Valuable Tips to Record Tablet Screen

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Valuable Tips to Record Tablet Screen

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Tablets have becomes a necessary part of our life. You can use tablets to surf the internet, perform presentations, communicate with family and friends etc. But unfortunately, tablets are incompatible with a lot of applications from computers (especially when your system is running Windows 8), such as the screen recorders. When there is an occasion when you need to record tablet screen as videos either to save an important conversation, create a video demo or capture gameplays, you may be confused at how to record video from tablet screen. Now just wonder no more! You can connect and project your tablet to computer and then rely on the tablet screen recorders to get the recording work done in clicks! Here are 4 of them.

Screen Grabber Pro (Best Solution)

screen grabber pro for windows

In order to make this software work smoothly, you will have to install it on your tablet, having stated that, this application does not require internet connection operate efficiently. It can do full recording or only certain part of the screen on your tablet. Apart from having all the major features of recording screen, this tool comes with an editing tool which serves as a great assistance in enhancing video presentations, training, tutorials and even more.

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Users have the ability to include shapes, arrows, subtitles and even effects by simply using this editing tool. Additionally, it comes with Schedule Tasks feature which gives users the privilege to perform future recording by presetting the date, start and stop time and duration of the video. The moment you get the tool activated, it starts working when it reaches the time point you initially set for it. Here are the simple steps to follow on how to record tablet screen.

  • 1. Download the software, install and launch Recorder Pro..
  • 2. Drop down Sound Input to select the audio channel..
  • 3. Drop down Record and choose the actual part of the screen you want to record.
  • 4. Start the process of recording by simply clicking Start button and then click Stop when you are, though.
  • 5. If you want to view the video listed on the tool, simply click on the Play button..

Free Online Screen Recorder

free online screen recorder

It’s a freeware web-based application which you can use without going through the process of installation and registration, but it requires Java plug-in to work effectively. You can use this tool perfectly on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system. And there are no need to use any other applications to add audio or narration on the video since it can record both system audio and microphone. Additionally, you have the option to choose whether you want to perform full recording of only a part of the screen. In regards to its video quality that not a problem, because the video quality this tool produces is of very high standards and this is one of the key features that a good screen recorder should have. In order to learn how to record your tablet with this online tool, you can follow the steps below.

  • 1. Once you are on the site, head to Free Online Screen Recorder page.
  • 2. Click Start Recording button and run the tool on your tablet.
  • 3. After setting the tool, drop down Sound Input and go move straight to select where you can record the audio, and then drop down Record to choose a part of the screen, an application window or your camera to record.
  • 4.Click Start to begin the process of recording and then click on Stop the moment you are, though.
  • 5.If you want to watch the video, simply click on Play button which can easily be seen in the lower area of the tool.

Screencast O Matic

screen o matic

Third, in our list is another free application that can be used in recording tablet screen. In order to use this tool, there is need for users to create an account since all recorded videos are stored on the free space assign to all free accounts. Similar to the first one, this tool is self-explanatory and not hard to use. When you are on the site, simply go to Screenr page, click on the Record button and follow the program to run on your tablet, please have it mind that it does not require Java plug-in to work, but you need to install a quick launcher in the first time using it. After the tool is set up, you can now go ahead to start recording your screen.

However, the downside is that the maximum time any user can record video is just 15 minutes. So this is ideal if your plan is to create quick tutorials, presentations, trainings and even more. Well if what you wish to do is to have an extended video beyond the limit, then you have to record for a couple of times and utilize a video merger, so everything to appear as one.

Jing - Compact Screen Capture App

jing recorder

This software used to have two versions which are free and paid, but now only the free one retains. It can be used for recording the screen tablet, but to be able to achieve this is compulsory that users should first have a screencast account. It also can record both microphone and system audio. If you want to try it out, simply download, install and open the application on your tablet. Then, locate and click on the record button to begin the recording process. You can also count on this tool when it comes to making quick presentations, demos, tutorials and even more, due to the fact that it only has no more than 5 minutes time limit when recording a video (whether or not it is a free or pro version).

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