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For Mac Users, Screen Flow is one of the best things that they can get. It lets users record any part of the monitor, or even the entire screen at once. Even the video camera, microphone, iOS devices and the computer audio can be captured using it. Screen Flow is great for all types of users- including educators, tutorial designers, individual users and even enterprises. It lets you record the entire screen, select particular windows to record and even record a region of your screen. Screen Flow even lets the user configure the audio input source. However, with all these features, there is a limitation to Screen Flow. It works only in Mac PCs. Thus, if you are a Windows user, then you will not be able to use Screen Flow. However- do not let that worry you. As you read ahead, you will come across some of the best alternatives for recording the screen on your Windows PC.

Use the Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows
2 - 4 mins

One of the most versatile tools that you can use to record the monitor in your Mac as well as Windows PC is the Screen Grabber Pro. It lets you create a snapshot, record a screenshot and do a lot more without any hassles. It lets you create screencasts/screenshots using your webcam as well. This tools comes with real-time editing capabilities among a number of other features.

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To begin using the Screen Grabber utility, you first need to download and install the tool from the Ace Thinker website. It works with all Windows versions from XP and above, so compatibility should not be an issue here. Once the installation completes, select the option that says “Region”. This will change your cursor to a crosshair. Click, hold it and then drag it across the area that you want to record. After the area is selected, there will be a countdown of 3 seconds, after which, the recording will commence.


As the recording proceeds, you will be able to make a number of edits to the video. This includes annotations, lines, arrows, texts and a lot more. The “Pen Icon” is what you need to click for them. The playback will not be disturbed while you go through all these options.


Use the red “Stop” button to conclude the recording. It will be saved on the local drive and come on the lists for recording. The only downside to this desktop recorder tool is that you have to download and install it. If you are looking for a quicker solution, then the next online utility that we have in store for you should serve as the perfect choice.

Online Screen Recorder

free online screen recorder
2 mins
Very Easy

It allows you to chose from the desired audio input method, including microphone, system or both of them, add your webcam as the recording source and even customize the output format. With this tool, you are also provided with cloud space on to store the recordings. To begin using this tool, you just have to go to the Online Screen Recorder page .

On the website, if you are using this tool for the first, it will ask you to download a small launcher program to your PC. Go through with the installation, which should not take more than 2-3 minutes. After this installation, you will be shown a recording are along with a toolbar under it. This bar allows you to select the input source, modify the area to be recorded and make any other changes that you desire.

After the configuration is complete, click on the red button that says “Rec”, and the recording will begin. You can add new lines, text and arrows while the recording is going on. The playback is not disturbed while you do that. Once you are done with the recording, hit “Pause” and then check the green icon. With this, your recoding will complete. You can access the options including preview, save the video and upload it to any of your preferred cloud storages and YouTube.

Use the CamStudio Screen Recorder

camstudio interface
3 - 5 mins

Another screen-recording app that you can use is the CamStudio Open Source software. It can record all the audio and video activity in your PC without any download/installations on it. You can record the complete screen or just a part of it, depending upon your requirements. Further, it also lets you save in AVI format, or use the SWF converter to change the format. You just need to download the tool from the CamStudio website. After the isolation concludes, start the software, and it will show you a number of options. Use the Red button to begin the recording. You can use the Region tab to select a particular window/area of the screen, or record the entire screen. Once the recording is completed, press the Pause button to stop screen recording. It lets you save the output on your local hard drive.

You can use to the various options that it provides you with to configure CamStudio and record your screen. Overall, if you are just looking to record without any additional hassles, that is all you will be required to do with CamStudio.


These are just 3 of the best tools/methods that you can use and record your Windows PC screen. With a range of options and configurations to choose from, you should be able to get the exact output that you desire. Chose what goes best with your requirements, and within a few minutes, you will have a powerful screen recording utility on your Windows PC- as good as Screen Flow itself!

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