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Best 5 Screen Recorder with Video Editor for Windows/Mac

Last updated on February 28, 2019 by Eleena

With the advancement of technology, many people use to work using their computers and laptops. Either for personal or business purposes such as communicating with friends, having an online meeting, making tutorials and play games. At the same time, many people want to record these essential activities on their computer screen. For this reason, they need to use a screen recorder, and editor since many screen recording applications are also out in the market. In this article, we will show you the best screen recorder and video editor that will help you to accomplish your recording tasks.

Screen Grabber Pro - Screen Recorder and Editor for Win/Mac

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is the first reliable tool recommended as a screen recorder and editor that runs on both Windows and Mac systems. It allows you to record any screen activities that you are going to do on your computers such as live stream videos, gameplay, video conference, and online tutorials. This application is not only useful for screen recording but also for taking screenshots of your activities. Moreover, you can make real-time annotations while recording with the use of the app’s built-in editor. It is also possible to schedule your recording even if you are not in front of your computer by the “Task Scheduler.” After that, you are allowed to save all the recorded files in any format that you want such as WMV, AVI, MP3, MP4, etc.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step1 Download and Install the Application

To quickly get and use the application, tap the shortcut button of this program below. After that, follow the setup wizard and wait until the application is launched.

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Step2 Customize the Capture Area

After the program has been downloaded, select Region from “Start.” Then drag a region on your screen and adjust the vertex to suit the size according to your preference.

select region

Step3 Annotate and Record Simultaneously

Now you can start capturing your favorite video. Editing is also possible on a real-time basis during the recording process. You can insert circles, arrows, texts, and more to annotate the video.

annotate video

Step4 Finish the Recording

Click the “Stop” button to end it. The video recording will then be stopped, and the file will be saved onto your local drive.

stop button

Step5 Open the Editing Tab

You can also trim the video after the recording. Just click the “Edit” button on the lower right corner of the application.

edit option

Step6 Edit the Video

Another pop-up window will appear on your screen where you can edit the video. You can trim the part of the video you want to save, adjust the brightness, add subtitles, and more.

edit file

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Bandicam Screen Recorder (Windows Only)

Another excellent tool for screen recording and editing software is Bandicam, which offers you a lot of options on how you will record your screens like rectangle area, full screen, around mouse, game recording, or device recording. Along with these options, you can also configure the audio sources. The same as the other applications, this program also has a built-in feature for editing during and after the recording. While recording, you can annotate the video file like adding shapes, numbers, texts, arrows, and more. On the other hand, you can trim the start and end part of the recording to choose the portion of the recorded video that you want to save. Look at the steps below to know how to use the Bandicam.


Step1 Download the Application

The first step of using this app is to download it from its official website. Wait for a few seconds until the app is launched.

Step2 Select the Capture Mode

In every recording, it always needs to customize the capture area first before you can start recording. On the main interface of the app, you will see the different recording parameters either you want to choose the full-screen mode, rectangular area, around a mouse and game mode. Another option is to drag a region to select the capture area that you wish to record.

Step3 Start the Recording

Go to the video sharing site that you want and choose the video that you wish to record. When you are finally ready to start the recording, click the “Recording” button that is located on the top-right corner of the application’s main interface.

Step4 Add Annotations

You can enhance the recorded video’s quality by leaving some comments during the recording to express your thoughts about the video. Simply choose from the annotation tools on the right side corner of the application.

Step5 Stop Recording

When you have finished recording, tap the “Stop” button which you can see on the right of the main toolbar.

Step6 Edit the Video

To make the tool more visually comprehensive, you can edit the video again. Choose the file that you want to sedit then another pop-up window will appear, where you can trim the part of the video that you want to save.

Screenflow (Mac Only)

Similarly, ScreenFlow is a screen recorder and editor. However, this tool is only compatible with Mac’s computer. With the use of this application, you can produce a superb recorded video because you can edit your video by adding annotations, animations, filters, and transitions. Check the steps below to start using the application.

screen flow

Step1 Choose Recording Mode

First, you need to download from ScreenFlow website. Afterward, install and open it on your computer. By the time that you already installed the program, make sure that you choose your capture mode. Either you wish to record in a region or full-screen.

screenflow settings

Step2 Start the Recording

When you are about to start your recording, tap the small “Camera” icon at the bottom part of the app interface.

start button

Step3 Finish and Edit the Recorded Video

Finally, if your recording is done, click the “Stop Record” button. Then your recorded file will be on the Screenflow main editing window.

editing option

Acethinker Online Screen Recorder (Windows & Mac)

Aside from the tools mentioned earlier, Acethinker Free Online Screen Recorder was also efficient in screencasting and editing. Since this software is web-based, it is completely for free. On the contrary, you cannot use this if you are not connected with the Internet. This app has a built-in function for annotations. In that situation, you can add shapes, arrows, lines, and texts. Follow the steps below about using the application.

free screen recorder online

Step1 Launch the Application

Visit the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder and click the “Start” button to activate the application. You can also try using the shortcut button given below.


Step2 Customize the Region

Choose the parts of the screen that you want to include in the recording by dragging the frame. Adjust the size of the frame by dragging the edges to suit your needs.

select region

Step3 Start Recording

After you customize the size of the capture frame, you can now proceed to the recording. You need to click the “Rec” button from the floating toolbar. Then the srecording will start after the countdown of 3.

Step4 Annotate while Recording Simultaneously

During the recording, you can do a real-time commentary by using the built-in editors in the floating toolbar. You can highlight relevant information and add shapes, arrows, and texts.

annotate video

Step5 Stop and Save the Recording

When the recording has finished, click the red “Square” button. The recording proc will stop and will automatically save on your computer’s hard drive. This tool also allows you to share it with different video sharing websites.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Last on the list, is Icecream Screen Recorder. This tool, like any other screen recorder offers high-quality output every time. This is true because Icecream Screen Recorder, have features that are essential in producing a clear video of your screen activities. Also, it has a screenshot tool that is able to capture clear screen shots of your screen. To learn how to use Icecream Screen Recorder, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download Icecream Screen Recorder

To install Icecream Screen Recorder, click this link here, and you will be redirected to its website. Click the download button and run the installer on your PC.

download the software

Step2 Launch the application

After installation, start the application and on the launch screen, select “Capture video” to go to the screen recorder.

select the recording mode

Step3 Select the area to record

Choose the screen area that you want to include to the recording, by dragging the frame to cover the parts you want included.

adjust the frame

Step4 Start the recording

When everything is set, begin the recording process by clicking the “Record” button which is located on the floating toolbar.

start the process of recording

Step5 Add annotations

While recording is in progress, you can add notes to your screen to enhance your video. Click the “Draw” button and a toolbar will appear with different options available.

add annotations

Step6 End the recording

When you are done recording, and want to save the video, click the “Stop” button from the floating toolbar, and the video will be saved.

end the recording

Step7 Watch the video

The video is available to watch from the “Preview Panel” of the tool. Using the built-in player of Icecream Screen Recorder, you can watch all the videos that you recorded.

play the video


Sometimes it’s necessary to edit the recording to make it look more professional and stunning. Luckily, there are many screen recording software with built-in video editor so that you don’t need to turn to other video editing applications. We hope the four recommended screen recorder and editor in this article will be helpful and suit all your needs. At the same time, if you are using other tools that are not mentioned in the list, you may leave a comment here for your suggestions. We will update the article if your recommendation is OK.

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