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5 Decent Ways to Record Roblox Gameplay Video

Last updated on June 27, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

Whenever you play games, you may want to record the gameplay to keep the precious moments or to share skills with other players. There are many methods to capture Roblox gameplay and here we list the best 5 ones according to our research. Please read on to get more details or you can first download Screen Grabber Pro to start the recording immediately.

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Roblox is a popular game that allows users to create gameplay as much as they can imagine. If you are looking for ways to record Roblox, you must be a Roblox lover, right? Need to keep some impressive Roblox memories by recording a video? Want to share some Roblox gameplay tips and tricks with other gamers? No matter what your reason is for recording Roblox gameplay video, you have come to the right place. This article will show you how to capture Roblox video easily with the perfect Roblox recorder. Just keep reading to find the solution.

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How to Record Roblox with the Built-in Recorder

Luckily, Roblox has a built-in recorder that allows you to record Roblox easily. Try the following tips to use Roblox recorder:

Step1 Initiate in-game video recording

Go into the game and click the Menu button in the upper-left corner. Then navigate to the Record tab in the game menu. Click the Record Video button, and the menu will close, and the program will start recording your screen.

builtin roblox screen recorder

Step2 Finalize your recording

When you are done, click the Record icon to stop recording, and the recorded video will be saved to your hard drive. You can then go to the My Videos folder to view the captured Roblox game video.

Step3 Share your Roblox recording

If you want to share the Roblox recording on YouTube, you can connect your account to YouTube and upload the video instantly to share your Roblox game experience, tips and tricks, and so on with other gamers.

This in-game video capture tool is quite easy to use because the functions are limited—you can only start and stop recording. You even can’t pause the recording to ignore some unnecessary part. Additionally, the only mode available is whole video screen capturing mode, which means that you cannot record only a particular region of the screen. Additionally, the recording quality is sometimes not great. Therefore, many gamers are unsatisfied with this built-in Roblox video recorder and are looking for better alternatives.

Screen Grabber Pro – Best Roblox Screen Recorder

screen grabber proWe recommend AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro as the best alternative to the built-in Roblox recorder. This program lets you capture Roblox videos in high quality with flexible options. It enables you to record either the full screen of Roblox gameplay videos or a specific region only. Moreover, you can even capture webcam footage and record audio from your microphone, the system, or both to narrate your gameplay. During the recording process, you are free to pause and resume the recording as you like. You can download and install the proper version of this Roblox screen recorder and follow the simple steps below to record Roblox easily with voice without lag.

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Step1 Configure the Roblox Recording Settings

Once you have installed Screen Grabber Pro on your computer, launch it, and you will see the interface as shown below. Before recording, we recommend that you configure some settings first. You can select the audio input and capture mode from the main interface. For more settings, such as the mouse cursor style, output video format, destination folder, and so on, simply click Settings and set them one-by-one to suit your needs.

sgp step 1

Step2 Start to Record Roblox

Go to the Roblox game you wish to play and record and click the Record button on Screen Grabber Pro to start recording your Roblox gameplay. During the video recording, you can click Pause to take a break or ignore a session you do not need to record.

record roblox

Step3 Save and Share Your Roblox Video

After the recording work is done, you can click the Stop button to finish the Roblox recording. Once the video has been processed, it will be displayed on the main interface of the screen recorder. You can then enjoy it on your computer or upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more.

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tinytake When it comes to doing a recording in order to offline save the gameplay of your Roblox gaming, you can rely on Tinytake as a worthy partner that can help with fulfilling all the necessary acts that are in connection with such sort of recording. This tool is a great selection as it is able to combine both the professional benefits and advantages as well as all the accessibility that are in associated with the offered features of the program in order to provide very smooth navigation and great eventual recording experience for everybody who uses it.

In case you think to try out TinyTake for your recording, refer to the steps mentioned here.

Step1 Select the TinyTake icon

Once you have the tool set up, you need to right click on the icon of TinyTake that is located on the system tray and afterwards press the Capture Video from screen or Capture video from webcam option to proceed.

Capture Screen

Step2 Configure all the relevant shortcuts

Then you can also spend some time on configuring all the related shortcuts under the Settings and the associated Hot-Keys tab.

Step3 Launch the capturing

Once the configuration is ready, do the launching of the tool via pressing the Capture button so the capturing options will be presented. Then just do the Roblox gameplay and capture everything to your wish. In the end you can stop and save the recording.

Program Capture

Record Roblox Gameplay with Screencast-O-Matic

app icon screencast o matic Screencast-o-matic is a well-known solution on the field of gameplay recorder applications that is on one side suitable to universally capture all sorts of activities that are being held on the computer, but on the other side it is offering a very enjoyable and smooth recording option for those who are doing gameplay recording and are wishing to have their Roblox Gameplay captured with this application on a straightforward manner. This tool lets you grab the video of the gameplay together with the system audio that will bring a very enjoyable recording to your hands.

For utilizing this gameplay recorder, check the provided steps below.

Step1 Navigate to the site

To begin the recording steps you first need to visit the official site of the tool where you can directly access the Start Recording button to capture the Roblox gameplay.

Step2 Put together the recording

After the commencing of the recording is done, you will see the recording toolbar appear where you can select the area around your Roblox gameplay by adjusting the selector area around the gaming window. Then you can just start the recording and play all the way you wish, and simply stop it to be saved in the end of the recording.

screencastomatic step2

Record Roblox Gameplay Online for Free

free screen recorder Last but not least on the list of our selected Roblox Gameplay recorder solutions, you can also choose to utilize the AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online tool that offers a very pleasant recording due to its very easy and accessible interface and universal applicability from the official website of the tool directly, that can be visited from both Windows and Mac computers directly in case a gameplay is needed to be captured. This solution can be initiated directly without any effort, that places it on a high level on the ranking. For its user guide, see the steps below.

Step1 Start up your Roblox gameplay

First in the recording process you can simply start up your Roblox game and put it in either full screen or in window mode where you will have the recording surrounded.

Step2 Launch the screen recorder

After launching Roblox, start the screen recorder by clicking the button below. This will directly launch the tool without having to visit the official website of Free Screen Recorder Online.


Step3 Configure the recording

On the tool’s page you can immediately set up everything that is needed for a pleasant recording from the direct toolbar. This toolbar lets you adjust the audio input and the way of capturing, where in case you do Roblox gameplay in the window, you need to select the Region mode, or the Fullscreen in case of full screen gameplay.

choose audio input

Step4 Start the Roblox capturing

When everything looks good in the settings, adjust the frame of the recording tool around the Roblox window and then start the recording by pressing the REC button.

Step5 Finalize the creation of the video

During the actual recording process while the gameplay is recorded, there is also possibility to have a real-time annotation on the video that is being created where you have the chance to include any sort of highlights on the gameplay as you wish. Then just stop the creation so the video will be automatically saved.

finalize capturing


As you can see there are several screen recording options which you can choose from in case you would like to record your Roblox gameplay. However, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the exact differences between the available solutions on the market and see which would be the most suitable to your needs. Therefore you can refer to this comparison table below to see some of the most important differences between the two solutions which we presented before.

Built-in Roblox RecorderAT Screen Grabber Pro
Steps involvedMultiple steps to start and finish recordingRecording can be done in 3 simple clicks
Ease of recordingYou always need to go through the complete game menu to do the recordingEasy, the right button combination brings up or hides the toolbar
Ease of useThe recording features takes time to learnUser friendly, straightforward recording
Recording windowSet by the program, cannot be changedYou can change flexibly according to your recording needs
Recording qualityProvides good quality recordingProvides higher quality recording
Speed of recordingAs it runs parallel to the Roblox game through the same program, freezes in the recording is possibleSmooth recording without any lagging
Third party applicationNo, only can be accessed only in the Roblox menuYes, it can be run separately from Roblox

With the table presented above, we can conclude that with Screen Grabber Pro, you can record Roblox videos with more flexible options and better quality. In addition to recording gameplay videos, it also allows you to record online live streaming videos or anything else happening on your computer screen. Give it a try!

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5 Decent Ways to Record Roblox Gameplay Video

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