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Top 3 Xbox One Screen Recorder

Xbox One is one of the more recent release in the Xbox line of consoles from Microsoft. Xbox One is the latest in the long line of Xbox consoles, and by far is the best as they say. Xbox One uses state-of-the-art technology to create a gameplay experience that is more exciting and engaging than ever. Xbox One boasts a powerful system in the Xbox series, which contributes to its capacity to play high-specification games. The best part about Xbox One is that it is the first Xbox console to support 4K resolution, which is a hit among users. Also, it still supports the Xbox Kinect, which most Xbox users have as an extension for their consoles. Additionally, it also comes loaded with a lot of features, including Kinect voice commands to help you control the functions of the console by using your voice, and it also provides you with a live streaming option. To learn how to record Xbox One gameplay using various screen recording tools, follow the steps below.

Review of Apps

Xbox Built-in Recording Function

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to record your Xbox One screen, then the answer is pretty simple and explained below. You can also use the built-in recording function in the Xbox One itself to record your gameplay if you are not interested in downloading software with more professional capabilities.

xbox one

User Guide:

  • Start a game, and from the Xbox controller, press the “Xbox” button at the top-center part of the controller.
  • From the menu that will appear, press the “X” button from the controller to start the recording process.
  • The system will then record a thirty-seconds video of the gameplay which is the default time allowed.
  • To record a longer video, then press the “View” button located above the “D-pad.”
  • From the options that will appear, select the “Record from now” option which can record up to ten minutes of a video clip.
  • Once the maximum recording time is reached, the video will be automatically saved to the system. To watch the video, press the “Xbox” button again and then go to the “Settings” section.
  • Head to the “Broadcast and Capture” section and then choose the recorded video and play it from there.

record xboxone

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a great software that allows you to record Xbox gameplay for YouTube and other video sharing sites easily. It allows you to either capture screenshots or captures your entire gameplay in various video formats, supporting many significant options such as FLV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and many more. The recorded video gets automatically stored on your computer in the folder you specified in your settings. Your video is also encoded for additional safety. Now here’s a step-by-step guide to learn how to record Xbox gameplay on PC.

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Step1 Download and install the software

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro to get the tool. From there, click the “Download” button to download its installer. Then, launch it and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Configure settings

Before recording, you may need to set some preferences. Choose either Full Screen Mode to record the entire screen or Region Mode to record activities of just a particular region. Select the desired settings, including your video quality, audio quality, video format, and so on.

configure sgp settings

Step3 Record and preview your gameplay

After you customize the settings, start playing your Xbox One game. Then, from the interface of the game capture Xbox One, click the “Record” button and choose either Fullscreen or Region mode to start recording automatically. When the gameplay is over, click the “Stop” button to finish and save the video. After that, its main interface will appear, showing you the list of all the recordings. From there, double-click the recording file to play the recorded video.

record xbox gameplay

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most prominent screen recorders that you can use when playing Xbox games on Windows. OBS Studio is one of the most used desktop recorder on Windows because of its advanced recording features. At some point, one can say that it is better than most paid desktop recorders for Xbox gaming. The reason is because despite of the tool being open-sourced and free, it has more features that others don’t. One example is the “Studio Mode” where users can edit different scenes simultaneously without changing anything from the original video. Aside from that, there are different display options, like the “Game Capture” option, built specifically for gaming purposes. Additionally, users can also stream live streams using OBS Studio, which means that you can play and broadcast your game at the same time. To learn how to use OBS Studio, follow the steps below.

User Guide

  • Download the installer of OBS Studio from its official website.
  • After that, launch the installer on the PC and then follow the instructions of the setup wizard to properly install the tool.
  • Launch the app after installation and then from the main interface, add the scene from by clicking the “Add” button from the “Scene” column. After that, click the “Add” button under the “Sources” column.
  • From the set of options that will appear, click “Game Display” and hit the “Start Recording” button then minimize the OBS window.
  • Launch the Xbox game that you want to record. After playing, end the recording by switching back to the tool and hit the “Stop Recording” button. The video will be then saved on the folder selected by the tool.

set the sources of the video


Xbox One is one of the most advanced gaming console today. The reason is because it has received various upgrades over the years, and now has a lot of other features. One extra feature of the tool is being able to record the game screen. However, recording using the built-in recorder is not that easy compared to using a bonafide screen recorder. One benefit of using a tool like Screen Grabber Pro is that you will be able to capture more than just gameplay. You can even record the video with audio and include a webcam shot of the player. All these premium features are available with this exceptional tool.

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