How to Record YouTube Live Streaming Video

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How to Record YouTube Live Streaming Video

You will find hundreds of thousands live streaming videos on YouTube every day. If you want to record YouTube live streams for viewing later when you have some free time, you can just get Screen Grabber Pro, a program that can help you capture live streaming videos from YouTube in just a few clicks. Get it now!

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YouTube Live is a great live streaming service that allows anyone to create a live feed. This is great for people to watch their favorite YouTubers, sports streams, video gaming and people showing tutorials on how to do certain things you wish to learn. Due to the increasing popularity of live streaming on YouTube, there is also a growing need to record YouTube live stream so that you can go back to your favorite live videos without needing an Internet connection. In this post, we’re going to discuss several effective ways to capture livestreams from YouTube with no hassles at all.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best YouTube Live Stream Recorder

screen grabber pro cover

Screen Grabber Pro is a great service from AceThinker that allows the user to download a program for all of their screen recording needs. Not only does this program offer the function to allow the user to record their full screen, it also allows for the recording of specific regions. With the live videos being rather long, this program has an editing function that can help reduce the size. Not only can you annotate the video during the recording process, this program allows you to trim the video to only contain the parts you need. Below are the steps to learn how you can use Screen Grabber Pro to record Youtube live streams.

Step1 Download and proceed with installing the recorder

You can have this tool among your other programs readily available if you download it from here below and follow the emerging launcher that guides you through the installation process.

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Step2 Customize options

First of all, go to the “Audio input” tab on top and from the drop-down list select what type of audio you want to be included in your video. To record YouTube video with sound, tick “System sound”. If you want to include audio input from your microphone, tick “System sound and microphone”.

youtube record step2

Now move right to the “Settings” tab and select “Options” from the drop-down list. Click the “Recording” tab and customize the settings related to video format, mouse and on-screen information. Once done, hit “OK”.

youtube record steps

Step3 Choose recording mode

Open your browser, go to YouTube and find the live stream you want to record and start playing the video. Click “Record” in the top-left corner of the interface and from the drop-down list select one of the 5 recording modes. For recording live stream videos from YouTube, the most suitable mode is “Region”. The region mode lets you select the area of the YouTube media player to be recorded only. Simply drag the mouse cursor to form a rectangle covering the area of the video and the highlighted region will be recorded.


Step4 Controlling the recording

After deciding on the Region option, hit “OK” and after a 3 second countdown, the recording process will begin. Use these 3 seconds to prepare for the recording. A compact little control bar will appear in the middle of your screen which you can use to pause and stop your recording.

floating toolbar

Step5 Managing the recording

Once the live stream is over and you have stopped the recording process, your video will automatically be saved and showed in Screen Grabber Pro’s media library from where you can play, edit and upload your video after selecting the video from the list.

managing records

Step6 Scheduled recording (optional)

If there is a live stream will start at a given time but you know you will not be in front of your computer to start the screen recording manually, Screen Grabber Pro features a special built-in task scheduler that lets you set preset a time for when you want the program to start the screen recording process automatically. To activate the task scheduler, click the “Settings” tab and select “Task scheduler”. Set the starting time, the duration, the stop time and the recording area and finally, hit “OK”.

task scheduler

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Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another great program to use to record your screen. It comes as a free version and also a pro version with the latter having a lot more features than the free product. With the free version your options are very limited to what you can do but with the pro version, there are a lot more features that allow you to create a movie with editing and drawing annotations.

Does this tool sound good to you? Refer here for more below.

Step1 Have the tool up on your computer

You can install the Icecream recorder from the original Icecream webpage in the most convenient manner, where you can just save the installation launcher and operate it to have everything up and running in a second.

Step2 Adjust the configuration

Head instantly over the “Settings” tab on the interface to set the available configuration to your need. Here you can alter the System options that are associated with the notifications, area selection zooming as well as webcam configuration. Furthermore you can have the alteration of Video related options in the second panel where you can adjust the video quality and format type among other important specs.

Icecream Screen Recorder Settings

Step3 Hit the right audio option

Adjusting the right sound specs is among the most important configurations, where you must select the internal sound source as the preferred audio device in order to have all the sound of the ongoing streaming captured later and avoid capturing a muted video.

Step4 Do the prep for the stream capturing

Now it is time to open the YouTube live streaming video that is in your mind to be recorded, and use the Capture video button to have the program initialized where the Area auto detection will give you an easy time in picking the best and most suitable recording area around your streaming.

Icecream Screen Recorder capture video

Step5 Record and annotate your live streaming

Once started and the recording is therefore being created, you can also press the Draw icon on the emerging panel of the recorder, which will give you plenty of tools to annotate and mark important notes on the window of the YouTube streaming that will also eventually be recorded, and therefore will give you some valuable hints and guidance later.

Icecream Screen Recorder record

Capture YouTube Live Stream With Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder online

AceThinker’s Free Screen Recorder Online is a web-based screen recorder, which means that it does not need any installation. Since the tool is web-based, the only requirement to use it is by being connected to the internet. The tool can perform like any other screen recorder, despite being an online tool. It is packed with multiple functions that helps to enhance the video that is being recorded. Truly, it is a robust tool that you can use to record Youtube videos. Follow the steps below to be able to use it.

Step1 Launch the Online Tool

To launch the tool, click the “Start” button below. If you are a first time user, you will have to download the launcher which does not take a couple of minutes to install.


Step2 Select Region

Once you have the recorder loaded on your screen, switch to the live video you want to record and adjust the recording area to fit the size of your media player by dragging the corners of the highlighted area. You can also record in full screen mode. To do this press the “Full Screen” icon on the bottom toolbar.

choose region

Step3 Start Recording

When the you are sure that all the necessary parts of the screen are covered, then hit the red “REC” button. After that, the three second countdown will begin and recording will commence after that.

start recording

Step4 Stop Recording

When you want to finish recording a live stream, simply hit the red “Stop” button. Afterwards, you can view your recorded video in Free Screen Recorder’s media player that appears automatically and you will have the option to save or share the video.

stop recording

Make sure to save, upload or share your video before exiting the program.

save recording

OBS Studio

Last on the list, is OBS Studio. This is an open source screen recorder, which is a top choice among its fellow screen recorder. The tool has been in the market for many years, and it has gathered popularity because of the good quality videos it produce. The only downside of it, is its intimidating interface, which is not user-friendly, especially if you are an amateur. Though with a few practice, it will prove to be an indispensable recorder to have. If you want to know how to use OBS Studio, follow these simple steps.

Step1 Install the application

Get the installer of OBS Studio from its official website, or click the link here to be redirected to its website. After that, install it on your PC by following the setup wizard.

download the tool

Step2 Launch the tool and start recording

Once the tool is installed, launch it, and start recording your Youtube livestream. Start by clicking the “Add” button on the “Scenes” section. Next, under the “Sources” section, click the “Add” button and select the “Display Capture” option.

set the sources of the video

Step3 Start Recording

Once everything is set, begin recording by clicking the “Start Recording” button. Similarly, when done recording your Youtube livestream, click the “Stop Recording” and save the video file.

start the recording process


Youtube livestream are very random, that is why it is important to have a reliable screen recording tool whenever one appears. This is true, especially if its someone that you follow constantly on social media. With the tools mentioned above, there won’t be any problems whenever you need to record Youtube livestreams. For a more professional approach, you can use Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. This tool is best suited for its advanced features, and HD quality recording functions.

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