How to Record YouTube Live Streaming Video

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How to Record YouTube Live Streaming Video

record youtube live streamYouTube Live is a great live streaming service that allows anyone to create a live feed. This is great for people to watch their favorite YouTubers, sports streams, video gaming and people showing tutorials on how to do certain things you wish to learn. Due to the increasing popularity of live streaming on YouTube, there is also a growing need to record YouTube live stream so that you can go back to your favorite live videos without needing an Internet connection. In this article, we will show you several effective ways to record live streaming videos from YouTube with no hassles at all.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best YouTube Live Stream Recorder

record live stream from youtube

Screen Grabber Pro is a great service from AceThinker that allows the user to download a program for all of their screen recording needs. Not only does this program offer the function to allow the user to record their full screen, it also allows for the recording of specific regions. With the live videos being rather long, this program has an editing function that can help reduce the size. Not only can you annotate the video during the recording process, this program allows you to trim the video to only contain the parts you need.

In order to use this program, you can have a look at the detailed guideline below:

Step1 Download and proceed with installing the recorder

You can have this tool among your other programs readily available if you download it from here below and follow the emerging launcher that guides you through the installation process.

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Step2 Set all the necessary options

When you arrived into the interface of the recorder, set your options including the format type, audio quality as well as video quality, and in the Audio Input section choose the desired input, that shall be the System Sound in case of a recording a YouTube stream.

configure audio settings

Step3 Prepare the YouTube recording

After the setting just plainly progress to the Start tab and pick the best recording option, that is suggested to be the Region option in case of a YouTube live stream where you can specify the window around the actual streaming window which will be the only part to be recorded so you can later focus all your enjoyment on that section.

record webex meeting

Step4 Do your YouTube live stream capture

After deciding on the Region option, hit the “Start” and you will directly initiate the recording which will go all the way during the streaming due to the no restriction on the time which the program offers. Then just press the Stop to automatically abort the recording once your YouTube life scream is over and you captured the whole content.

annotate on screen during recording

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Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another great program to use to record your screen. It comes as a free version and also a pro version with the latter having a lot more features than the free product. With the free version your options are very limited to what you can do but with the pro version, there are a lot more features that allow you to create a movie with editing and drawing annotations.

Does this tool sound good to you? Refer here for more below.

Step1 Have the tool up on your computer

You can install the Icecream recorder from the original Icecream webpage in the most convenient manner, where you can just save the installation launcher and operate it to have everything up and running in a second.

Step2 Adjust the configuration

Head instantly over the “Settings” tab on the interface to set the available configuration to your need. Here you can alter the System options that are associated with the notifications, area selection zooming as well as webcam configuration. Furthermore you can have the alteration of Video related options in the second panel where you can adjust the video quality and format type among other important specs.

Icecream Screen Recorder Settings

Step3 Hit the right audio option

Adjusting the right sound specs is among the most important configurations, where you must select the internal sound source as the preferred audio device in order to have all the sound of the ongoing streaming captured later and avoid capturing a muted video.

Step4 Do the prep for the stream capturing

Now it is time to open the YouTube live streaming video that is in your mind to be recorded, and use the Capture video button to have the program initialized where the Area auto detection will give you an easy time in picking the best and most suitable recording area around your streaming.

Icecream Screen Recorder capture video

Step5 Record and annotate your live streaming

Once started and the recording is therefore being created, you can also press the Draw icon on the emerging panel of the recorder, which will give you plenty of tools to annotate and mark important notes on the window of the YouTube streaming that will also eventually be recorded, and therefore will give you some valuable hints and guidance later.

Icecream Screen Recorder record

Capture YouTube Live Stream With Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder online

AceThinker’s Free Screen Recorder Online is a simple yet effective screen capture tool that can be launched online and captures both video and sound from your system. With this recorder you can choose whether you want to capture the activity of your entire screen or just a section of it. Moreover, you can enhance your recordings with the built-in real-time editor and you can save recordings in a number of different file formats.

Step1 Launch the Online Tool

The link provided above in the description will take you to the website from where the tool can be accessed. Click “Start” to launch the tool. If you are a first time user, you will have to download the launcher too.

online screen recorder start

Step2 Select Region

Once you have the recorder loaded on your screen, switch to the live video you want to record and adjust the recording area to fit the size of your media player by dragging the corners of the highlighted area. You can also record in full screen mode. To do this press the “Full Screen” icon on the bottom toolbar.

choose region

Step3 Start Recording

Once you have the recording area set, all you have to do is hit the red “REC” button. A 3 second countdown will begin to let you prepare for the recording.

start recording

Step4 Stop Recording

When you want to finish recording a live stream, simply hit the red “Stop”button. Afterwards, you can view your recorded video in Free Screen Recorder’s media player that appears automatically.

stop recording

Make sure to save, upload or share your video before exiting the program.

save recording


There are some great programs available which allow you to record and download live videos from YouTube. If you’re looking for a simple screen recorder that is easy to use then I would recommend trying Icecream Screen Recorder. If you’re looking to record your screen and add extra to the live recording then I would definitely recommend Screen Grabber Pro as it is easy to use and has a lot extra included in the package.

I know that there are many more tools than the recommended ones can help you record YouTube live streaming videos. Here i just list the 3 to narrow down your selections. If you think i have missed any better one, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!

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