7 Ways to Record Screen with Sound

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There are many ways to record a desktop screen, and create a video out of it. However, recording your desktop activity with audio in it is a different story. While there are a lot of tools that offers desktop screen recording alone, only quite a handful tools can actually provide desktop recording with audio. Of course, recording desktop video with audio has various applications, like for work presentation, video tutorials and more. On that note, this post will provide you some of the best screen recorder with audio for your computer. Read on to learn more about these recorders and how you can use them to start recording your desktop screen with sound incorporated in it.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a professional screen recording software that can include audio to its recordings. Technically, system audio is included to the recording by default. However, users can also use a microphone, and add narration to the video, on top of the system sound. This is a perfect for creating professional instructional videos, demos and other types of video presentation. Aside from that, you can also add real-time annotations while the recording is in progress. Above all, Screen Grabber Pro has a “Task Scheduler” feature that automatically start recording at a specified date and time. To learn how to use Screen Grabber Pro, to record your screen with audio, follow the steps below.

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Step1 Install Screen Grabber Pro

To get the installer of Screen Grabber Pro, click one of the download buttons above. After that, run the installer on your computer, and then make sure to follow the guide that will appear on the screen. At the end of the installation process, click the “Launch AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro” button and the main interface will appear after a few seconds.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Set the audio input for the recording

On the main interface of the tool, click the “Audio Input” tab and then choose which audio source to use for the video. There are three choices, namely “System Sound,” “Microphone” or both microphone and system sound together. You can also toggle the volume settings of the system audio and microphone by clicking the “Options” button.

choose the audio source

Step3 Start recording the desktop

Once the audio input is set, it is now time to start the recording process. To do so, click the “Record” tab from the main interface, and then select the recording mode that you want to use. Choose between “Full Screen,” “Region,” “Camera,” and “Around mouse” options for the desktop recording. On the other hand, you can also record audio alone, using the “Audio” mode from the recording tab. For recording the desktop, it is highly recommended to use either Full screen or Region.

select the recording mode

Step4 Add annotations to the video

While you are recording, you can also add annotations to the video by clicking the “Pen” icon from the recording toolbar. The editing panel will then appear and use any of the available option and add them to the recording if the situation requires it. To end the recording process, hit the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar and the video will be then saved on your computer.

add annotations

Step5 Watch the video

To make sure that the video was recorded with audio as intended, you can watch it first right after recording it. To do so, select the most recent video that was added to the “Preview Panel” of Screen Grabber Pro. Right-click on the video and then select “Preview” from the set of options and the playback window will then appear. If you want to upload the video right after, you can click the “Upload” button from the main interface and then choose where you want to upload the video.

watch and upload


Despite having powerful recording capabilities, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is not that complicated to use. Part of the reason is the simple and highly-intuitive interface. Also, the buttons are very visible and easy to recognize. Best of all, it does not require confusing plug-ins, and configurations before you can use it.

Free Online Screen Recorder

Another convenient way to record screen with audio is by using AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. As the name suggest, the tool is web based, and does not need any software download and installation to work. Also, the tool supports web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Edge, so there will be no compatibility issues regardless of the browser that you use. The good thing about this recorder, is that it can capture the audio from the system and from a microphone. This is a worthy alternative, if you don’t have the capabilities to purchase a professional desktop recording software. If you want to learn how to use AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder, follow the steps below.

Step1 Toggle the audio settings

First, launch the tool by clicking the “Start Recording” button from its homepage. If you are a first time user, you will be required to install the online launcher which will not take two minutes to accomplish. After that, the main interface of the tool will appear. Click the “Microphone” icon from the recording toolbar and select the audio input that you want to use.

change the audio input

Step2 Select the recording area

To set the recording area, you can drag and recording frame to the portion that you want to record. On the other hand, if you want to cover the entire screen area, simply drag the edges of the frame across the entire screen. There are also screen size presets within the tool that you can use. Once done, hit the “Record” button from the toolbar and then recording process will start.

set the recording area

Step3 Start the recording

After hitting the “Record” button, the actual recording toolbar will appear. This toolbar houses the different options that are essential in creating stunning videos like the “Draw” button. This button allows users to add annotation to the video which can enhance the video output. You can also control the volume of the audio from the recording toolbar by using the “Volume slider.” If you want to halt the recording process temporarily, then you can click the “Pause” button. Finally, once you are done recording the video, hit the “Stop” button.

add annotation

NOTE: Whenever you intend to do screen recording with mic, please plug your mic before activating screen recording. Otherwise, you will need to relaunch the tool so it can detect mic and have it captured.

Step4 Save the recorded video

As soon as you click the “Stop” button, the video playback window will appear. You can watch the recorded video to check if everything was recorded successfully. Once satisfied with the video, you can save it on your computer by clicking the “Floppy Disk” icon and then select “Save as Video File.” On the other hand, you can upload the video to your preferred video sharing site by clicking the “Share” icon.

save the recording


In terms of its interface, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is as simple as it gets. As soon as you launch the tool, you will see the toolbar with easy to recognize set of buttons. Aside from that, it works perfectly on different web-browsers without any installation required. Additionally, you can upload videos to different video sharing sites with just one click.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a great way to record screen with audio from a computer. The tool has various features, like the “Game capture” option that can record a game in high definition. Aside from that, it can also record audio with different sound-quality. Icecream Screen Recorder also has a video editing feature that you can use, to enhance the recorded video. It can also convert the video into a different format which is why it’s one of the most promising screen recorder out there. Below is a simple guide to learn how to use Icecream Screen Recorder.

audio input

User Guide

  • Get Icecream Screen Recorder by visiting its official website, and clicking the “Download” button. Launch the installer on your computer and then proceed to the installation process.
  • Open the Icecream Screen Recorder application on your computer, and then click the “Capture Video” tab and choose the recording mode.
  • While recording, you can add notes to the video by clicking the “Draw” button.
  • Finally, save the video by clicking the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar.
  • Watch the video from the “Preview Panel” by clicking the “Play” button.


Icecream Screen Recorder can capture screenshots, and record screen from various monitors that are connected to a single computer. That is why its “Game Capture” option is included in the main toolbar. Most users, even amateurs will not have any problems with the tool. Aside from that, the pretty design of the tool adds a sense of familiarity among users.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most trusted screen recorders around. Aside from the fact that it’s absolutely free, you can also use it to broadcast your screen activities. OBS Studio is also a great screen recorder that can record audio as well. OBS Studio has a lot of recording modes that users can enjoy, which makes it one of the most used desktop recorder. Using OBS Studio gives you the freedom to adjust the recording volume, because the “Audio Mixer” is very visible from the main interface. Follow the guide below if you want to learn how to record a desktop screen with OBS Studio.

obs studio

User Guide

  • Install OBS Studio on your computer by downloading the installer from its website. Run the program on your computer, and follow the on-screen guide to properly install OBS Studio.
  • Open OBS Studio, and then main interface will appear. From there, click the “+” icon under the “Sources” box, and click “Display Capture” from the list of options.
  • Set the volume of both Desktop and Microphone, from the audio from the “Audio Mixer” panel.
  • Hit the “Start Recording” button and then minimize the OBS window then start your desktop activity.
  • To end the recording process, switch back to the tool and then click the “Stop Recording” button. The video will be saved to the designated folder assigned by OBS Studio afterwards.


“Studio Mode” is one of the most useful feature of the tool, because it can create professional videos instantly. There are also different video editing feature that can be used within the tool. OBS Studio also has the ability to apply filters to the audio, using its dynamic audio mixer. However, if you are half prepared, you will not be able to maximize the usage of OBS Studio. This is due to the overwhelming clickable options available within the tool.


Bandicam is one of the best screen recorders that you can use if you are into game recording. Bandicam is the popular choice because its easy to use, and can produce videos in high-resolution. Aside from that, it can capture the system audio clearly, and you can also use a microphone to add voice-over or narration to the video. There are various recording modes available on Bandicam. One of them is the “Game recording” mode that lets you record while showing the FPS or frames per seconds. This is essential for gamers, because they will know if the computer is slowing down or not. In general, you can add multiple audio device to make complex video narration.

bandicam interface

User Guide

  • Download and install Bandicam on your computer by downloading the installer from its official website.
  • After that, launch Bandicam on your computer and then click the “Add Microphone” button from the main interface.
  • From the window that will appear, adjust all the necessary settings needed and then apply the changes by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Select one of the recording modes from the home screen, and then hit the “Record” button.
  • Minizime the tool on your desktop and then proceed to the usual desktop activity. To end the recording process, switch back to the tool and then hit the “Stop” button.


Bandicam offers lots of recording features, not only on desktop but for gaming consoles as well. This is possible using the “HDMI” feature of Bandicam. This is by using the “HDMI Record” feature of Bandicam, that can be done by connecting the game console using an HDMI cable.


Recording screen with audio is also possible using ScreenRec. This is a lightweight desktop recorder that supports Windows version 7, 8 and 10. The tool is lightweight and is capable of creating videos with narration using a Microphone. Aside from that, the videos created with the tool are protected with an encryption algorithm. This ensures that your intellectual properties are protected no matter what. Below is a simple guide to create a video with audio using ScreenRec.

screenrec preview window

User Guide

  • Install the software by downloading its installer from the official website.
  • Run the installer on your PC, and then follow the on screen instructions from the setup wizard. The tool will launch automatically after installation and the main interface will appear at the right-hand side of the screen.
  • From the toolbar, click the “Gear” icon, and toggle the microphone options from the new window that will appear. Apply the changes you made by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Start recording by clicking the “Video Camera” icon and then choose the parts of the screen that you want to record.
  • To end the recording, click the “Stop” button and the video playback window will appear. From there, you can watch or start a new recording depending on the situation. You can also save the video on your computer from the same window.

ScreenRec offers fast ways to upload videos online. This is because the tool can instantly convert the video into a video link. Aside from that, it doesn’t have a huge user-interface. As a matter of fact, you won’t even notice that ScreenRec is open unless you actually use it.


ShareX is one of the simplest screen capture that you can use for free. The tool, is similar to the “Snipping Tool” on Windows devices, but a more advanced version. However, it can’t compare to the more advanced and commercial desktop recorders on the internet. The reason is because ShareX doesn’t have complex features, like the video editor that most screen recorders posses. On the other hand, it can record screen activities, with a narration using an external microphone. You can follow the user guide below if you want to learn how to use ShareX to record screen with microphone audio.

sharex capture

User Guide

  • First, install the tool on your computer by visiting its official website, and click the “Download” button from the main-interface. After that, run the installer and proceed with the installation process.
  • The tool doesn’t have a shortcut icon, so to open it, click the “Notification Tray” icon from the task bar. After that, double-click the “ShareX” icon.
  • Configure the audio setting first by clicking the “Task settings” and then click the “Screen Recording options” button.
  • From the window that will appear, click the “Audio source” button, and then choose the microphone audio option. Close the window to apply the changes that you made.
  • Start recording by clicking the “Capture” button, and then select “Screen Recording” from the options that will appear. Choose the part the of the screen that you want to record, and then proceed to the recording. Hit the “Stop” button to end the recording and save the video.


One cannot deny the fact that the tool will lose in the aesthetics department. Additionally, ShareX doesn’t provide a tutorial on how its options work. It may provide all the necessary options within a single interface, but the complex options makes it hard to understand how to use them.

How to Achieve Clear Voice Recording?

There are many factors that causes distorted voice recordings. These are generally called “Noises,” but not the type of noise that you hear every day. There are different causes for such noise, like the most common, noisy background. There is also the static noise that comes from electrical devices, which is common on microphones. Below are some tips to ensure that you will achieve clear quality voice recording every time.

1. Get the right equipment

In order to record your voice, then you must first have a Microphone. For basic recordings, the basic microphone installed with every headphones and laptop will do. However, there are times when these won’t work. That is why it is essential to have professional recording equipment like Microphone, amplifier, and a digital recorder.

2. Use a sound-proof room

Another way to avoid unnecessary noise, is by making sure that you are in a quiet environment. It is also essential to make a sound-proof room, so that the outside noise will not be recorded.

3. Make sure that the Microphone is in the right distance

Depending on the distance of the microphone from the person speaking, the sound quality might get affected. The ideal distance of a mic should be 6 to 12 inches away from the speaker.

free music recorder

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