, compared to Netflix the free access will only last for 14days. Just like any other site like this you can only enjoy the minimal features offered since it is for free. Your free trial is automatically terminated if you did not register for a premium account. Premium subscription, on the other hand, can give the highest HD resolution and best possible viewing experience.


filmonline4u cover Filmonline4U is an online movie site that keeps old and new movies.This site offers movies in this generation whether it is a Bollywood, Hollywood, and Hindi Dubbed Movies. Aside from that, you can also find movies from Pakistan that is rarely found on other movies. Furthermore, each movie has several servers per player. Also, ratings and review are there to guide you on what to expect in the movie. You can also see information about movie like the director, Actors, Release, Country where it came from,Comedy and language.


justwatch cover JustWatch is another movie streaming site that is highly recommended because of video quality and fast loading speed of the website. Click the movie you like and scroll down until you see the player. What is good about it is that if the movie has previous seasons it is also listed under the same tab that makes it easier for you to watch them just in case you did not watch them yet. Furthermore, video quality is adjustable from the lowest resolution SD, HD, to 4k resolution. You can also see a synopsis of the movie if you want to get an idea of about the movie. So if you are looking a better site that Couchtuner this is something you can consider.

Watch Series

watch series cover Watch series is considerably one of the options that we have like CouchTuner. With this website, you can stream and download the latest movies and TV series online without paying anything. In fact, with its simple interface, you can choose different genres of films and favorite TV shows easily. Also, watching Anime and Drama is possible with this site. You don’t want to miss this all-in-one video streaming site because aside from watching online freely, you can save the last episode you watched just by subscribing to the series to watch it later.


projectfreetv cover ProjectFreeTV is a must-try TV streaming site where you can watch TV shows and movies online, for free. These websites consist of the latest episodes and movies that you can watch. Unlike other streaming sites, this site does not play videos directly within its page, instead, it will bring you to different video sites where you can watch TV series. One annoying thing is that the site doesn’t have categories that show the list of the genres of the movies or TV series. Despite of missing some important content of this site, ProjectFreeTV is a great site for watching TV shows.

Record Movies with Screen Grabber Pro

Since these sites will only allow you to watch videos on set time span, might want to consider keeping a copy while watching. Just in case your account expires, you will still be able to watch these movies over and over without paying again. For that, you need a reliable tool that will give you the best quality as possible. Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is highly recommended for this kind of need because of its quality output. By using this tool you can record each video while watching. Not only it can record your computer screen real-time, but you can also schedule a recording if you are going to be away for a moment. By using the “Task Scheduler” you can set a certain time to record your computer’s screen without compromising the quality of the video. Furthermore, here is an easy guide for you to get started.

Step1 Download and Install the Application

Go to Acethinker Official Website and click the “Download “ button or use the shortcut buttons below. To install the app, follow the set-up wizard until the tool is launched.

Try It Free

Step2 Configure Settings

Before starting to record check the “Audio Input” to enable audio recording while recording the screen. If you want to record for blog purposes you can enable the microphone and use a webcam while recording.

SGP recording path and settings

Step3 Start Recording

Next, choose whether you want to adjust the region of the video that you want to Record or use the full-screen recording. As for the region, simply adjust the crosshair using your mouse. Once settled click the “Ok” button to start recording.

adjust the region

Step4 Annotate

While recording you can also add Lines, shapes, and text to emphasize some important parts of the video being played. Simply click the “pencil” icon to show these features.

editwhile recording

Step5 Stop recording and Play

Once done, click the “Stop” button then recorded file is auto-populated in the interface.


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