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Best 6 Screen Recorder for Recording Screen without Lag

Last updated on August 20, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

As videos talks much more than static images, now recording videos has been a trend either to create a video tutorial, record an online video chat, capture a gameplay, etc. If you’re one of those who need to record computer screen frequently, you may look for a no lag screen recorder that allow you to record anything happening on your computer screen easily and smoothly with no lags. Here some of the best screen recording programs and apps that let you record screen without lag on both computer and mobile devices are reviewed with detailed instructional steps. Just check and get the one that most fits your needs and capture your computer and mobile screen smoothly.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

small logo of screen grabber proAceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best no lag screen recorder that allows you to record videos from online, capture live meetings, save video chats, etc. with no lags. This screen recorder allows you to record the videos and audios simultaneously. Different capture modes are provided for efficient recording and there is no learning curve as the interface is quite user-friendly. Meanwhile the recording is going on, the built-in editor feature can be used for adding texts, callouts, lines, etc. to annotate the video in real time. Moreover, this program allows you to schedule a recording task ahead so that you can even capture your computer screen when you are away. Different output formats like WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4 and more are supported so you can play and share the recording anywhere you like. Once done, you can share the video to YouTube or upload to FTP in just one click. In order to use this program, you can have a check at the detailed guideline below:

Step1 Download and install the program

You can start the first step by downloading the Screen Recorder Pro program according to your computer needs from the link below. Afterwards, simply install it through the wizard.

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Step2 Set the options

Once downloaded and installed, open up the interface of the program, where you can choose from multiple panels. Here before you start the recording, firstly select the audio that you’d like to record through the “Audio Input” dropdown menu. In case you wish to record your screen with your comments, make sure to include the microphone audio, while in case you wish to record only the ongoing music, just select the system sound to be recorded.

set the audio sources

Step3 Initiate the recording process

Once the audio input options are set, you can select what section of the screen you would like to record by directing yourself to the “Record” drop down menu. Here you can choose to highlight a specific region of your screen with only including the video player’s window where you wish to record the video, or you also can choose to record the full screen with everything included.

select recording mode

Step4 Perform screen recording

Once everything is set, click on the “Start” button to start doing the recording, where you can also have real-time annotation from the appearing toolbar during the ongoing recording on your future video. Afterwards, once you have recorded what you wanted, click on the “Stop” button, so the video will be automatically recorded. Once you have finished the recording, you are able to watch the recording by clicking on the “Play” option.

sgb step4

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BB FlashBack Express

bb flashback expressAnother recommended screen recorder with no lag is BB Flashback Express, which is completely free. Though it’s free, it offers almost all the basic features that you may need in a screen capture. This screencast software allows you to record in full screen, capture a window a just a particular area. As for audio, you can record along with the sound from the computer system or microphone. If you want to crop and trim the recorded video, you will have to upgrade to the paid version to get those functions available. After the video has been recorded, you can share them to YouTube, Revver, Viddler and more instantly. However, you can only record in AVI and Flash for that tit’s only available for Windows. To proceed with this program, simply refer to the steps below:

Step1 Setting up before the recording

After downloading and installing the program from the official website, you can start your screencast by choosing to record the entire screen, a specific part of your desktop or even an active window depending on what you are looking to record and what is most suitable to your needs. You can also set the audio input before the recording and choose whether or not to include your camera in the recording.

BB FlashBack Express settings

Step2 Record Your Screen Area

Once you decided the options, you can start the recording by selecting the region you wish to record and after you highlighted the area of interest, once you click ont o start the recording, a countdown appears, after which the recording begins.

Step3 Start with Recording

While the recording is in progress, you can finish the recording session via the emerging system toolbar at anytime during the recording process when you feel that everything is included in the new video already. Furthermore, you can also double-click on the BB Flashback Express icon from the system tray which also brings up the pausing or stopping options.

Step4 Saving the Recorded Video

Once the recording process is finished, you are presented multiple options to choose whether you wish to upload the video to YouTube or Export it to WMV format.

save recording


screenflow for macGet Screenflow to record screencasts on Mac without delay. You can record just a specifical part or the full screen. You can also record webcam and audio system/microphone at the same time. With Timer you can set the recording duration. It allows you to leave it before the recording starts. By built-in-editor you can edit the recorded videos whith adding pictures,music etc. After processed, you can send it for YouTube or Vimeo. This program has a quite difficult useage. It is only works with Mac. Look at these steps to know more about ScreenFlow:

Step1 Install the recording process

After you have opened the ScreenFlow interface, you can choose what part of screen you want to record. You can also start a new screen recording if you are nor processed. Just push the small camera icon on the toolbar( top, right side ). There are several options to choose the most comfortable audio and recording variation.

setting up the recording

Step2 Start recording

After you have chose the options of recording, push the record button. There will be shown an old-time movie cutting down. After that the recording will starts automatically.

Step3 Finish recording

Push the camera icon on the toolbar with right-click, then push the “Stop Record” button. The recording will completed and you can find your recorded file on the right side.

Comparison of Windows/Mac No Lag Screen Recorders

As it can be seen, there are several options available on the market for fulfilling completely your various recording needs, and it is just up to your preferences which one would be the most suitable for your need to go with as they operate with different interface and in a different way, while some offer more flexibility and more powerful features than the other. Although it can sometimes be hard to be aware of all the exact differences between the available solutions on the market and know which would be the most suitable to your needs. Therefore, you can have a look at our comparison table for your ease:

AT Screen Grabber ProBB FlashBack ExpressScreenFlow
Steps involvedRecording takes 3 clicks to finishMultiple steps are involvedMultiple steps are involved
Ease of usabilityFriendly for the users, easy to follow recording optionClassic interface, with confusing buttonsUser friendly, but classic interface
Recording windowFlexible alteration available in regard of your need for recordingSizeable window among full screen as well as regional recordingChangeable window from full screen to region
Recording qualityHigher quality recordingGreat quality recordingGood quality recording
Speed of recordingSmooth recording without any laggingSmooth recording without any laggingSmooth recording without any lagging
TimerSpecial Scheduler feature lets you time start and end of remote recordingNo featureTimer features lets you time end of recording, no possibility to remote starting
Third party applicationYesYesYes
Screencam Screen Recorder for Android

screencam screen recorder Screencam Screen Recorder is free to download and install mobile application for Android devices. The tool is available from the Google Play Store on all Android devices, and is able to record screen activities anytime and anywhere. What is good about this tool, is the fact the it is a mobile version which makes it portable and best of all, it has no lags. This ensures that the user will get smooth and consistent screen recording every time. Another feature of the tool aside from being able to record screen, is its immediate playback function which lets users view and check the video. Such a convenient way to get the perfect videos every time.

Record It! Screen Recorder

recordit apple logoRecord It is a good no lag screen recording app on iOS. You can record content on your device following a two-step guide on the app. This application can be used to record gameplay, video tutorials, and so on. Recorded videos can be edited using the trim feature in the app. Taking screen footage on Record It is very easy, it comes with a feautre that enables you organize your footage without stress. After recording, the app also allows users share and export the screen footage through AirDrop or email. This version of the app limits video record time to three minutes. The Pro version with complete features will be released soon for an added price.


These are 5 of the apps that you can use to record videos on your computer without any lag. Whichever software you interested in using, they will all deliver an excellent and responsive output. However, as we know, if you are a game player or you are creating a tutorial, it is better to have a high hardware computer specification. This is to maximize the capabilities of the screen recording software while enjoying your gameplay or any activity on your PC at the same time.

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Best 6 Screen Recorder for Recording Screen without Lag

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