Ways to Record World of Warcraft on Screen

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Millions of people all around the globe play the World of Warcraft fantasy MMO put out by Blizzard Entertainment. This subscription-based game has high levels of complexity if you want to enjoy all there is to see and do. Whether you enjoy going on quests and missions, fighting giant monsters, raiding dungeons or socializing in this role-playing game, WoW might be a great choice. Experienced players frequently create demonstration and tutorial videos so that new players can jump in and have fun right away instead of wondering what to do and where to go. Less experienced players might want to record their first adventures in the vast game world. To do either of these things, you will need a quality screen recorder program.

Free Online Screen Recorder

free online screen recorder

This easy-to-use screen recorder is completely free and does not need any downloads or registering for accounts. Both Windows and Mac computer owners can use this program to record HD video clips without limit. Java is required, but that is very easy and quick to install. Online Screen Recorder not only captures video but also records both system and microphone sound with ease. If you want to record from your World of Warcraft play time, just follow the simple steps below.

  • 1. Navigate to the Free Online Screen Recorder website.
  • 2. Press "Start Recording" to launch the application on your Windows or Mac machine.
  • 3. Select top tabs "Audio Input" and then "Record" to get started. Select full screen for the largest output video. Then simply press "Start."
  • 4. Open up your World of Warcraft game, log in and start playing.
  • 5. At the end of your session or demonstration, click on "Stop" and save the video file.
  • 6. The tool also allows you to view your video by clicking "Play."

Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows

A pro version of this tool is available for purchase as well, which has more functionality than the free options. Users who want to record WoW gameplay might find it useful to be able to edit their videos right away after grabbing them. They can add text, titles, special effects, arrows and other shapes. It also allows for picture-in-picture webcam video so you can be in the corner talking about what you are doing in the game to give viewers more information. All you need to do is click on the camera icon to get started. Screen Grabber Pro also includes full conversion capabilities so the World of Warcraft tutorial or demo video can be shared on many different platforms.

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fraps recorder

Download and install either the premium or free version of this popular game recording program. The free option limits record time to 30 seconds, which does not give you must time to do anything interesting in World of Warcraft. Fraps does not include any editing capabilities and no conversion options either. You would have to use a different program to do those things. The recording process is very simple. Just start playing your WoW game and then hit the F9 Hotkey.

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