Guide on How to Record Steam Games

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Guide on How to Record Steam Games

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If you like to play video games on your computer, you know that Steam is a platform that allows you to buy, store, and play all sorts of the most popular video games from sports to simulation to RPG. While playing on Steam, many occasions can arise when you want to record Steam games to show your friends the best moment or share online about your game achievements. In these cases you need a good piece of recording software that can record in high-quality. In fact, there are many Steam game recorders on the market. Because searching for the best recorder can be a little confusing, we have made it simple for you by providing 2 great options to record Steam gameplay.

Record Steam Games with Screen Grabber Pro

For Steam video recording, we believe Screen Recorder Pro is one of the best options available to you. In addition to offering a high-quality recording function, you will benefit from a whole range of additional features. For the audio, you can record the game sound or you can connect a microphone. If necessary, you could even do both at the same time so you could create a commentary over a game audio which is being played in the background. Furthermore, you will also have the ability to add annotations whilst recording, including text, arrows, lines, and so on.

First of all, you can download the proper version of the Steam screen recorder according to your computer operating system.

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As soon as the installation is finished, you can open the ‘Options’ tab to adjust the recording settings of your planned video.

Afterwards, open the game you wish to record in Steam. Once you are ready and the appropriate audio settings are chosen, you can head back to the screen recorder tab and press ‘Region’ so the recording will start as soon as you drag the cross over the section of the screen you need to record.

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After playing the game and possibly talking into the microphone, you can end your recording by clicking on ‘Stop’ after which the file will be saved to whatever output folder is selected in the settings.

Note: If you want the recording to start automatically on a certain part of the game, you can even use the Task Scheduler. As long as you enter the time, region of recording, and duration, it will record automatically with your preset settings even when you are not in front of the computer.

configure date of task scheduler

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Record Steam Gameplay Using Bandicam

Another great tool for Steam video recording is Bandicam. It is a well-known solution for all of those who looking for recording their games or screen for whatever purpose. Compared to the other available options, files are compressed to a relatively small size, and the 4K Ultra HD recording is also enabled as a relevant feature, in addition to that you can record for however long you wish. Once you have recorded your video, you can upload it straight to YouTube so this is a good option for your Steam needs.

  • To start, you need to visit the official website and download the program.
  • After opening the interface, choose a mode for gameplay recording; for example, ‘DirectX’ is perhaps the most common choice.
  • Open up the game you wish to record, and when you are ready, bring up the recorder and press the ‘Record’ button.
  • When you have finished recording, bring the recorder back onto the screen and click on the ‘Stop’ button which you should find on the right of the main toolbar.

As we said, this is a popular option and well-known in the industry but there are some negatives to discuss. For most of the parts, it is a resource-intensive program which means that your computer might start making noises. Nevertheless, after the recording you will also have to deal with the watermark on the end product.


There you can see two methods of recording your gameplay on Steam. Of the two we have provided for you, we believe Screen Recorder Pro to be the better tool because it has more features and allows a little more control over your recordings. As well as the task scheduler, all users can benefit from various settings, annotations, and more!

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