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Review of Screenr Alternatives to Record Screen

Last updated on November 6, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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Review of Screenr Alternatives to Record Screen

Screenr is a popular web-based screen recorder that can help you record screen to make video tutorials or capture online videos. As everything has its pros and cons, it’s necessary to know some Screenr alternatives for screen recording when Screenr can’t meet your needs. Screen Grabber Pro is one of the top Screenr alternatives. You can start a trial version by clicking the button below.

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alternatives to screenrThe Screenr online program allows you to record anything on your computer’s screen. While it captures the video, it can also record audio as well. You do have to specify the source of the audio: either onboard sound or from a microphone. If you have an account at you can publish your file right away on their convenient hosting. This is one solution for people who wish to share their embedded video file on their blog, social media pages or message boards. Unfortunately, Screenr is no longer supported by the publisher so you need to find an alternative if you want to this type of service. We have collected a few options that are not only as good as this one was but quite a bit more advanced as well.

This article will give you reviews on various different alternatives that are available to Screenr.

Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows

If you ever want to record your computer screen while not connected to the Internet, you can try the stable program called Screen Grabber Pro. It has all the features that were listed for the online program described above, but it also lets you take simple screenshots and even supports task scheduling. This means you can record your screen even when you are not on your computer.

Listed below are the steps:

Step1 Download, install Screen Recorder Pro program

Download the program and install it on your computer. Activate the program and you will get to the interface.

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Step2 Choose the options

Open the interface. Here you can select from multiple panels and choose the recording’s audio via “Audio Input” Use your mouse to click the first icon on top menu. This will make a small menu drop-down where you can select different recording modes such as full screen, region and others. Region mode requires that you click and drag your mouse to select the area of the screen you want to be recorded.

screen grabber pro audio settings

Step3 Launch the recording progress

You can choose what screen you would like to recording. Just push “Record” button in the menu. Record the full screen or highlight a specific region. Click “OK” to begin the recording process.

choose recording mode

Step4 Make the recording

After settings, push “Start” button. You have got a real-time commentary on the toolbar during the recording.When the desired video is complete, click “Stop” and the file will be saved to your hard drive and added to a list of recorded files in the application. After finished recording, you can watch it by pushing “Play” button.

recording screen

Step5 The recording programmed for a later time

Task Scheduler is a program to predetermine the recording. You can record, then save WebEx videos on the computer if you are not sitting before it. Push “ Settings “ to do the recording task. Enter the recording’s name, then set the starting time and of course the duration’s time and the recording’s way. After those, push the “Create” then the “OK” button. Now you have saved the task.

configure date of task scheduler

This helps you for example during meeting. You can turn it off like email. Just wait to start the program it automatically. Download the WebEx meeting recorder and do not wait with hassles.

Free Screen Recorder Online

free screen recorder

Anyone using a browser can use the Free Online Screen Recorder. This simple to use app allows you to select a region of the screen to record or to focus on the entire thing at once. It also integrates with your Webcam for even more recording options. While the screen is being recorded, you can add extras to the video such as text, lines and arrows. With Windows Online Screen Recorder, all video files you make or saved directly to your hard drive or can be uploaded right away to YouTube or another video sharing sites. As long as you are running a Windows machine, this free program is the best Screenr alternative.

Look at these steps to know recording screencast does not needs much time.

Step1 See the online performance

Visit this page and activate the app on your computer. Simply press the “Start Recording” button. Please note that the first time you run it, you will need to go through a quick installation process for the launcher.

free screen recorder online

Step2 Define the settings

When you opened the app, you can choose the recording ways. After the user interface shows up, choose your custom video and audio modes and, if desired, delve into the “Options” and you to make other changes to the default settings.

launch recorder online

Step3 Start recording

After you set the options, click on “REC” on the toolbar to begin recording. Good to know that if the recording is an audio from System or Microphone you can use both of. WebEx -where you can record with audio- is a free app.

Step4 Make and finish the video

You have got a real-time commentary to draw-well important information. Through the editing features you can option more amendments. To pause the process at any time, click on the blue button. When the recording is finished, click the same blue button but then also select the check mark to complete the file. It will be automatically saved by the program.


Step5 Save and share the video

Your video can now be previewed and either saved to your hard drive, external storage or upload it directly to a video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Use IceCream Screen Recorder

Another way to capture the activities on your screen, is by using Ice cream Screen Recorder. This tool is simple enough to use to make it to this list. With its simple design and user-friendly features, it sure will be useful to people who seeks a way to record their activities on their PC. One feature of this tool is, it is not only a screen recorder tool, but a screen capture tool as well. Having double features really is something that sets it apart from other screen recording tool out there. Here are the steps on how to use Icecream Screen Recorder.

Step1 Download and install the tool

Get the installer of IceCream Screen Recorder from the link and install the program on your PC device by following the instructions on the screen.

download the tool

Step2 Run the tool and start recording

Once the installation is finished, quickly launch the tool. On the home screen, select “Capture Video” and start recording.

start video capture

Step3 Click the Record button

Configure the settings according to your preference. Once everything is set, click the “Record” button to start. Once the recording is done, click the “Stop” button to end the process.

record the video

Step4 Play the recorded video

After recording, the video will be saved to a folder. Play the video from the list of videos that were captured by the tool.

play the video


As you can see, there are several programs to use as a Screenr alternative. You can find them online or desktop based, but you should try them to know which program is the best for your wishes. We recommend the AceThinker programs, because they would not betray the user.

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