Ways to Record Webinar on Mac and PC

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Ways to Record Webinar on Mac and PC

record webinarToday, there is a tendency to arrange a webinar to perform a presentation, provide lectures, and carry out seminars by making use of specific online video conferencing software. For a few persons, the content of the webinars is so essential that you need to take down notes and even record it for later review on your Mac or PC. But, it’s difficult to get a proper application to construct it. In this article, you will be presented with a free but practical tool and also a professional option to record webinar on Mac and PC. Continue to discover the details.

Screen Recorder Online – Free Way to Record Webinar

free screen recorder

Screen Recorder Online is a free online screen recorder that can capture your computer screen flexibly by choosing audio inputs and customizing recording regions. While recording a webinar, you can edit the screen by adding texts, arrows, and lines and colors to highlight certain parts. Furthermore, you have multiple output choices by using it. Below is a guide on how to use Screen Recorder Online to record webinar on Mac and Windows PC for free.

Step1 Set up your recording

On your Windows PC or Mac, visit the main page of this free online webinar recorder, where you can click on “Start Recording”, and a recorder box will appear. Go to settings to configure shortcuts for pause, resume, as well as stop recording and so on. If it’s your first time to use it, it will download a launcher onto your computer automatically.

Step2 Set audio input

Since you are going to record a webinar, you need to choose “System sound and microphone” as your audio input if you are one of the speakers. If you are just a listener, you can select “System sound” as your sound source.

launch recorder online

Step3 Begin recording

Open your webinar application, once the webinar starts, click on the red recorder button on the bottom left corner of the recorder box, and it will start to record your webinar on PC. You can record a full screen or customize it according to your needs. During the recording, if you want to take notes for the webinar or highlight certain contents of it, you can use the editor by clicking on the pen icon. With this, you can add arrows, shapes, and texts to the webinar screen and use the color you like to highlight the display. Once finished, hit on the pen icon again to pack up the toolbar.

recording on computer screen

Step4 Finish recording

The moment you are done recording the webinar on your computer, click on the pause button, and then the green checkmark. Then you’ll get an auto-play video file. Click on the bottom right button of the video playing interface to save or further edit the webinar recording. If you just want to save a particular part of the recorded file, you can drag the timeline to crop the video. Furthermore, you can share it by uploading to YouTube and other video platforms.

save recorded videos

With this webinar screen recorder, you are free from worrying about missing essential contents presented in the webinar.

Screen Grabber Pro – Create Schedule Tasks to Record Webinar

screen grabber pro for windows

However, not all of the webinars are held according to your schedule. There may be occasions that you are not available, but you still want to know what happened on the webinar. Under this circumstance, you can set a scheduled task to record webinar on a computer with Screen Grabber Pro.

It is a professional screen recorder that can record everything appears on your computer screen. More importantly, it allows users to create schedule tasks and start to record automatically as the scheduled time. It provides a free trial for three days, during which time, you can take full advantage of it. In order to use the scheduler with all of its benefits, you can refer to the steps below:

Step1 Download and install the program

First of all you have to go to the official AceThinker website or download the program from the link below. Afterwards just simply follow the installation wizard to install the program and launch it.

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Step2 Set audio input

After opening the interface, first you need to set the audio input in order to have the right sound captured by the program. In case of recording a webinar you need to set the input to System Sound so the webinar sound will be captured.

configure audio settings

Step3 Use the scheduler

Once you set the audio options, you can go to the Setting tab and select the Scheduler function of the program where you can set the future time of the webinar with a start and end time so you don’t have to be in front of the computer when the webinar is being held, but the program will comfortably capture the whole webinar for you, and you can leave your computer remotely.

configure date of task scheduler

Step4 Let the program perform the recording

Finally, you can simply leave your computer and let the webinar begin and the program capture the whole ongoing lecture or workshop with ease. Once the webinar will be over, you can simply return to your computer anytime as the program will automatically save the recorded video, so you can simply watch the whole recording anytime.


The above mentioned two tools are practical for use. You can make a choice based on your own needs. If you want to record a webinar on PC freely and conveniently, Screen Recorder Online is enough. If you need to proceed and want the recorder capture things you want by itself, Screen Grabber Pro is a better choice.

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