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“I’m someone that uses video chat all the time but I can never seem to record my video chat properly. If someone had any advice for how to record video chat easily it would be greatly appreciated!”

These days video chatting online has become the easiest way to reach people all around the world. It gives you a way to connect to people using a live audio and video feed so it’s like they’re with you. All you need to video chat is an internet connection and a video chatting program. Video chats are also used for meetings and conferences because they allow you to chat to more than one person at a time. They’re also used all the time for personal communication. Some people like to record their video chat to preserve it and go back and watch it again later.

When it comes to recording video chats one video chat recorder that you could use is the Free Online Screen Recorder. This top quality screen recorder works great with Windows and gives you consistent results. You can also use this tool to just record the audio of a video call/chat. This allows you to simply record the audio of the conversation and avoid a loss in quality. Just open up the Free Online Screen Recorder before making your call and use the drop down menu to select “Audio Only”. After that just press Record to start recording your call and then press it again to stop recording. Another interesting feature in this program is that you can choose the audio source you plan to use, convert and edit the video within the program, take a screen shot, and record audio and video at the same time.

Online Screen Recorder

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Free Online Screen Recorder also allows you to record video chats with the audio included. There’s no need to worry about the output either as the program always records in high quality. Recording the video as well is a little different from recording just the audio. When you open up the dropdown menu you need to choose the “Region” option and select which part of the screen will be recorded. After doing this just hit the record button before you start your call and you’re good to go. You can also adjust the audio input options to choose between recording from your microphone, recording screen sounds, or recording both. This tool is one of the simplest and most effect methods for recording a video chat.

QuickTime Player for Mac Users

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The good news is that even if you’re a Mac user you can use a similar tool to record a video chat. Mac users can use QuickTime Player because it also has a recording feature but unfortunately the quality isn’t that great. If you want something better then get Mac Screen Recorder. You can use this to create high quality videos which means it’s a better option for recording video chats than QuickTime. You also have control over how much of the screen is recorded. You can record the whole screen or a specific region you set yourself. Then you can publish the video to a range of formats. Mac Screen Recorder has a great interface that matches the Mac theme and looks great alongside other Mac programs. When it comes to using the program it works just the same as the other screen recorder we mentioned.

The video call that you record with a screen recording software could have a lot of significance for you. There’s the sentimental value of course, but you can also use these videos as a reminder or as a guide for a task. That’s why you should always use a proper recorder. If you use a hoax program then it could infect your computer or alter your recording.

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