Top 3 Best Recorder to Record World of Tanks

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Top 3 Best Recorder to Record World of Tanks

When you play the game World of Tanks, you probably want to record the game playing either to keep a copy of the memorable scenes or to share skills and tips with other users. To do that, a screen recorder is needed and here we recommend 3 screen recording tools for you. The best one among the 3 is Screen Grabber Pro, which you can obtain a free trial by clicking the button below.

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Record World of TanksWorld of Tanks has become one of the most popular games in the world recently. This player versus player game puts players in charge of an armored vehicle they must use to defeat other players. However, despite of the popularity of World of Tanks, there are many people who are unsure of how to play the game. Players need to have a deeper understanding of the game as far as controls, techniques, and rules go before they can play it properly. This is why World of Tanks tutorials have become so popular. These videos are designed to show new players how to effectively play the game, and for people to show off with their gameplay and their skills. To record World of Tanks for yourself, you will need a screen recorder. Here are the best 3 recorders that can help you capture World of Tanks gameplay video in high quality.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best Tool to Record World of Tanks

world of tanks recorder

It couldn’t be simpler to record World of Tanks than using Screen Grabber Pro as this tool is very user-friendly and simple to use. Just download the software from the Screen Recorder Free website, install it, and then start recording. This tool is also able to record the full screen with sound from the computer. It provides you all the necessary features if you want to make a professional World of Tanks video. Fortunately, there are many useful built-in editing features provided, allowing you to annotate the recording in real time with different tools. You can even include your webcam in the video for a better illustration. Here are some simple steps to capture your gameplay video via this program.

1. Download and install the program on your computer. Just make sure that you get the right version according to your operating system.

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2. Open up the “Audio Input” tab and choose the audio you want to record. Afterwards open up the “Record” drop down menu to choose the size of your recording between a region of the computer or the whole screen. These can both be found to the upper left of the tool.

record world of tanks

3. At this point you can launch World of Tanks and click on the “Start” button to begin the recording, and then click on “Stop” when you are finished to end the recording.

EZVid - Professional World of Tanks Recorder

ezid free recorder

EZVid is a screen recorder for the Windows operating system. This screen recorder is advertised as being free, but users are asked to donate at least $9 to get full access to the tool. You also need to download and install the software for you to be able to use it. The tool can be used to record audio and video separately if needed. It can also record the entire screen of a computer, which is useful for creating game tutorial videos. EZVid also features a built-in editing tool users can use to add effects such as text to their videos. This World of Tanks recorder even allows users to upload their video directly to YouTube through the software platform. If you want to record a high-quality video, then you should set your screen resolution to 1280×720 at the very least. Using this tool is so simple that you only need to do simple steps, including opening up the EZVid website, downloading the software, launching World of Tanks, and then hitting the record button.

Free Online Screen Recorder to Capture World of Tanks

free online screen recorder

This free online screen recorder solution requires no installation or registration. But you need to install a launcher the first time you use it. It can be used to record all of the screen or just a small part, which is great for recording a game, including the World of Tanks gameplay. Another great feature of this free tool is there are no restrictions on the length of the recording. It’s possible to use this recorder to record a long game of World of Tanks without interruption. As for the output format, you can save the World of Tanks video in AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, VOB, MP4, etc. for playing and sharing on different platforms.

These are our recommended screen recorders for recording World of Tanks. Use these tools and create tutorials to show new players how to play the game, or just show off how great you are at World of Tanks to other players.

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