Best 10 Ways to Record Skype Video and Audio Calls

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Best 10 Ways to Record Skype Video and Audio Calls

record skype calls

Skype has become an indispensable communication tool for both individuals and businesses. People are relying on it increasingly for phone, video and IM chat service. Skype has also become an important tool in the work environment. Despite daily chats, it’s also used for conducting interviews and conference. It’s helpful especially when companies need to recruit globally or when it’s necessary to discuss with business partners in different locations. Needless to say, there are various reasons why you want to record Skype calls. Here some handy solutions to record Skype video and audio calls on Windows and Mac are reviewed. Now you can pick your best way.

Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows/Mac

Screen Grabber Pro is a nice utility to help you record Skype conversation, no matter it’s a text chat, video call or voice call. With it, you can capture any activity on your computer screen so you won’t miss anything. Besides simple video recording, you can also customize the recording area, video resolution, frame rate, etc. Once activated, it will perform smooth recording that covers the screen activity, mouse effects, your voice and the sound you could hear from computer precisely.

In case you find this solution applicable to your need, refer here for more details:

Step1 Download and afterwards install this tool

Firstly before the recording process can happen you need to install the tool that you can do after you already downloaded its files for installation from the buttons provided in this step. Then after the installations is completed, just go and open the interface.
free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step2 Configure the options

Once you are inside the Screen Grabber Pro, you shall configure the available options before proceeding to the recording activity. Here first open the Audio tab on the top and choose your preferred input source for audio that can be also the microphone for commenting, or the system sound for background music. In case of a Skype capturing, you shall apply both of these options.

Step3 Set up the recording

When all the personalized alternations are set, you are able to go to the Record tab where it is possible that you again pick the most suitable mode of capturing that can be either the capturing of full screen activity or capturing what is happening on just a specific area with the Region function.

Step4 Perform the recording

Once started with recording, you could control over the process with options on the toolbar that goes with recording all alone. Further, there are annotation options provided, letting you add shapes, texts, lines and more elements to highlight your screen instantly. And if you prefer, you may also hide the recording bar and facilitate hotkeys to pause, resume, stop the process.

record a skype call

Once done, you can publish the recorded video to multiple media formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. Apart from Skype, this video recorder can also help you record video calls from Google Hangout, ooVoo, Viber and many more other video chatting services.

Kanda Video Call Recorder

As an app recommended by Skype officially, Kanda Video Call Recorder is specially made for recording video calls on Skype, Google Hangout and some other tools. It’s capable of recording the calls when it’s undergoing and also include the sound into your recording. Kanda’s recorder features simple interface to let you go directly to recording the calls. It also provides two version while the free one has limit of recording no more than 30 calls each month. The paid version does not have such limits and is more advanced with video editing and snapshot functions. You may also share the recorded videos to social network within the inner settings, too. However, this Skype video call recorder program is only workable on recording video chats but cannot handle other media.

Free Online Skype Call Recorder for Windows/Mac

free screen recorder

If you don’t want to install any program in order to capture your Skype calls, you can try the free online ones. AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is one of the best choices for you to record Skype video on both Windows and Mac. With it, you can record any screen activity in high quality. And the recorded video could be save in many popular video formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. With the built-in media player, you can preview the video easily. Now, let’s start the guide to capture Skype video with this free web-based application.

If you believe that this is the right tool to you, have a view at the steps below.

Step1 Visit the website

Launch your web browser and go to AceThinker Online Screen Recorder, click “Start Recording” to run the app. You need to install a launcher the first time you use this recording app.

Step2 Fit the recording to the video

Open a Sky Go video you want to record, adjust Acethinker recording area to fit the play window of video, and then play the Sky Go video.

Step3 Perform the capturing

Press “REC” to start the recording. When you want to end the recording, just press “Stop” button and click the check mark.

Step4 Preview and save the recording of your Skype session

Preview the recorded video with the built-in media player, select any video clip you want to save by dragging the timeline bar. And then click “Save” button, Acethinker will ask you where to save the recorded video. You can also upload the video to hosting websites directly.

Record Skype Video on Windows Using CamStudio

CamStudio is a useful tool to create screencasts and quick demonstrations on your computer screen and is also considered as a video call recorder for Skype. The features of CamStudio include the facility to highlight the path of the cursor during a recording session and automatic panning. It also has ability to record along with sound effects. Its effects menu will allow you to append and also annotate videos with your comments. All you have to do is to set a frame rate and drag your mouse over the section set aside for capture. You have to tap on the chosen coordinates. Once this tool is launched, you will find many helpful features to make your screencast a success. There are controls that help you to record the entire screen or a part of it with sound options. Here are the steps to record a Skype call with CamStudio.

For using this tool with all its functions, refer to the guideline elaborated here.

Step1 Install and configure the tool

In the first place you need to have the tool on your computer to proceed with the capturing, so first go to the official site and download the tool that can be instantly installed afterwards. Then proceed with configuring the setting. For this, you have to open the control panel for sound. You may do it through the Control Panels Window or the Control Panel Flyout or simply by right clicking on the icon provided for the speaker.

Step2 Set the Skype related audio options

In the next step, make it sure that the `Stereo Mix’ is chosen as a default device in `Recording’ tab. You have to open it and then set the level to 100. In addition, you shall afterwards choose the Playback tab and make sure that he speakers are picked as default device. If you are using RealTek HD Audio system, you have to scroll to the bottom and turn Front sliders to 45. This helps in avoiding overloads. The Stereo Mix will receive actual signal from this particular slider.

Afterwards, the Volume mixer on the Windows operating system can be adjusted along with the media player.

Step3 Perform the capturing

Once you have everything personally tailored for Skype capturing, go and do the recording with the tool while you are having the Skype video. Then just save the capturing after the video is over, so that everything is saved on your device in the end. Remember that if you want to hear the recording playback on your headphones, you may have to set Headphones as default and then set it back to the Speakers for recording additional takes.

Recording Skype Calls on Mac OS with Ecamm

This is a Skype add-on for Macintosh operating systems. It is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard. For older versions of Mac, you may need a QuickTime Broadcaster that will record Skype calls and turn them into QuickTime movies. For all versions later than the 10.6, the easiest way to record Skype calls is by using Ecamm Call Recorder.

Guide for Recording Skype Calls on Mac

Step1 Set up the installation of the application

First and foremost, you have to quit Skype. Download the call recorder from the website of Ecamm. You will have to unzip this file and then double click on “Install Call Recorder File”. Follow the process of installation.

Step2 Open and adjust your Skype options

Once it is installed, click on “Open Skype” which you will find in the “Alert” dialogue window. This will reopen Skype app. Skype has a setting in “Preferences” that is called Recording. You can select QuickTime setting for the “Call Recorder”. It is better to leave the setting at default. In case, if you want to change, you may access by selecting Skype and go to “Preferences and Recording” again.

Step3 Start recording your Skype conversation

Begin an audio or a video Skype conversation. A fresh window will appear in Skype and it will be the “Call Recorder”. Click on the Red Record button in the “Call Recorder” to begin recording.

Step4 Finalize the capturing process

Click on Stop in the Call Recorder to end recording. And then click on the “Search” icon in the “Call Recorder” to open “Finder” folder. This contains the audio or the video recording that you have made. This folder is located in Movies > Saved Calls and this is done by default.

Record Skype Calls with Riviera for Skype

riviera skype call recorder
Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder for Windows that lets you record Skype calls to MP3. After the recording, you can directly play the MP3 files with the built-in MP3 player to check the recording. This Skype recorder comes with a very easy interface with not too many options. You can launch it either from the start bar or by clicking the desktop icon. One highlight of this program is that you can set it to record your Skype conversations automatically without any length limitations. There is a 14-day free trial period. You can try it first and decide whether to buy it or not.

For better usage of this tool a guideline is compiled for your ease.

Step1 Install and set the authorization of the software

First of all, download and install it on your computer and then run the program. Once you launch Riviera for Skype, the program will begin to monitor Skype calls right away. When you first use it to record calls from Skype, you will need to authorize Riviera to connect to Skype.

Step2 Initiate capturing of a Skype session

When you make a Skype call or receive a call, there will be a pop-up window asking you whether you want to start recording the call. You can then click Yes to start recording your Skype call. By clicking “Do not ask again and start recording call immediately”, you can set the program to record your call automatically after it detects the call.

Step3 Finish the conversation recording

During the recording, you can stop or start it any time you like. All the recorded Skype calls will be listed on the main interface of Riviera and you can play it with the built-in MP3 player.

Record Skype Audio Calls with MP3 Skype Recorder

If you’re willing to record the conversation in audio format without video, then here’s a nice solution for Windows users. MP3 Skype Recorder is a lite program for Windows PC, letting users record the Skype calls in the form of MP3 files. Without comprehensive functions, this tool comes free with no limits in the length of recording. It works as an extension to your Skype and can track simultaneous calls separately without mixing them up. It also involves automatic and manual recording capabilities for saving your audio files.

Capture Skype Video with the use of Bandicam

An additionally recommended solution that works as a great as a video capture tool especially for Skype recordings is the Bandicam software, that is specifically designed to work well with video gameplay capturing and therefore more while more demanding processes are running, therefore it works well and smoothly when it comes to just the recording of Skype meetings. The tool offers your great flexibility to either record the complete screen happenings or just the are which is concentrating on the actual meeting, as well as you can choose to include both the system sound and the microphone associated external audio during the recording.


Jing can be considered as a very convenient tool for the customers, which is able to make screenshots as well next to the screen recording for offline video makings, so you can capture still moments of your Skype video as well, not only the complete video of the ongoing Skype meeting. On one side, this tool offers great incentives for those who decide on using it, such as a bonus online server space with 2 GB data slot, while on the other side there are some drawbacks such as the time limitation of 5 minutes that comes with the free version.


Last but not least, TinyTake is a handy partner that can serve greatly towards your need about recording efficiently Skype video session related content. This software is very good in regard of its benefits that come from the professional features integrated into the software, while in the meantime it is also giving a great helping hand to newbies who look for a tool with easy navigation and a soft and convenient user experience for straightforward usage. Therefore this tool is a great combination of benefits which are attractive for people with a large difference in their recording skills, and offers high quality recording for everybody.


These are the options available for recording your Skype calls on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is necessary to record and broadcast the screencasts made from Skype as more than twenty five million users are doing the same all over the world at peak times. This article has shown you methods through apps that allow you to record Skype audio and video calls.

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